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Don’t Sweat It: The Ultimate Guide to Sweat Stain Removal

Summer is upon us, and that means that—now more than ever—you’re likely finding the underarms of your favorite white shirts are turning dull and yellow. Seriously, it’s the pits (sorry, I had to). As if dripping with sweat the second you step out of an air conditioned room all summer isn’t bad enough, it has to ruin your clothes, too? (далее…)

30+ Shortcuts & Strategies to Get Your Home Cleaner Faster

Raise your hand if you wish you could clean your home faster, but you just don’t know how to make it work. (I’m raising my hand along with you, if you couldn’t tell). The good news: Housecleaning pros, former messy people and the like all weighed in on Reddit with their best speedy—but effective—cleaning tips. Below are some of the best methods and tricks from the thread that might help you reduce your cleaning time and clean more effectively. (далее…)

Life on Pause? Feeling Out of Control? 3 Ways to Get Unstuck

Life is a constant challenge, and that means that from time to time, inevitably, you’ll find yourself feeling stuck. Maybe you’re facing a creative roadblock or having trouble focusing in order to fix a problem, or maybe you’re dealing with a huge life decision or struggling to figure out what to do in a serious relationship or in your career. In any case, it’s easy to get stuck and feel like there’s no way out. But the truth is, there are things you can do to find a new perspective and the answer or path you’re looking for. (далее…)

Bad Pet Owner Behavior: Humans Who Could Stand to Take An Obedience Class — Petiquette

You know when you adopt a new dog that training them is super important. But the truth is, it’s not always just the pups who need obedience school—some pet owners are totally oblivious to their behavior, which can at best be just a little rude, and at worst can put their dogs (and other people and their pets) in risky positions. (далее…)

What It’s Like to Date in 2017, As Explained by Furniture Shopping

Dating can be a weird experience. Meeting people is a challenge, sometimes dates you’re excited for turn out to be duds, and every once in a while you meet someone and it’s love at first sight. Not unlike shopping for the perfect furniture for your home—sometimes you have to search the internet for your dream sofa, and other times you walk into a store and it’s right there waiting for you. So, here’s what it would be like if using dating apps was actually furniture shopping—whether you’re on Tinder or Match.com, or scouring the IKEA showroom or heading to an antiques shop, there’s something for everyone. (далее…)

The Science-Backed Guide to the Best Nap of Your Life

Everyone needs a nap now and again, but if you’re feeling sleepy and you’ve got things to do, you definitely want to maximize your time, right? Naps work in different ways, and the truth is, it’s all about timing and understanding how the body’s sleep cycles work. Before you doze off for 45 minutes and hope for the best, you should know how they work and what kinds there are—here’s what you need to know. (далее…)

How To Clean Out Your Fridge (Without Wasting Tons of Food)

How many times have you cleaned out your fridge only to be left with a trash can full of uneaten food and pangs of guilt about how much has just gone to waste? We’ve definitely all been there—life gets busy and sometimes expiration dates get past us and it’s hard to keep up with what we’ve eaten and what we’ve got left to use up. (далее…)

5 Unconventionally Fantastic Vacation Rentals You’ll Want to Run Away to Right Now

When you’re traveling, where you stay doesn’t have to be just a place to sleep and keep your things—it can also add a lot to your experience. Sure, you can book a hotel, but there are so many more unique options available —vacation homes that are a surreal adventure on their own; places that are beyond Instagram-worthy levels of cool that you’ll remember forever. And while some of these stays are expensive, many of them are surprisingly affordable, too. (далее…)

New Yorkers Share What Downsizing Was Really Like for Them

If you’ve ever moved from one home to another, smaller home, you know the realities of trying to make your new space work and having to get rid of some—or a lot—of your possessions. And in New York, a city known for its expensive-but-tiny apartments, downsizing can be an especially big challenge. (далее…)

The Disconnected Life: 5 House Rules to Live By, If You Want to Be More Mindful of Your Screen Time

Technology gets smarter, cooler and more useful by the day, but between our phones, computers and TVs we tend to spend a lot of time looking at and being distracted by screens. There’s nothing wrong with that—if the tech life is the life for you, that’s great!—but for some people, it can lead to bad habits. (далее…)

Ready to Repair Your Iffy Credit? Here’s Where to Begin.

Real talk first: Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix. Repairing your credit is a long road, and it can certainly be stressful—especially if you’ve got a big goal on the horizon like buying your first home. It takes a while—about 7 to 10 years—for credit-affecting issues (like late or missed payments) to come off your credit report, so repairing bad credit might seem downright impossible at times. But the reality is, there are some small steps you can take right now to start getting your credit back on track. (далее…)

Study Finds the Secret to Living a Long Life

Whenever someone turns 100, they’re asked the same question: What’s your secret? Some centenarians have said they follow a strict no smoking or drinking lifestyle, while others eat cookies and raw eggs and drink beer every day. One woman who lived to 109 even attributed her longevity to the lack of men in her life (girl, same). But a study from Harvard researchers may have found the actual—or at least, the most important—key to living a longer, healthier life. (далее…)

The DIY Cleaning Recipes Bloggers Swear By

Looking to DIY your cleaning products? Your favorite lifestyle and cleaning bloggers can help. Seriously—just a quick Pinterest search for cleaning recipes will lead you to tons of popular DIY cleaning sprays and solutions from top bloggers. (далее…)

Make it Count: Smart Uses for the Space Above Your Doors

Think your apartment is totally out of storage space? Think again—and look up. You probably have at least one doorway in your home with a little extra space above it, right? Now’s your chance to turn it into something useful—maybe it will be your new mini library, maybe you’ll turn it into a garden, or maybe you’ll use it to store towels in your teeny tiny bathroom. (далее…)

How the World Does Laundry

No matter where you live, laundry is probably a big part of your routine. In fact, according to a new study by Nielsen, globally 67 percent of people said they do laundry at least twice per week, and another 31 percent said they do laundry every day. But despite similarities in how often people around the world clean their clothes, there are some differences in how they do their laundry (if they even do it themselves at all). (далее…)

Study Confirms North Americans Use Paper Towels to Clean More Than Any Other Country

Think about your usual cleaning routine—what tools do you use most frequently? Do you rely on your trusty dish sponge every day, or is your vacuum your go-to tool of the trade? Actually, if you live in North America, you probably use paper towels more than anything else, according to a study by Nielsen. (далее…)

Stylish and Clever Recycling Solutions That’ll Up Your Cleaning Game

Trash cans and recycling bins can take up a lot of space, especially if you have to sort your recyclables into different containers. All those bins definitely add up. Whether you’ve been recycling and you’re just tired of your old system or you want to start so you can be more mindful, there are plenty of solutions that will allow you to recycle without taking up too much space in your home, or at least that won’t detract from your decor. (далее…)

Old Bathtubs Aren’t Impossible to Clean, You’re Just Not Doing it Right

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment (or at least one that wasn’t totally brand new with a sparkly-clean bathroom) has felt the struggle of dealing with an old, not-quite-clean bathtub. If it seems like no matter how much elbow grease you put into it, your rental’s bathtub still has stains—like you know it is clean, but it doesn’t ever look clean—it might just be that you haven’t tried the right solution yet. You’re going to need more than your typical bathroom cleaner spray to get the job done. (далее…)

Forget Avocado Toast: Here’s How Long It Takes Millennials to Save for a Down Payment

Contrary to what some might believe, avocado toast isn’t what’s keeping Millennials from buying houses—rather, a shortage of affordable homes is stopping prospective homebuyers from their purchasing dreams, no doubt combined with things like student debt (according to Forbes, more than 44 million people face a total of $1.3 trillion of student debt, more than any other kind of debt, outside of mortgages). (далее…)

Here’s What $500k Buys in San Francisco Right Now

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country—both in terms of renting and buying —so finding a place there to call your home, especially one that’s affordable, isn’t exactly an easy feat. In order to buy a home in SF, you’re normally going to need an XL budget. (далее…)

Why Splurge? These Inexpensive AmazonBasics Have 5-Star Ratings

We all have brands that we love and are loyal to, but sometimes a low price (accompanied by positive reviews, of course) can sway you to try something new. AmazonBasics are simple and affordable, like buying the generic brand at the grocery store — essentially the same as the stuff you’re used to, but for a lower price and without the fancy packaging. In many cases, they’re even better than their pricier name-brand counterparts. The ratings don’t lie. (далее…)

9 Pro Organizers Share Their Best Tips for Maintaining Order in Under 500 Square Feet

When you live in a small space, you face two major challenges: First, how do you make all your stuff work in such a tiny home? And second, how do you keep it from getting messy the second you use any of your stuff? For some—looking at you, minimalists—this is an easy task. But for others, learning to adapt to a tiny apartment can be a struggle. If you’re the latter, how do you deal? (далее…)

SF For Sale: Daydream About Life Inside These 5 Victorian Homes

A San Francisco Victorian may not be at the top of the list of realistic things you’re looking for in a home, but I’d be willing to bet it’s at the top of your «If Only…» wish list. What’s more swoon-worthy than incredible architecture and gorgeous interiors (in a beautiful city, too!). If you need a quick daydream break, check out these five real Victorian homes for sale—even if you don’t plan to buy one, you can still think wistfully about what your life would be like if you did. (далее…)

Makeover Your Makeup Area: 10 Vanity Organizing Solutions

There are a lot of things in my apartment that I could do without, but my vanity is not one of those things. It’s where I get ready every day which frees up space in the (shared) bathroom. It’s where I store all of my beauty products and tools and sometimes it even doubles as a desk when I really need to focus on a project. The only problem is that it can be hard to keep it neat. Any storage solutions need to be versatile and fit in — or on — the vanity without taking up too much space, and products need to be easily accessible for daily use. (далее…)

We Cleaned Our Best Friend’s Room (& Here’s Why it Matters)

My best friend Erin is a 20-something with a teenage dream of a room—her love of pop music, Archie comics and traveling is plastered all over her walls in the best way. Her room is lived-in and cozy—full of patterns and textures and personality—so much so that when you walk in you can tell immediately, without a doubt, who it belongs to. Making her bedroom her own has never been a challenge for Erin, but the one thing she has struggled with is getting it clean and organized. (далее…)

5 Tiny Homes Under $80,000 That Will Totally Make You Want to Downsize

Have you ever dreamed of what it’s like to live in a tiny home? I hadn’t before, because living in a cramped Brooklyn apartment feels challenging enough. But, after combing through listings to see what the tiny house market is like, I feel like I get the tiny homes thing now. These houses are the cutest, plus they seem totally functional in terms of space and storage, and they’re way more affordable than a regular home. (далее…)

Science Says: Keep This Cleaning Product On Hand for Sick Days

Are you more of a cleaning wipes person, or are you more of a cleaning spray person? If you prefer the spritz-and-wipe method over ready-to-use cleaning-solution-soaked wipes, you might not like what you’re about to read: a recent study found that wipes are actually more effective at killing bacteria than sprays are. (далее…)

Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on… Taking Care of Your Home

Raise your hand if you grew up with a mom (or another parental figure) constantly reminding you to clean your room. Often, our earliest memories of figuring out how to tidy up and take care of our homes are with our moms—they taught us how to do laundry, how to do the dishes, and how to make our beds. So it should come as no surprise that when we asked our moms for their best homekeeping advice, they came back with some great tips. Most agreed on a few major themes: it’s important to make sure everything has a home, that you put things back when you take them out, and that your home is an inviting, relaxing place to come home to—and invite others to. (далее…)

Schedule a «Suck it Up Sunday» & Enjoy a Happy Home

Sundays are for sleeping in, relaxing with Netflix and only changing out of your pajamas for brunch dates with friends, right? But sometimes—especially when you’ve got a particularly stressful week ahead—your usual chill Sunday can be better spent being productive. Sunday is also a great day to take care of all the things that usually plague you, from cleaning and cooking to getting ahead at work. (далее…)

Use “The Minimalists” 90/90 Rule to Help You Declutter

Sometimes when minimalism is your goal, no matter how much you want to live more simply, it can be hard to part with your things. First of all, if you have a lot of stuff, where do you even begin? And what if you need these things again for some unforeseen hypothetical situation in the future, then what? Will you be kicking yourself for throwing them out now? (далее…)

New Orleans Shotguns for Sale: 5 Affordable & Charming Homes

You might rent an apartment in a big city and you love it, but that doesn’t bar you from imagining yourself in all sorts of alternate timelines. Maybe there’s one where you’re living abroad, one where you’re living in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, one living on a your own private island — big and small, you’ve entertained thoughts about all of them. So, to add to your list of imaginary alternate lives, picture this: a charming little shotgun home down by the bayou in New Orleans. (далее…)

The Pros and Cons of Renting (or Buying) a Basement Apartment

Thinking about renting a basement apartment? Before you dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your lease, think through exactly what you’re getting into. Much like any home, basement apartments have a lot of good things going for them, along with some not-so-great things that are specific to living, well, somewhat underground. (далее…)

From People Who’ve Been There: Home Sellers’ Top 5 Regrets

The saying «hindsight is 20/20» can apply to most major decisions in life—you often don’t know how you could’ve done something better until it’s already been done. And in the case of selling your home, it definitely rings true. So what is it that home sellers wish they could’ve done differently, knowing what they know now? (далее…)

17 Insider Things to Know About IKEA (from Employees Who’ve Worked There)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at IKEA? With stores that resemble mazes and tons of products everywhere you turn, it’s sure to be just as much of an experience working there as it is shopping there. And of course, those who do work there just may be able to give us IKEA civilians a little helpful shopping advice. Luckily, there are several Reddit AMA threads where IKEA employees answered some burning questions, so we’ve rounded up the most useful (or intriguingly offbeat) info from them. (далее…)

Ideas for Hanging & Storing Towels in a Really Small Bathroom

When you’re stuck with a tiny bathroom, it can be hard to figure out where to put everything. You can downsize the amount of products you use and hide stuff in your cabinet, but the one thing you’ll always need and can’t get rid of? Towels. So, when you’re low on space (and linen closet-less) where do you put them? These products and DIY projects can help you take advantage of even the smallest spaces to both store and hang your towels. (далее…)

Why You Should Take a Day Off This Week

Say you woke up with flu symptoms this morning—fever, aches, a bad case of the sniffles and a cough that won’t quit. Would you call out sick from work so you could have a day to rest and help yourself feel better? (далее…)

7 Compact & Good-Looking Indoor Composting Bins for Your Kitchen

Want to be less wasteful but don’t know where to start? It might be time to try composting. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, food scraps and yard waste make up about 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away, and all of it should be composted instead. Composting has a lot of great benefits like reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and reducing methane emissions from landfills. And even if you think composting isn’t for you because you don’t garden or have outdoor space, there are plenty of awesome uses for the compost you create—One Green Planet has a great list of options to consider. (далее…)

Old School Cleaning Rules You Can Totally Break, According to the Pros

Do you still follow the same cleaning tips and rules your grandparents swore by? In many cases, the traditional cleaning rules that have been passed on from generation to generation are still as effective today as they were decades ago. But the truth is, while some rules stand the test of time, others are simply meant to be broken. (далее…)

12 Top-Rated Vacuums (That Are Cheaper than a Dyson)

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you know Dyson is a trusted brand—you can rely on their products to get the job done, and done well. But while their prices reflect their high quality, they might be unattainable or just over budget for some. The good news is, not all vacuum cleaners are expensive, and a low price point doesn’t always mean low quality—in fact, some of the least expensive vacuums out there are among the highest rated. (далее…)

Why You’re Never Too Old to Host a Sleepover

Close your eyes and think back to the best moments of your youth—a lot of them probably involve sleepovers with your best friends growing up, right? From big sleepover parties that involved multiple pizzas and dozens of sleeping bags on the living room floor to the one-on-one BFF moments where you stayed up all night whispering about inside jokes, sleepovers defined so much of our time from childhood to young adulthood… and then, well, we grew up. (далее…)

Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on… What She’d Tell Her Younger Self

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self anything, what would it be? We posed that question to our moms, and their responses—while all wonderful and smart and different—had some common threads, namely finding confidence, staying true to yourself, and not worrying about what other people think of you (or worrying at all, for that matter!). Their life advice is some we’ll definitely be taking to heart, but more importantly, we hope this inspires you to ask your parents and mentors the same question—their responses might just make your day… (далее…)

Looking for Love? Here are the Best Cities for Singles to Rent In

There are tons of reasons you might choose to move to another city—maybe you just got a new job offer, maybe you want to be closer to family, maybe you’ve visited before and feel more at home there, or maybe you just need a totally new change of pace. But what about love? Sure, you might move if you’re already in a relationship and your partner lives far away or has to move for one reason or another, but what about looking for romance in the first place? (далее…)

Lessons Learned: 9 People Reveal the Biggest Money Mistake They Ever Made

I’m a firm believer that it’s important to be open and honest about money. In the past, talking about things like how much you make or the debt you’re dealing with may have been taboo, but being transparent and able to discuss these things is actually really important. It’s not easy to negotiate a salary or a raise when you have no idea what your peers in your field are making, for example, and if you’re dealing with debt you might be missing out on options that could help you repay it more easily simply by not talking about it. And in many cases, not only is the discussion not happening, but the education people need simply isn’t there. (далее…)

The 8-Minute Clean Home Hack

Love a clean home but hate actually doing the cleaning part? Same. Sometimes a good «I’m stressed and I need something to distract me» clean can be totally satisfying, but on a daily basis, chores can be hard to keep up with. (далее…)

All About Philadelphia, By Locals Who Love It

You probably already know Philadelphia is a city rich with history and things to do, but unless you’ve experienced it first-hand, you might not know just how great Philly is—it’s more than just cheesesteaks and Rocky movies, it’s a big city with a tight-knit community feel that’s chock full of culture. Ask any local what they love about their city, and they’re sure to tell you the same (and more). (далее…)

Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on… Not Blowing Your Money

My very first inklings of how money worked came from my mom’s teachings—I learned the basics about jobs and credit cards from her (and then, you know, school and then living on my own and needing to figure everything out took over and taught me the rest). The point is, many of us wouldn’t know how to budget without the help of our parents. So, we posed a question to our moms: What’s your best advice for not blowing your money? And the major takeaways? They mostly all agreed that you should skip impulse buying, pay off your credit cards ASAP, and save save save. Here’s what they had to say… (далее…)

10 Efficient Dish-Washing Tactics to Try (from People Who Hate to Do Them)

Let’s face it—doing the dishes is one of the worst chores there is. But it’s often the people who can’t stand doing the dishes who are the best at avoiding them but then getting them done efficiently, which is exactly why I reached out for advice to people who don’t have a dishwasher and just absolutely hate doing the dishes. (далее…)

How To Make Even the Tiniest Apartment More Workout-Friendly

You love the idea of working out at home, but you’re worried you just don’t have the space to make it happen. When you live in a small space, you have to find ways to adapt and make your space work with your life—and if exercise is a part of your routine, then that includes carving out a spot for fitness. (Fellow tiny apartment dweller here, and full disclosure: My workout spot is the space in between my coffee table and my fridge… but only whenever my roommates aren’t home!). (далее…)

Never Use Drano, and Other Need-to-Know Tips for Handling Hairy Home Situations

You may love your long hair, but there’s one problem with those lengthy tresses—they shed and get all over the place, turning clean-up into a challenge and making your shower drain a battle zone. You could just adopt the motto «long hair, don’t care» but that won’t stop your stray strands from haunting your home, so it might be better to take some precautions and avoid those hairy home situations altogether. (далее…)

We Tested 5 Grocery Delivery Services; Here’s What We Found

There are so many grocery delivery services available now, which makes it almost impossible to choose—especially if you’re totally new to them. I am for sure a procrastinator when it comes to physically going to the store, but I’m also big into planning my meals in advance, so switching to a delivery service seemed ideal to me. Since I didn’t have much experience ordering from grocery delivery services, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let the major competitors battle it out to be my Number One. And as it turns out, while having your groceries delivered is super convenient, it’s also really important to find a service (or services) that works best for you. (далее…)

What Your Coffee Table Says About You

Your coffee table is basically the centerpiece of your living area. Guests gather around it, you lounge in front of it to watch Netflix, maybe you even you push it out of the way to exercise at home—and if you live in a tiny space, you almost definitely use it as a place to eat meals, too (I know I definitely do). And how you keep your coffee table—how you decorate it, if you keep it organized or whether you use coasters or don’t—shows a lot about your personality. (далее…)

Is Your Landlord Overcharging You? Legal Limits on Security Deposits

As a renter, you know what your price range is and what you’re looking for in an apartment, but do you know your rights? Last year when I was apartment hunting in Brooklyn, I was shocked to learn that it was possible that a potential new landlord might ask for 6 months’ rent up front for my security deposit (luckily that didn’t end up being the case, but still!). I’d always just assumed security deposits were always an additional month or two months’ rent, sometimes a little more if you had pets. As it turns out, many states have different legal limits for security deposits, so if you aren’t familiar with yours, you might want to read up. (далее…)

Do Baths Lead to Better Sleep? We Tested the Theory With a Sleep Tracker

Lately, there have been some studies going around that seem to prove that taking a warm bath before bed can help you sleep better (although according to Time.com, 20-minute showers could possibly work too). The theory behind it is that taking a bath raises your body temperature, which then drops after you get out and dry off—that, in turn, can help induce and improve your sleep. As someone who struggles to sleep through the night, I wanted to put this theory to the test myself, to see if it could actually have an effect on me. (далее…)

New Study Shows How the Wage Gap Affects Renting (and Buying) A Home

You already know that the wage gap is alive and well (but if you don’t or you want to learn more about it, head on over to the National Women’s Law Center for a detailed breakdown of what it’s like and how it affects women—and women of color, in particular), but have you thought specifically about how it affects housing issues? Real estate resource RENTCafé decided to find out in a recent study—and the results are, unfortunately, unsurprising. In short: it’s much harder for single women to rent or buy homes than it is for single men. (далее…)

10 Drawer Hacks That Will Change the Way You Organize Your Entire Wardrobe

How often do you put your clothes away post-laundry only to find that, in a few days time, all of your clothes are everywhere? It’s like anything that was neatly stacked is now a little crumpled, your socks can’t seem to stay in one spot and you can’t find your favorite pair of pants. For one thing, you’re not alone, but there’s also good news: rethinking the way you use and organizing your drawers—along with a little help from some clever products and DIYs like these—can make your dresser totally manageable. (далее…)

10 Super-Smart Downsizing Tips From Our Readers

We’ve written a lot about downsizing over the years, sharing tips from experts and house tours, but sometimes the best ideas actually come from you, our readers. From how you let go of your things to the unexpected pros and cons of moving to a smaller space, you’ve shared it all with us. So, for those of you moving or looking to go the minimalist route, here’s a roundup of our readers’ best advice on downsizing, straight from the comments. (далее…)

New Yorkers Share the Weirdest, Most Frustrating Things About Their Apartments

Living in New York City often means expensive rent and little space, but sometimes apartments here are…an experience, to say the least. It seems like everyone lives in a building that has its quirks—things like strange-but-creative ways of fitting appliances in, weird structural features, odd smells, and more. Even the best apartments—the ones no one would dare give up their leases on—have their own interesting shortcomings. So, we asked New Yorkers to share their weirdest apartment stories. (далее…)

8 Genius Ways to Stow Your Rolls (of Foil, Parchment and Plastic Wrap)

You probably use aluminum foil, parchment paper and plastic wrap on a pretty regular basis, but do you have a dedicated storage system for them? Whether you want to stow them away inside your pantry or kitchen cabinets, or you need a way to get them off the counter and make them more easily dispensable (seriously, raise your hand if you’ve ever fought with a roll of plastic wrap just trying to get it out of the box!), there are plenty of smart storage solutions to buy or DIY to make your kitchen more organized and your life a lot easier. (далее…)