5 Classic Design Rules to Absolutely Never Break

Of course, we’re all for breaking design rules when it works for you (which could very well be all the time), however, sometimes having a few guidelines to follow can give you the freedom to hone your creativity in other areas. Here’s to measuring twice, cutting once, and doing you with confidence! Here are five interior design rules to consider if you want to do things right the first time around. (далее…)

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A Traveler’s 400-Square-Foot San Francisco Studio Apartment Is Simple But Meaningful — House Tour

Name: Jon O’Shaughnessy
Location: San Francisco, California
Size: 400 square feet
Years Lived In: 3 years, renting

I moved to San Francisco almost six years ago from Boston. It’s a genuinely unique place and I couldn’t be happier to call it home. That said, as much as I enjoy my apartment, I’m usually happiest when I’m far away from it. I have a goal to spend time in 100 countries before I die, and so far I’ve been to 41. To me, exploring new places, people, or cultures is living life on steroids. You get to experience completely new ways of doing things, meet people who are both unimaginably different and yet strangely similar to you, and see firsthand the breathtaking things on our planet. (далее…)

There’s a «Christmas” Comet Visible Right Now—Here’s How to See It Without Even Leaving Your Couch

If you’re looking to get more into the holiday spirit, apparently all you have to do is tilt your head up to the stars. The green glowing comet named 46P/Wirtanen—also deemed as the «Christmas Comet» because of the timing—made its closest approach to Earth in centuries, and you can catch a glimpse over the next few days. (далее…)

This is the One Color We Can’t Get Enough of This Holiday Season

I love picking all of my designer friends’ brains on holiday trends. I mean, I know enough about the market to have a sense of where things are going, but they’re the ones that are going to be buying up all the decorations and executing ideas—I’ve officially given up on going HAM on holiday decor until I have a house. So after talking to designer Eddie Ross of Maximalist Studios earlier in the fall, he convinced me that regular old red wasn’t going to be the thing this year. It’s all about cranberry, folks, a slightly sweeter, yet deeper, version of Santa Suit red. And it’s all over Instagram. (далее…)

15 Practical Under-$12 Amazon Buys You Should Always ‘Add to Cart’

It’s all too easy to buy everything—and we mean everything—you could ever need on Amazon, especially if you’re a Prime customer. The online megastore stocks $1,000 sofas all the way down to $3 bottles of air freshener, and that’s just in the Home category. While we can’t emphasize enough the importance of shopping small and local as often as possible, we also know that sometimes it’s hard to resist the convenience of making household purchases from your sofa (especially if you live in a city like New York where running errands is its own kind of torture). Personally, I try to reserve Amazon for larger or bulky items that I know I’ll never want to lug home on the subway, but often when I’m shopping for those products, I find myself browsing the smaller stuff too: Little, inexpensive, practical things that always come in handy and you can easily throw in your cart. Check out these 15 picks below. (далее…)

Tim Gunn Talks Holiday Trends and Life After «Project Runway»

You know how they say never meet your heroes? Well, they were certainly not talking about Tim Gunn. You’ll be pleased to know that the affable mentor from «Project Runway» is just as lovely in real life as he is on TV. But you might have to wait a little while before he returns to your screen; Gunn, along with host and executive producer Heidi Klum, announced their exit from the fashion competition show in September to develop a new series for Amazon. (далее…)

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Before and After: This Entryway Is Chock-Full of Money-Saving DIYs

This entryway is pretty darn aspirational, but its owner knew it could be even better and was determined to improve upon the «standard, builder-grade finishes like the dreaded ‘boob lights'» and the 20-year-old brown carpet on the stairs. Six weeks later, the stairway and entryway have a fresh new look. (далее…)

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