15 Spots You’re Forgetting to Clean (and How to Take Them On)

You clean your home regularly, making sure the dishes are done, the bathroom is clean and the laundry isn’t piling up too much, but even the cleanest people can overlook the little things without realizing it. If some spots—think light switches, TV remotes and window screens—are missing from your cleaning routine, here’s a little reminder to thoroughly clean house, and some help on how to tackle them properly. (далее…)

Let there be light

Nicole Hollis

I have a «thing» for lighting. Table lamps and floor lamps, wall washers and pendants. Layer upon layer of ambiant lighting. I think it’s like adding jewellery to an outfit. Little sparkles and highlights. Time for a little lighting eye candy, in particular pendants.


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9 Unforgettable TV Bedrooms My Teenage Self Coveted — Throwback TV

If you grew up admiring Clarissa’s funky DIY bedroom and imitating Daria’s sardonic wit (much to your parents’ chagrin), then these iconic TV bedrooms likely inspired your teenage dream room. Now that the ’90s are officially back, we once again have license to let these fictional spaces inform all of our design decisions. (далее…)

5 Ways to Ease Yourself Into Working Out at Home (for Free) — Fine Tuning

When it comes to the gym, I’m a little bit like Chandler Bing. In fact, I just cancelled my gym membership this month… and by «cancelled» I actually mean that my credit card expired and instead of rolling my membership over to my new one, I let it expire too. But now I have a whole new set of problems: First, tracking down a workout regimen that is free, and second, easing myself into exercise without wrecking my currently very un-fit self. Finding yourself in the same boat? Here are some of my new favorite ways to work a workout back into daily life. (далее…)

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Catch Up With 6 Writers Halfway Through a Month-Long Wellness Challenge — Real-Life Resolutions

The end of the first two weeks of the new year is a tipping point for resolutions: By now, either you’ve already quit on your goals, or you’re solidly living them. I’m happy to say that our Real-Life Resolutions writers—each one taking on a four-week challenge in the name of wellness—are all holding steady. (далее…)

Get the Look: Bold, Eclectic Patterns Mixed with Warm Pastels — Shop the Style

Emily’s Greenwich Village studio is inspiring, not only because she’s managed to successfully create four distinct areas, but because of the bold wallpapers, colorful walls, and beautiful items she’s filled it with. She isn’t afraid to mix patterns, and her tiny 550 square foot home still feels warm, cozy and cohesive, all at once. Check out the links below to get this bold, eclectic patterned look in your home. (далее…)

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