The timbered house

It is as if an exquisitely restrained, minimalist interior has been inserted into a 19th century timbered house. Colour is used sparingly and when it is, coloured blocked «boxes» contain the new. The stark contrast between old and new heightens the impact of both. Maison à Colombages by 05AM Arquitectura.


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A Long Distance Palm Springs-Inspired Makeover (That *Gasp* Came in Under Budget) — Professional Project

Project by: Michelle Gage
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

Michelle’s work with her client Natalie was done entirely over the internet, which makes this already impressive project kind of unbelievable. Thanks to Instagram and the One Room Challenge, Michelle and Natalie decided to collaborate on her living room from different cities, bonded together by a love of color, pattern and bold choices. The end result will make you want to throw on your finest caftan, plop some ice in a gold-rimmed tumbler and just bask in all of the living room’s fabulousness. (далее…)

Overwhelmed with a Messy Home? Try the Laundry Basket Method

You know my favorite thing about being a human? (Sarcasm alert.) It’s that thing how when your home is really messy, your brain finds it overwhelming and hard to process and almost paralyzing. So then your body can’t muster up the energy or willpower to actually clean it. And so the place just gets more messy and your brain is more overwhelmed and it’s harder every day to actually tackle the mess. Yeah, that’s super fun, right? (далее…)

How Common is Your Birthday? This Infographic Will Show You

The Birthday Problem paradox suggests that if you put 23 people into a room, there’s a 50 percent chance that two of them share the same birthday (and that probability jumps to 99 percent chance with just 60 people). The math is based on the assumption that every date out of the 365 days a year is equally likely for a birthday, but apparently that theory is way off. (далее…)

Some boho eye-candy

A little bit of glorious boho eye-candy care of Hubert Zandberg for the luxury fashion house Talitha’s concept showroom in Notting Hill, London. 

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What Air Vent? Search & Find These Well-Concealed Eyesores

HVAC components, vents, and air returns are necessary evils in the home and it’s putting it mildly when I say they aren’t attractive. They’re often bandaid beige, placed in inconveniently prominent spots, and sometime they’re just. so. big. While most of us wouldn’t trade in our a/c or heat, there’s little question that they detract from all the good visual stuff we do have going on. Check out these examples of how to take on these ugly-as-sin features, and win. (далее…)

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Address Numerology: Unlock Your Home’s Hidden Personality

You already know your home has a story. You can literally see it when you strip away 30 years of paint off an old brick wall, like I’ve been doing this summer. (Who chose that bright orange that’s four layers deep?) But if you ask any numerologist, your home also has an innate personality and character—and that’s something a little harder to unlock. (далее…)