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If You Constantly Feel Like You’re Digging for Sheets, It’s Time to Organize Your Linen Closet

If you’re lucky enough to have a linen closet, you know how quickly they can become disorganized and messy. In my experience, a disorganized linen closet often leads to buying double (and sometimes triple) the amount of personal care items—only because you don’t realize you already have them. The trick to a clean, well-organized linen closet is creating an intentional space for everything. Here’s how. (далее…)

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How to Create a Kokedama to Hang in Your Bathroom

With the rising population of plant parents, it’s no surprise we’re finding Kokedama decorating on porches, chilling on coffee tables, and hanging in showers. Kokedama, roughly translated as “moss ball,” is a minimal form of Japanese gardening that perfectly balances the odd and the beautiful, elevating hanging plants into an art form. That art form happens to be perfect for your bathroom—in the shower, to be specific. (далее…)

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