The Great Debate: Cloth or Paper Towels?

Newcomers to my home can’t ever find my paper towels. That’s because they’re hidden in the pantry so the cloth towels and rags I have are the first line of defense against spills and messes that need to be wiped. Here’s how I use cloth and when even I reach for a paper towel. Читать далее

Nate Berkus’ Appliance Line for LG Debuts — Design News

Nate Berkus has been working with LG as Artistic Advisor for their Studio line, and the new collection is here. Debuting this weekend at Dwell on Design, the LG Studio collection features pro-style appliances including slide-in gas and electric ranges, a microwave, and French door-in-door refrigerator. Читать далее

Meg’s Perfect Size Apartment


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Astoria , NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
My little apartment is the perfect size for me. This is the first time I’ve lived by myself, and I really adore having my own space and the opportunity to make it my own.

Design-wise, I love having the kitchen open to the living room; it makes it very easy to entertain in a relatively small space, and because there’s a counter with stools, there’s a space to eat that isn’t the couch!

And being able to clean the whole place in a couple of hours isn’t bad either!

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Eye on you

I knew I had seen the cabinet with the eyes before. I had admired it in a post by Kim showcasing the photographs of Janis Nicolay. There were only two shots of this space. I wanted more and finally more is what I have. It’s the design studio of Vancouver interior designer Peter Wilds. White on white with a mix of traditional, quirky, modern and classic. Knowing how designers change their studio surrounds on a regular basis I wonder what it looks like now?

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Best City Bikes & Easy Rides: Public, Shinola, Gazelle & 10 More — Maxwell’s Annual Guide 05.28.15

Public Mixte Bikes

• From $549 — On Sale Now


Yes, it’s that time again. Time for my annual City Bike Roundup. Last year’s is right here — Best City Bikes & Easy Rides 2014 — and it’s got tons of comments still on it with lots of additional recommendations (there’s also our list from 2011 as well). There’s a lot of agreement about the bikes, so always check out the comments to see what really fits you. Читать далее


Увидела эту картинку и она вдохновила этот пост. Под катом много дверей и совсем немного окон.

Конкурс для молодых архитекторов от Росбанка

До 14 июня 2015 года принимаются работы на конкурс для молодых архитекторов от Росбанка. Главный приз — 50 тысяч рублей. Победитель конкурса будет объявлен 30 июня. Задача конкурсантов – разработать проект застройки свободных земельных участков в подмосковном городе Электроугли. Конкурсный проект должен учитывать существующую городскую инфраструктуру, рельеф и транспортную схему. Молодые архитекторы должны подумать над […]