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Still Not on the Bullet Journal Train? This Book Explains Exactly How to Use them to Get Your Life Together

Bullet journals basically do it all—they’re a totally customizable place to keep track of just about everything in your life, and they’re beautiful enough to be Instagram content (seriously, every time I look at a bullet journal I’m reminded that I need to up my penmanship game!). (далее…)

It Smells Funny in Here: Your Guide to Eliminating Common Home Odors

Your home is your sanctuary, and the absolute last thing you want is to come home to weird odors that make your space feel unpleasant. Candles, air fresheners and diffusers can all make your home smell better, but if you’re faced with lingering odors that just won’t quit, at best those things will just mask the smell temporarily. (далее…)

Organizational Upgrades That Will Make You Feel Like a Totally New Person

Raise your hand if you’re still using storage products that you’ve had since college… or at least, ones that look like they should be in a dorm room. (Don’t worry—I’m right there with you). They’ve done a great job at serving their purpose, but you don’t need to hold onto them forever. Sometimes even the tiniest change can have a huge impact on your home’s style, and you owe it to yourself to have an organizational system that’s as beautiful as it is functional. (далее…)

You’re Not The Only One Thinking It: Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Minimalism

Paring down and living a more minimalist life sounds amazing in theory, but when you’re a «stuff» person—someone who owns a lot of things and tends to form emotional attachments to them—it can be a serious challenge to downsize. Even getting rid of stuff you never use and really don’t need to keep can be a struggle—sometimes you have an attachment because it was a gift or has sentimental meaning, or sometimes you just have guilt because it’s something you spent money on and you feel wasteful not holding on to it. In any case, letting go is difficult, even when you actively want to pare down. (далее…)

All the Ways You Can Save More Money at Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond sells just about everything you could ever want, and plenty you never knew you needed. And even though deals already abound there (hello, never ending coupons in my mailbox!) I’ve found that there are plenty of ways to save even more money when you’re shopping online or in-store. (далее…)

We Tested Four Methods for Removing Deodorant Marks and This One Won Out — Apartment Therapy Test Lab

How often do you swipe on deodorant, get dressed, and get ready to leave only to realize you’re streaked with visible white deodorant marks right before you walk out the door? Sometimes you can get the spots out easily, but other times they’re so stubborn you wind up changing your outfit at the last minute. (Personally, I’ve fallen victim to trying to use a wet wash cloth and stretching out my shirts in the process—ugh, the struggle!). (далее…)

Home Myths You Probably Thought Were True

You’ve probably heard a lot of home misconceptions over the years—anywhere from the weird (do toilets really flush in different directions based on the hemisphere you’re in?) to the concerning (is standing near your microwave actually bad for you?)—but what are the facts? Not everything you’ve heard or even long-believed is necessarily true. (далее…)

How To Pluck Up, Buckle Down and Peacefully Deal With Your Most Emotionally-Charged Clutter

In general, the process of going through your things and letting go can be difficult, but it becomes even more of a struggle when you’re dealing with grief and trauma in the process. Going through a bad breakup with someone you live with, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, for example, often come with the task of going through things and deciding what to keep (and who gets what) and what to get rid of. For some, the process—while emotional of course—is fairly straightforward, for others it’s deeply upsetting and difficult to get through. (далее…)

You’re Not the Only One Spending Too Much on Rent

Most experts agree that people shouldn’t be spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing, but for many people, staying below that 30 percent mark is simply not doable. If you feel like you’re paying far more on rent than you should be, you’re definitely not alone. (далее…)