How To Clean Your Bedroom Thoroughly and Efficiently: A Quick & Easy Guide

The key to cleaning a room quickly is an understanding of which tasks to tackle first and knowing which tools you need before you start (so you don’t have to walk back and forth through your house a million times), as well as possessing a simple list of instructions in the order you need to go in to ensure that not much thinking is required. Find all that and more in this post. Читать далее

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Anything New for Your Home

Shopping for just the right thing for your home can be a bit of a rush. You’ve searched for so long, and now, at long last, you’ve found it. Your skin is tingly. You hear the faint sound of angel choirs. But wait! Before you buy anything (be it online, at the flea market, at a garage sale, or at a just plain old store), ask yourself these five questions. Читать далее

15 (Mostly Free!) Online Classes to Help You Decorate, DIY or Just Get Things Done Around the House

Show of hands: Who out there was born into a crafty family? Has anyone here been sewing since the age of 12? Which of you are near-expert at flower arranging? Is anyone a pro at abstract painting? Well this post isn’t for you guys. It’s for the rest of us who want to learn how to master a few handy skills to get things done around the house. Читать далее

On The Importance of Personal To-Do Lists and How to Stay Accountable

Everyone has their own way to keep up. For me, a simple pen-and-paper list is the most effective way to stay on track with tasks at work. Some other folks I know swear by apps. But whatever the medium for their professional to-do list, it seems like people rarely give the same weight to personal tasks at home. I’m not talking about the stuff you have to do (make bed, empty dishwasher), but the stuff you love to do. Читать далее

5 Things You Need for Your Wet Hot American Summer Prequel Netflix Binge

If there’s anything good about the recent trend of beloved television shows and movies from our youth coming back as sequels, it’s that every now and then, something truly worthy of being revisited gets a green light. The 2001 cult classic movie Wet Hot American Summer is heading back to camp (and onto Netflix) this Friday, July 31st for an eight episode prequel featuring many of the original actors (and some interesting new ones, hello Jon Hamm!). Don’t be caught unprepared for what will surely be a long weekend of Netflix binge watching. Читать далее

A Gorgeous Swedish Apartment Effortlessly Blends Old and New — Metro Mode

When I was in Paris I saw apartments with details so breathtaking they would make any American home feel a little plain jane — but I never saw anything quite like this. This apartment, it turns out, isn’t in Paris at all: it’s located in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. This hasn’t kept the homeowners from giving it a distinctly Parisian vibe, mixing old and new in the way the French do so well. Читать далее

These Five Rooms Make a Great Case for Mixing Black and Navy Blue

Mixing black and navy blue is one of those things I’ve always known not to do. But after spotting the photo above in one of our house tours, I’ve grown more intrigued by this particular recipe for mixing neutrals. Could it be I’ve been lied to my whole life? Can dark blue and black really work together in the same room? Let’s hear the arguments. Читать далее