HGTV’s ’Extreme Makeover’ Reboot Will Be Hosted By Jesse Tyler Ferguson from ‘Modern Family’

You may have heard earlier this year that HGTV’s ”Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” reboot was underway for a 2020 premiere. In the original series, host Ty Pennington was the one who proclaimed “Move that bus!” as various homeowners wept with joy at the sight of their new abode. But there’s going to be a new voice saying those three words (or perhaps a new slogan all together)—and that person is Jesse Tyler Ferguson. (далее…)

Before and After: A Whiteboard Mural Makes This Creative Office an Organized Dream

Brianna printed her custom, watercolor-inspired artwork at Society6 and covered it with three «generous» coats of clear whiteboard paint. After five days of curing, she had her end result—»a giant surface for impromptu brainstorming, writing down weekly and monthly goals, taking notes while pacing on conference calls, or sketching website wireframes.» (далее…)

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A Firefighter Calls This Converted Schoolbus Home

A firefighter from Toronto now calls a school bus his home. Dubbed The Doghouse, the 38′ Thomas Built conversion is one of the coolest homes on wheels. Van and “skoolie” conversion company Paved to Pines performed the spectacular upgrade from vintage vehicle to chic, tiny home, outfitting the interior with all of the amenities required to suit their client’s desire to have a combined travel/living space that can be used for wine tours and mobile dog rescue efforts. (далее…)

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The Little Shack on the Prairie from ‘Fixer Upper’ Could Be Yours

Out of Chip and Joanna Gaines’s massive home overhauls, the “Little Shack on the Prairie” certainly takes the cake for a memorable makeover. The Matsumoto family got the grand “Fixer Upper” treatment in season 4 of the show, transforming an actual wooden shack into a sprawling renovated farmhouse with an industrial flair. And now, the four-bed, two-bath home is on the market for $400,000, reports. (далее…)

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This Highly-Rated Mattress is 20% Off on Amazon—Today Only

Mattresses in a box are here to stay, but the market for them can feel overly saturated with options—many of which cost well over $1,000. If you want to refresh your bedroom for summer but don’t want to splurge, Amazon’s current deal of the day could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. For today only, Amazon is offering 20 percent off Sweetnight mattresses and pillows, bringing prices under $300 for some models.The most popular option is the 10-in. (далее…)

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Spending Just Two Hours Per Week in Nature Can Improve Your Well-Being, a New Study Says

While technology certainly does its part in making life easier, existing in the modern world also means coping with unique sources of stress and anxiety. From feeling the constant need to stay connected to our devices for fear of missing out (or being missed) to the desire to keep track of every trending topic on social media, it becomes more and more challenging to prioritize one’s well-being. (далее…)

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