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What Your Birth Month Says About Your Home

The driving force in how you decorate your home—and really just how you live in it—is dictated most often by your personality. Who you are as a person impacts what art you hang, how you set up your rooms, how often you host people, your cleaning tendencies, and how you unwind at home. But your personality can also be impacted by when you were born, and much like your zodiac sign, the month you were born in can reveal a lot about you. (далее…)

The Millennials Living at Home Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Millennials can’t do anything without there being some sort of stigma attached—they’ve been accused of killing everything from chain restaurants to doorbells, and they’re constantly being labeled lazy and wasteful, despite countless studies proving that that’s not necessarily the case. (далее…)

7 Hidden Ways We All Waste Money Over the Holidays

As magical as the holidays are, this time of year can also be a bit stressful—between handling a barrage of party invites, planning your own get-togethers, wrapping up the year, visiting family and getting all your holiday shopping done… well, it’s a lot. And then there’s the whole spending money thing. Shopping and celebrating add up, but it doesn’t have to be quite so painful. There are ways we all wind up spending more than we need to, and they’re pretty easy to avoid. (далее…)

The Swedish Word for «Man Cave» is Absolutely Perfect

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of hearing about «man caves» and «she sheds» all the time. Don’t get me wrong—I’m totally here for people carving out their own spaces in their homes (personally I would love a separate room where I could just hang out and do crafts and practice my guitar and have alone time whenever I want it). But… why do we need to gender rooms? And why do they need to be so binary? (далее…)

A Third of Americans Would Rather Do This Than Host Thanksgiving

I love hosting and entertaining, especially around the holidays—I’m the first to suggest throwing a party and I love to cook for people, so I’ll take any excuse to bake a pie and spend some time with friends. The one thing I hate about having guests over, though? Tidying the apartment first. (далее…)

I Lived According to the 10 Commandments of Pinterest for a Week

If you’ve ever spent even just a few minutes browsing through Pinterest, you know that it’s full of tips that people claim will make your life easier and leave you feeling happier and healthier. So, I decided to give it a go and try out all this wisdom —what would it be like to live life according to Pinterest for a week? What did I have to lose? (далее…)

The Best Light Therapy Lamps for Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

A lot of us start to feel the blues this time of year as daylight becomes shorter and ends earlier in the day. The decrease in sunlight impacts people in different ways and some develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) — a type of depression that’s largely a result of lack of sunlight. According to the American Psychological Association, SAD comes with many of the same symptoms as depression: fatigue, lack of interest, sleep difficulty (or, on the other hand, excessive sleeping), and feelings of hopelessness and despair. (далее…)

Decluttering For Good: 10 Charities That Will Give Your Old Things New Life

You probably already donate your clothes to local drop-off centers when you’re cleaning out your closet, but there’s a lot more that you can be doing to help others with the things you no longer want or need. In fact, everything from old electronics to stuffed animals can go to a better home. So the next time you dive into a new decluttering project, keep organizations like these in mind—they’ll give your old, unwanted items new life to help people in need. (далее…)