Design Crew update — Christa’s kitchen renovation

Back in 2012 Christa submitted this entry for our Design Crew series. She was wondering what to do with her Honduras mahogany kitchen cabinets that were in rough shape. We were excited to hear from her the other day that she did a mini renovation of her kitchen and send along some before and after photos. It isn’t a dramatic transformation but I am glad because her cabinets are gorgeous and I think they’re beautiful left natural. Here is what Christa had to say about her new kitchen: I have made peace with all the wood in this house and decided to keep and refinish the original wood cabinets. They are a bit beat up but I like the patina and they’re solid wood and plywood, built to last. I decided that combining the old cabinets with some lux new appliances would balance out to something original and beautiful. I wanted the kitchen to feel fresh and bright but also timeless and appropriate to the house. I added 3 feet (a little less than a meter) of base cabinets matched to the existing ones (it was a rolling cart in the old kitchen). This gave me a lot more counter space along with shelves on the end for dog bowls and for small appliances so the countertops could stay clear. I took down an upper cabinet and built open shelves instead. I added a Heath tile backsplash, had the fridge integrated, and added a pull out pantry. 


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Real Life on Screen: Film & TV Characters with Refreshingly Relatable Apartments

Often our favorite television series and films showcase dreamy apartments that are quite unrealistic for the characters who inhabit them. You know, the ones where your quintessential broke 20-something somehow affords to live in the lap of luxury despite being in financial ruin? That said, here are five TV and movie characters with practical, realistic apartments that look like mine and yours. Finally, a break from all the apartment envy. (далее…)

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High/Mid/Low: Best Marble Coffee Tables for Every Budget — Annual Guide 2016

Coffee tables are a living room staple that can effortlessly inject some pretty serious style. Case in point: the marble-topped table. On trend at the moment but undeniably a classic, they will put you firmly «in style» for a long time to come. We love the sleek and modern appeal they lend living rooms of all sizes and found examples for every layout and budget: round, square and hexagonal examples across a wide range of price points. These are our 13 favorite marble-topped varieties for 2016, priced from right around $100. (далее…)

How To Create Your Own (Quick but Powerful!) Style Profile — The Closet Cure Assignment #6

Congrats, you’ve made it to the second half of the Cure, which means that you’ve got one week and lots of sorting down! Your closet and drawers should be less crowded and hopefully you have a stronger sense of what clothing has and hasn’t been working for you, which is half the battle. Today, we’ll focus on a little assessment and introspection, so we can take a bit of a breather before we dive into rebuilding. (далее…)

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Designer-Tested Palettes: Current Favorite Colors from Cloth & Kind

We know that one of the most taxing and tricky commitments to make when decorating a room can be what colors to use in unison. The world of color is a vast one with endless options, so to help guide the decision-making process, we introduce this new series on flawless designer-approved palettes where we tapped 10 experts and asked them for their own go-to combinations. Up first: The lovely ladies from CLOTH & KIND. (далее…)

Casey’s Playful Los Angeles House — House Tour

Name: Casey Anderson
Location: Highland Park; Los Angeles, California
Size: 1,100 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years; Owned

With a penchant for unconventional activities (read: dodgeball and tap dancing), and an affinity for Spielberg-ian extraterrestrials, it goes without saying that Casey is one rad kindergarten teacher. A tour of her fun and charming home reveals a surprisingly not-creepy collection of vintage dolls juxtaposed with clean, modern lines, and clutter-free tabletops defying the conventional stereotypes that often befit her fellow collectors. (далее…)

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Design Evolution: See a Tiny Patio Change Over 5 Years

The Tiny Canal Cottage is 1920s Craftsman-style house near the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California. Because the home itself is only 362 square feet, most of the furniture is built into the space, so they don’t move furniture around on a whim. That leaves the outdoor space as Whitney’s design playground, where she switches things up as needed. At any given time it includes a work station for gardening, multiple small herb and veggie gardens, and a seating area and patio for entertaining. Many items have dual purpose depending on if they are lounging alone, or entertaining guests. Here’s how it’s looked over the years.. (далее…)

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