A Contrasting «Calm with a Punch» Chicago Home — House Tour

Name: Claren and Ashley Boyer
Location: Old Irving Park, Chicago
Size: 3,000 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Claren lives in a single family Chicago bungalow built in 1911 and renovated in 2013. She writes: «I am interior architect and this is my personal space. I consider my style to be transitional, mixing modern with more traditional pieces. The space has high contrast with dark floors and white walls as well as cooler tones with inky blue window treatments. I love the mix of geometric patterns and organic shapes. This is a space that calms me.» (далее…)

A round house

I have another reader submission for you, and this one comes from Carl-Johan who sent us a link to a story of this incredible home. 9 cylinders make up this structure designed by Swedish architect Jan Henrik Jansen for use as his summer home. It is absolutely stunning inside with brass details (hellooooo island!) and the exterior landscape with repeating circle motif is so picturesque. Via Buggahus. (Thanks Carl-Johan!)


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How To Stop Losing Your Socks in the Wash

One of the greatest mysteries in life? Figuring out where your other sock always disappears to in the wash. If it seems like you lose yet another sock with every load of laundry you do, you’re not alone. There are plenty of uses for those orphan socks you’ve already got lying around—but if you want to try to keep the rest of your socks together to avoid future laundry losses, these simple tips should help. (далее…)

Get the Look: Modern, Minimalist & Earthy — Shop the Style

Erin and Tobin’s condo in Rhode Island is a perfect blend of minimal decor and bright, bold colors. The bright yellow backsplash and colorful poster in the kitchen contrast the white, modern IKEA cabinets, and the beautiful yellow lounge chairs in the «record room» add a pop of color to the light and airy room. Check out the sources below to shop some of the items featured in their gorgeous Providence home. (далее…)

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Before & After: A Tiny Brooklyn Apartment Gets a Scandinavian Holiday Makeover

When the Apartment Therapy team decided to give designer Akhira Ismail’s 288-square-foot Brooklyn apartment (see her previous house tour here) a holiday makeover, we knew we had a charming space to start with. So to transform the already well-designed home into a Scandi-style winter oasis, we focused on subtle, minimalist changes that would add up to one super-cozy retreat. Grab some pinecones and a strand of twinkle lights, because these ideas are too easy not to try in your home. (далее…)

Have a Few Hours? Apartment Therapy is Looking for Volunteers in Chicago!

Apartment Therapy is headed to Chicago next week! We are working with First Slice, a community-supported, volunteer driven kitchen that cooks up healthy, tasty meals for Chicago’s neediest citizens. One of their locations needs a little TLC, and together with some volunteers, we’re going to help with a makeover. If you are in the area early next week, and want to join us as we spruce up their space, we’d love to see you there. Read on for more information and details. (далее…)

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A Tiny «Bohemian Vintage» Studio with a Twist — House Tour

Name: Emily Ogden
Location: Historic German Village — Columbus, Ohio
Size: 350 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, renting

People laughed a little when Emily Ogden would say she wanted to live in German Village. A pricey part of Columbus, it was a long shot that Emily might be able to find a place she could afford. But the area was her dream. «The quaint brick streets, historical homes, coffee shops, restaurants, a great park, all within walking distance. A fairly safe neighborhood for a single female moving to a new city. Neighborhoods where I felt safe walking after dark,» she writes. (далее…)