Cute, Confident and Comfortable: Suki’s Real Life Style

As I packed up my camera at Suki’s Seattle condo, post Home Tour-shoot, she half-joked that she’d been scouring the internet in search of a palm tree dress to match the bold wallpaper print in her bedroom. Sporting a sweet vintage white dress that day, it was clear she’d come up empty-handed, but I couldn’t help but lament for the palm awesomeness that could have been. (далее…)


I do like a hidden kitchen, everything behind a bank of doors. Clean lined and contemporary. Take a closer look at this garden pavillion extension to a post war bungalow. Can you see it? Yes there it is. Hiding. House Au Yeung by Tribe Studio Architects.


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100 Ways to Change Your Outlook on Life — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

Even if you’ve got it all (mostly) figured out—from your money to your home to your relationships— it can all feel flat if you can’t see your world through rose-colored glasses. Attitude is everything to the balance of your life; without a positive outlook on things, all the work you put in juggling your responsibilities can start to feel like it’ll never be enough. (далее…)

Mount Pleasant

What a pleasure it would be to turn the key in the door of this lovely home. What a pleasure to call it home. The effortless style, the collection of personal treasures, that vintage sofa. The very aptly named Mount Pleasant residence by Vancouver-based interior design studio Riesco & Lapres.


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В индустриальном стиле

Элементы индустриального стиля в интерьерах встречаются достаточно часто, и я сделала небольшую подборку того, что уже создано для себя или на продажу (Etsy). Почти все картинки с Pinterest.

Начну с прихожей.

Вешалки для одежды

Полочки для обуви



Для гардеробной:

Идеи для ванной комнаты:

Идеи для кухни и бара:

Гостиная комната:



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How a Bungalow in Los Angeles Gave Me My Best «Plan B» Life

Meredith Maran is the author of The New Old Me: My Late-Life Reinvention.

So shoot me: I’m a feminist, and a homebody. Domestic goddess. Nest-featherer. The world might be falling down around me (as it has, in fact, been doing since November)—but give me a cozy, uncluttered, tastefully decorated house to come home to, a well-stocked kitchen in which to bake my mother’s brownies and simmer the marmalade I make from the bounty of my own lemon tree, and I’ll be fine. (далее…)