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Here’s How Much Emergency Savings Most People Actually Have on Hand

Confession: I don’t have an emergency savings. I used to, until I actually had to use it—and when that ran out, I turned to my credit card to help me get by, and paying that off keeps me from replenishing my savings. It’s scary to think about, but the truth is, if your emergency savings is also nonexistent, you’re not alone—and new research from Pew proves it. (далее…)

The New Morning Routine: Why Stretching is Worth It

Think about your morning routine—you probably get up out of bed (possibly after pressing snooze a few times), brush your teeth, maybe make breakfast or coffee, and start getting ready for work. If that sounds about right, there’s one thing you might be leaving out: stretching. (далее…)

Study Says: These Are Millennials’ Biggest Regrets About Buying a House

Even if you’ve never taken out a mortgage or bought a home before, you probably have some idea of what the process is like from watching others go through it, not to mention thoughts about what you want out of your future dream home. But new research shows that the home buying process and the decisions you make throughout it are trickier than you might think. (далее…)

Bad Pet Owner Behavior: Humans Who Could Stand to Take An Obedience Class — Petiquette

You know when you adopt a new dog that training them is super important. But the truth is, it’s not always just the pups who need obedience school—some pet owners are totally oblivious to their behavior, which can at best be just a little rude, and at worst can put their dogs (and other people and their pets) in risky positions. (далее…)

What It’s Like to Date in 2017, As Explained by Furniture Shopping

Dating can be a weird experience. Meeting people is a challenge, sometimes dates you’re excited for turn out to be duds, and every once in a while you meet someone and it’s love at first sight. Not unlike shopping for the perfect furniture for your home—sometimes you have to search the internet for your dream sofa, and other times you walk into a store and it’s right there waiting for you. So, here’s what it would be like if using dating apps was actually furniture shopping—whether you’re on Tinder or Match.com, or scouring the IKEA showroom or heading to an antiques shop, there’s something for everyone. (далее…)

The Science-Backed Guide to the Best Nap of Your Life

Everyone needs a nap now and again, but if you’re feeling sleepy and you’ve got things to do, you definitely want to maximize your time, right? Naps work in different ways, and the truth is, it’s all about timing and understanding how the body’s sleep cycles work. Before you doze off for 45 minutes and hope for the best, you should know how they work and what kinds there are—here’s what you need to know. (далее…)

Ready to Repair Your Iffy Credit? Here’s Where to Begin.

Real talk first: Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix. Repairing your credit is a long road, and it can certainly be stressful—especially if you’ve got a big goal on the horizon like buying your first home. It takes a while—about 7 to 10 years—for credit-affecting issues (like late or missed payments) to come off your credit report, so repairing bad credit might seem downright impossible at times. But the reality is, there are some small steps you can take right now to start getting your credit back on track. (далее…)

Study Finds the Secret to Living a Long Life

Whenever someone turns 100, they’re asked the same question: What’s your secret? Some centenarians have said they follow a strict no smoking or drinking lifestyle, while others eat cookies and raw eggs and drink beer every day. One woman who lived to 109 even attributed her longevity to the lack of men in her life (girl, same). But a study from Harvard researchers may have found the actual—or at least, the most important—key to living a longer, healthier life. (далее…)

How To Clean Your Apartment Just Like Monica Geller Would

Dedicated Friends fans spent entire decades watching the platonic and romantic lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey play out. We watched Rachel pursue a fashion career, we watched Joey not share his food, we watched Phoebe and all her quirks, we watched Chandler make sarcastic quips, we watched Ross be…well, basically the worst, and of course, we also watched Monica clean. A lot. Like, there’s clean, and then there’s Monica Clean™, which is on a totally different level entirely. (далее…)

5 Things To Do In Your 20s So You Can Buy a Home In Your 30s

Twenty-somethings are often under the impression that they’ll never be able to own a home, but, of course, that’s not always the case. A lot can change in a few years, so while you may not be in the market to buy a home this year or next, the (slightly) more distant future is still a possibility if homeownership is what you want. If you’re hoping to be a buy down the road, here are a few things you can do now to make the process easier when the time comes. (далее…)

5 Secrets of People Who Go To Bed Early

If you’re anything like me, you probably continually promise yourself that tonight’s the night you’re finally going to start going to bed earlier, and then midnight rolls around and you’re still wide awake, intently reading some article you saw on Twitter (or watching «okay, just one more!» episode of your new favorite Netflix show and suddenly it’s 2 AM). First of all, a major adjustment to your sleep schedule takes time to get used to, but beyond that, there are a bunch of factors in your day-to-day that can make going to bed early feel impossible—it’s not, but it takes more than just declaring «I’m going to bed by 10 PM tonight!» to make it work. (далее…)

5 Things You Don’t Need To Do Before a Job Interview, Contrary to Popular Advice

When you’re gearing up for a job interview, you’ll probably find a million resources telling you how to prepare, what to do and what not to do. But often those rules can be outdated, or sometimes, they don’t exactly fit the industry you’re looking to work in. To have the best interview possible, avoid these 5 pieces of cliched interview advice. You may be under the impression that you have to do them, or you might just have the instinct to, but they could hurt your chances more than help you. (далее…)

10 of the Cheapest Domestic Destinations to Fly to in April

Feeling like you could use a vacation soon? You’re not alone—we’re daydreaming about travel, too. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a trip, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 of the cheapest destinations to fly to in the US in April, and some cool, local things to do while you’re there. (далее…)

12 Ways to Organize with Office Supplies

You may think you need to buy expensive organizers and complete complicated projects to keep your home tidy, but sometimes there’s a simpler answer right there in front of you. In this case, it’s in your office: The supplies you use every day can come in more handy than you realize when it comes to reorganizing your home. From your pantry and refrigerator to your closets and cabinets, here are 12 simple home hacks that use your favorite office supplies. (далее…)

Bought and Sold: 3 Common Misconceptions Renters Have About Home Buying

There are plenty of legitimate benefits to home ownership (like tax credits and one day—in 30 years—getting to own a home outright). And of course there are obvious differences between renting and buying in terms of what you can and can’t do, but there are also a lot of myths—and unnecessary moral implications—surrounding home ownership and renting that you absolutely don’t need to buy into. (далее…)

Clever Ways To Store (and Use) Your Luggage at Home

Luggage is just one of those things that tends to take up a lot of space, and when you live in a small home, you know how hard it is to find a place for small trinkets, let alone huge trunks and suitcases. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or just take a trip once or twice a year, you probably own at least a suitcase or two, so here’s how to make use of them when you’re not on-the-go and where to hide (or display!) them when you’re settled in. (далее…)

10 Things that Are Way More Expensive Than They Should Be

Some things in life are inexplicably (or at least seem to be inexplicably) expensive, but for one reason or another, you still have to use them and buy them. Most things, like razor blades and printer ink which are notoriously expensive, can be explained—others, not so much—but the good news is, there are often ways around it to help you spend less. These 10 things seem way more expensive than they should be. Here’s why, and how to save when you do buy them. (далее…)

The First-Time International Traveler’s Survival Guide

So, you’ve never left the country before, but your sense of wanderlust is strong. Going abroad can feel super intimidating and the process might seem overwhelming, but it’s totally worth it to get to experience the world and finally visit the places you’ve been dreaming about. If you’re a first time international traveler, here’s what you need to know. (далее…)

How to Hack Your Sleep Schedule and Get Your Full 8 Hours

You have so many responsibilities in your life, from work or school (or both!) to raising families and maintaining relationships, and on top of all that, trying to keep yourself in check and stay healthy—and part of that means getting enough sleep. If you’re one of those people who constantly finds themselves wishing there were more hours in a day, you know how much of a daily battle it is to get the recommended full—or even close to it—eight hours of sleep. But, if getting more sleep is on your list of priorities, here are some steps you can take to hack your sleep schedule and get a longer, better night of rest. (далее…)

This Data Reveals the Best Time to Sell Your Home in YOUR Area (For the Most Money!)

The best case scenario when you’re selling your home? That it goes fast, and for the most money. And while there are plenty of factors that go into selling a home, it looks like there might be one particular secret that can lead to a more successful sale—it’s all about timing. (далее…)

What $2,000 a Month Rents You Up and Down the California Coast

California is one of those places people (at least the ones who didn’t grow up there) dream about moving to some day. Between the glamour of Hollywood, the laid back vibes and the beautiful beaches, it’s definitely a desirable destination. But have you ever wondered what living on the California coast really looks like? We combed through rental listings to find apartments, condos and houses in cities up and down the coastline, so you can see for yourself. (далее…)

Real New Yorkers Share What Surprised Them Most About Moving to the City

If you’ve never lived in—or even been to—New York City before, you probably have a lot of misconceptions about what it’s really like, and the truth is, it’s often not the way it’s portrayed in movies. Living here comes with a lot of important lessons, so we asked real New York residents what surprised them the most about moving to the Big Apple. If you do live in New York, you’ll probably find all of these incredibly relatable—as a New York City transplant myself, I can personally confirm all of these. Especially the part about shoes (and for the record, there aren’t enough bodega cats in my neighborhood, either). (далее…)

9 Pro Organizers Share Their Best Tips for Maintaining Order in Under 500 Square Feet

When you live in a small space, you face two major challenges: First, how do you make all your stuff work in such a tiny home? And second, how do you keep it from getting messy the second you use any of your stuff? For some—looking at you, minimalists—this is an easy task. But for others, learning to adapt to a tiny apartment can be a struggle. If you’re the latter, how do you deal? (далее…)

10 of the Cheapest International Destinations to Fly To in April

Need a break from your everyday routine? If you’re thinking about taking a vacation but don’t know where to go—or where is budget-friendly—you’re in luck. There are plenty of international destinations that don’t cost a fortune to fly to, and tons of resources available to help you plan your trip. Here are 10 of the cheapest destinations to fly to in April, and links to blog posts and guides to get you started. (далее…)

Makeover Your Makeup Area: 10 Vanity Organizing Solutions

There are a lot of things in my apartment that I could do without, but my vanity is not one of those things. It’s where I get ready every day which frees up space in the (shared) bathroom. It’s where I store all of my beauty products and tools and sometimes it even doubles as a desk when I really need to focus on a project. The only problem is that it can be hard to keep it neat. Any storage solutions need to be versatile and fit in — or on — the vanity without taking up too much space, and products need to be easily accessible for daily use. (далее…)

We Cleaned Our Best Friend’s Room (& Here’s Why it Matters)

My best friend Erin is a 20-something with a teenage dream of a room—her love of pop music, Archie comics and traveling is plastered all over her walls in the best way. Her room is lived-in and cozy—full of patterns and textures and personality—so much so that when you walk in you can tell immediately, without a doubt, who it belongs to. Making her bedroom her own has never been a challenge for Erin, but the one thing she has struggled with is getting it clean and organized. (далее…)

The 5 Stages of Grief Cleaning After a Breakup

No matter how long you’ve been dating someone, the ending is never fun. It can leave you feeling sad, confused and angry — and frankly, sometimes you just don’t know what to do with yourself. Often our post-breakup instincts fall somewhere between wallowing, wanting payback or finding something productive to focus on instead. (далее…)

How Your Pets Make You Healthier

You love your pets, and you know they love you back (unconditionally, too). But did you know that your pets can actually have a positive impact on your health—both physically and mentally? Living with animals can make a huge difference in your life, and not just in your daily routine. (далее…)

Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on… Taking Care of Your Home

Raise your hand if you grew up with a mom (or another parental figure) constantly reminding you to clean your room. Often, our earliest memories of figuring out how to tidy up and take care of our homes are with our moms—they taught us how to do laundry, how to do the dishes, and how to make our beds. So it should come as no surprise that when we asked our moms for their best homekeeping advice, they came back with some great tips. Most agreed on a few major themes: it’s important to make sure everything has a home, that you put things back when you take them out, and that your home is an inviting, relaxing place to come home to—and invite others to. (далее…)

Schedule a «Suck it Up Sunday» & Enjoy a Happy Home

Sundays are for sleeping in, relaxing with Netflix and only changing out of your pajamas for brunch dates with friends, right? But sometimes—especially when you’ve got a particularly stressful week ahead—your usual chill Sunday can be better spent being productive. Sunday is also a great day to take care of all the things that usually plague you, from cleaning and cooking to getting ahead at work. (далее…)

The 5 Cleaning Must-Haves that Pro House Cleaners Swear By

Have you ever wished you could give your home a professional-level clean all by yourself? With the right tools and the right cleaning products, you can get your home as spotless as a professional house cleaner—you just have to know what to use. And more specifically, you have to know what the pros use. So we reached out to them to get the scoop on the necessities. Here are 5 must-have cleaning solutions and tools that the pros who make cleaning their business swear by, and why they love them so much. (далее…)

Use “The Minimalists” 90/90 Rule to Help You Declutter

Sometimes when minimalism is your goal, no matter how much you want to live more simply, it can be hard to part with your things. First of all, if you have a lot of stuff, where do you even begin? And what if you need these things again for some unforeseen hypothetical situation in the future, then what? Will you be kicking yourself for throwing them out now? (далее…)

New Orleans Shotguns for Sale: 5 Affordable & Charming Homes

You might rent an apartment in a big city and you love it, but that doesn’t bar you from imagining yourself in all sorts of alternate timelines. Maybe there’s one where you’re living abroad, one where you’re living in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, one living on a your own private island — big and small, you’ve entertained thoughts about all of them. So, to add to your list of imaginary alternate lives, picture this: a charming little shotgun home down by the bayou in New Orleans. (далее…)

The Pros and Cons of Renting (or Buying) a Basement Apartment

Thinking about renting a basement apartment? Before you dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your lease, think through exactly what you’re getting into. Much like any home, basement apartments have a lot of good things going for them, along with some not-so-great things that are specific to living, well, somewhat underground. (далее…)

How to Only Buy Clothes You’ll Actually Wear (So You Never Have to Return Anything Again) — The Thoughtful Shopper

Confession: I have a lot of anxiety about shopping for new clothes. I love adding new pieces to my wardrobe, but historically, I haven’t always been good at judging when I actually should or shouldn’t buy something. I’m totally guilty of buying basics like jeans or blouses that I later learn don’t actually fit comfortably for all-day wear, or on the other side of the spectrum, buying bold pieces that totally fit my personality, but don’t really work in my day-to-day life. The result? Tons of buyers’ remorse, wasted money and wasted time waiting in the returns line. (далее…)

These Are the Most Affordable Studio Rents in Manhattan’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Ever wonder what it’s really like to live in the most expensive neighborhoods in New York, or if it’s even possible to afford it (let alone live on your own there)? To satisfy your curiosity, we looked for the most affordable studio apartments on the market right now in the 5 most expensive neighborhoods. (далее…)

Inspiring Workspaces That Will Make You Ready To Take On Even the Worst Monday

When you work from home (whether full-time or even just the occasional catch up day) it’s important to have a space carved out that’s just for getting things done. Not only because it’s hard to be productive and creative when you’re sitting in bed with a laptop, but because it’s hard to separate work and life when you spend half your time working in spaces that aren’t really designed for it. (далее…)

Making a Case for Taking an Extra Day Off at The End of a Vacation

Taking a vacation is a surefire way to get in some serious relaxation time, but what about when you come back from your trip? If your return consists of meandering home from the airport, lugging in your suitcases and trying to get yourself together to go into the office the next day—and just the thought of it is already stressing you out—you might want to consider tacking an extra day off onto the end of your vacation, when you can. (далее…)

We Asked 8 Real New Yorkers: Is a 50/20/30 Budget Realistic?

Are you familiar with the 50/20/30 rule? It’s posited as the ideal way to budget, and it goes like this: 50 percent of your take-home pay is supposed to go toward necessary expenses and essentials (think rent, utilities, food, transportation, and any other fixed payments that you have to pay every month), 20 percent is supposed to go to savings, and 30 percent is for personal expenses (like going out, Netflix, gym memberships, and any sort of flexible lifestyle expenses that you don’t necessarily need). (далее…)

Ideas for Hanging & Storing Towels in a Really Small Bathroom

When you’re stuck with a tiny bathroom, it can be hard to figure out where to put everything. You can downsize the amount of products you use and hide stuff in your cabinet, but the one thing you’ll always need and can’t get rid of? Towels. So, when you’re low on space (and linen closet-less) where do you put them? These products and DIY projects can help you take advantage of even the smallest spaces to both store and hang your towels. (далее…)

Why You Should Take a Day Off This Week

Say you woke up with flu symptoms this morning—fever, aches, a bad case of the sniffles and a cough that won’t quit. Would you call out sick from work so you could have a day to rest and help yourself feel better? (далее…)

Drama-Free Ways to Work Stuff Out With The People You Live With

We all hope that our home situations and our relationships with our roommates will be perfect all the time, but the truth is, we’re human and everyone has different habits, ideas and definitions of what clean (or quiet, or considerate) really means. Sometimes even with all those differences, you can still cohabitate without any issues, and other times you find yourself facing problems, and solving them feels impossible. But when roommate issues do arise, it doesn’t have to result in an unhappy situation—here are a few ways to handle roommate conflicts, without all the drama you’re worried about. (далее…)

What You Can Do in 2017 to Make Buying a Home a Reality in 2018

Have big dreams to buy a home next year, but don’t know where to begin? Just because you don’t think you’ll have your down payment together for 2017 doesn’t mean you have to wait to get a jump start on the process. Here are some steps you can take to help you figure out what you’re looking for in a home, what you can afford, and how to get yourself psyched up to find your dream home while you wait. (далее…)

Try It & Save Money: A Once-a-Month-Only No-Spend Weekend

At this point, you’ve probably tried everything to save money—skipping your morning coffee, using apps to squirrel away extra change, etc.—but some strategies just don’t feel doable, or like they even save you all that much in the long run. Saving money—no matter what you’re saving it for—can sometimes feel like an impossible chore. (далее…)

3 Simple Things Happy Travelers Do Before They Leave for a Trip

Nothing beats the relaxation that comes with taking a much-needed vacation. A trip away from it all—whether you’re headed somewhere warm and beachy or ready to bundle up somewhere colder—can be just the thing you need to help you unwind and de-stress. But there’s one thing that can drag you right back to reality when you return: a messy home. (далее…)

How to Sneak «Me Time» Into the Stuff You Have to Do Around the House

You have a long to-do list full of things you need to get done around the house— and while keeping up with your responsibilities is important, so is taking time to yourself. Of course, you should absolutely add some devoted «me time» into your schedule, but for those times you need to be productive but also want to pamper yourself or feel like you’re doing something for you, these tips can help—it’s all about taking small steps and making your chores a little more fun and relaxing. (далее…)

Why You’re Never Too Old to Host a Sleepover

Close your eyes and think back to the best moments of your youth—a lot of them probably involve sleepovers with your best friends growing up, right? From big sleepover parties that involved multiple pizzas and dozens of sleeping bags on the living room floor to the one-on-one BFF moments where you stayed up all night whispering about inside jokes, sleepovers defined so much of our time from childhood to young adulthood… and then, well, we grew up. (далее…)

Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on… What She’d Tell Her Younger Self

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self anything, what would it be? We posed that question to our moms, and their responses—while all wonderful and smart and different—had some common threads, namely finding confidence, staying true to yourself, and not worrying about what other people think of you (or worrying at all, for that matter!). Their life advice is some we’ll definitely be taking to heart, but more importantly, we hope this inspires you to ask your parents and mentors the same question—their responses might just make your day… (далее…)

11 Things Every Solo Traveler Should Take With Them

Dreaming of taking your first solo trip? Traveling in general can be an amazing experience, but going it alone can also be incredibly freeing. You can do whatever you want when you want to, and you don’t have to worry about appeasing anyone else with your plans. It can also push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as a person. But, when you’re traveling alone, you have to prepare for anything and be even more careful than you would going on a trip with your friends or family. (далее…)

A Financial Planner’s Advice on What NOT to Do in Your 20s

Your twenties can be a challenging time when it comes to your finances—you’re young, you’re free, and you’re just starting out in your career, but you’re also likely in debt and still learning about how to successfully plan your spending and saving for next month, let alone ten years down the road (and everything in between). (далее…)

You Said It: Clever Housekeeping Tips From Our Readers

For those of you who follow along with the January Cure each year, you know that sometimes the best advice comes from other readers. From tips for deep-cleaning and decluttering to strategies you can implement in your day-to-day life, here are some of the very best ideas straight from the comments section of this year’s January Cure posts. (далее…)

Channel Your Energy: The Very Best Things To Clean When You’re Angry

When you’re angry—or even just a little peeved about something beyond your control—how do you deal in a healthy way? Some people exercise, and others go out with friends to blow off some steam and have some fun, for example. But there’s another way to deal that can also help you be productive at home, too: angry cleaning. (далее…)

Apartment Therapy Mom Wisdom on… Not Blowing Your Money

My very first inklings of how money worked came from my mom’s teachings—I learned the basics about jobs and credit cards from her (and then, you know, school and then living on my own and needing to figure everything out took over and taught me the rest). The point is, many of us wouldn’t know how to budget without the help of our parents. So, we posed a question to our moms: What’s your best advice for not blowing your money? And the major takeaways? They mostly all agreed that you should skip impulse buying, pay off your credit cards ASAP, and save save save. Here’s what they had to say… (далее…)

10 Efficient Dish-Washing Tactics to Try (from People Who Hate to Do Them)

Let’s face it—doing the dishes is one of the worst chores there is. But it’s often the people who can’t stand doing the dishes who are the best at avoiding them but then getting them done efficiently, which is exactly why I reached out for advice to people who don’t have a dishwasher and just absolutely hate doing the dishes. (далее…)

How To Make Even the Tiniest Apartment More Workout-Friendly

You love the idea of working out at home, but you’re worried you just don’t have the space to make it happen. When you live in a small space, you have to find ways to adapt and make your space work with your life—and if exercise is a part of your routine, then that includes carving out a spot for fitness. (Fellow tiny apartment dweller here, and full disclosure: My workout spot is the space in between my coffee table and my fridge… but only whenever my roommates aren’t home!). (далее…)

Never Use Drano, and Other Need-to-Know Tips for Handling Hairy Home Situations

You may love your long hair, but there’s one problem with those lengthy tresses—they shed and get all over the place, turning clean-up into a challenge and making your shower drain a battle zone. You could just adopt the motto «long hair, don’t care» but that won’t stop your stray strands from haunting your home, so it might be better to take some precautions and avoid those hairy home situations altogether. (далее…)

We Tested 5 Grocery Delivery Services; Here’s What We Found

There are so many grocery delivery services available now, which makes it almost impossible to choose—especially if you’re totally new to them. I am for sure a procrastinator when it comes to physically going to the store, but I’m also big into planning my meals in advance, so switching to a delivery service seemed ideal to me. Since I didn’t have much experience ordering from grocery delivery services, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let the major competitors battle it out to be my Number One. And as it turns out, while having your groceries delivered is super convenient, it’s also really important to find a service (or services) that works best for you. (далее…)