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Before & After: A Standard Issue Bathroom Gets a (Super Special) New Look — Professional Project

Project by: Jen and Eric Alden of Rara Avis Design
Location: Rose Park Historic Neighborhood — Long Beach, California

Jen and Eric’s bathroom, while not a total eyesore, was in need of some major updating. Being visual people with a practical bent, they decided that they wanted a bathroom that could stand up to water. Like, almost every inch of it. Coupled with some lucky vintage finds, their tile transformation makes for a pretty impressive overhaul. (далее…)

Before & After: Hard-Won Homeownership, Infuriating Contractors & a Dream Kitchen

When Kristen and her husband became homeowners they decided to shoot for the stars and attempt to complete their renovations before move in day. Unfortunately fate (aka their contractor) got in the way and they had to move in while finishing up their projects. Luckily Kristen kept things in perspective and when all was said and done she had a stunning kitchen to show for it. (далее…)

A Loft of One’s Own — House Call

Name: Leanne
Location: St. Charles, Illinois
The basics: 2.5 years, rented

After sharing a much larger space for a few years, Leanne decided to downsize in order to live on her own. She’s made the most of her space, customizing it to fit her needs and style. (далее…)

Before & After: Decking Out the Deck on a Budget

Spring has (maybe? hopefully!) sprung and now is the time to get outdoors. Natalie and her boyfriend recently moved in together and found themselves with a spare table that was a little worse for wear. Rather than toss it and buy all new deck furniture, they had the bright idea to give what they had a colorful upgrade and now they have a lovely outdoor space without breaking the bank. (далее…)

An Open & Crisp Seattle Studio Apartment for Two — House Call

Name: Angel, her boyfriend and their cats
Location: Seattle, Washington
The basics: 1 year, rented | 550 square feet

Angel’s Seattle studio is super open but short on storage. With some creative thinking and smart purchases, Angel and her boyfriend were able to make the most out of their shared space. (далее…)

A Teeny Tiny (200 Square Foot!) Sunshine-y Studio in Rio — House Call

Name: Iná
Location: Copacabana — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The basics: 2 + years renting | 200 square feet

Iná’s small studio is so open and bright, it looks much more expansive than its small footprint would lead you to believe. Yellow pops out against crisp white, while plants add some earthiness. (далее…)

Before & After: A Glammed Up, Totally Temporary Rental Kitchen Upgrade

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lived in a rental. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever lived in a rental with a lackluster kitchen. Underwhelming rental kitchens are about as common as noisy upstairs neighbors, but at least you can make small temporary fixes to brighten up your cooking space (if somebody makes peel-and-stick ‘quiet down and be considerate of others’ please let us know immediately). (далее…)

Before & After: A Young Couple Survives Their First Bathroom Remodel

Kristina and her boyfriend triumphed over one of the most trying of relationship milestones: their first renovation. Kristina points out an important truth about renovations, that even if you’re not working on your forever home, the time and energy that goes into getting a place ready to flip is still monumental. After multiple trips to Home Depot, disagreements and disappointments, and a moment of buyer’s remorse, Kristina and her boyfriend now have a bathroom they can be proud of. (далее…)

Before & After: Chic Makeover for a DC Kitchen With a Presidential Connection

Shaila’s kitchen came with both a fun connection to DC history and a pretty funky layout. Aesthetics aside, it was time for a reno; the kitchen had begun to fall apart. Taking a cue from the age of the building and her personal love of art-deco, Shaila gave her new-to-her old kitchen a stylish updated vintage-inspired look. Take it away, Shaila… (далее…)

Before & After: A Completely New Sofa Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of the Old One

Just going to get this out of the way up front: this project is not a casual, pick it up when you’re bored DIY. This project is a «save yourself thousands» and «put your tools and considerable sewing skills to good use» and definitely a «can’t believe you can actually do that» type of DIY. (далее…)

This Portland Home is a DIY Dreamland — House Call

Name: Maria & Family
Location: Portland, Oregon
The basics: Owned for 1 year | 2,574 square feet

We love Maria’s fun and funky design. Her home is full of rich color and whimsical DIY projects that fill it with life and character. And the style doesn’t stop when it comes to the kids’ rooms as she’s created spaces that are charming and functional. (далее…)

A Modern Farmhouse Sunroom For Actual Farmers — Professional Project

Project by: Kelsey of Farmer’s Daughter Interiors
Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

There’s so much to love about this stunner of a sun room; the incredible tile fireplace, the pops of greenery, the enviable window situation. Kelsey created the perfect gathering space for her clients to relax and unwind with their family. (далее…)

Setting Up a Home in a Once Abandoned Building — House Call

Name: Julie
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

In 2012, we bought a basically abandoned three story brick building through our family real estate company. Over the next three years, we (along with a team of professionals) renovated the building while doing everything we could to preserve its character. The end result is 24 apartments that combine the charm of 100+ year-old brick walls with the warmth of solid oak cabinets and hand-built custom finishes. (далее…)

A Boldly Black Brooklyn Townhouse — House Call

Name: Nicole
Location: Park Slope — Brooklyn, New York

Nicole’s house hunt was not easy (when are house hunts ever easy?) but after putting in a couple of years on the search she found this beaut. Faced with an outdated exterior and not enough room in her budget for an overhaul, Nicole got creative and decided to go to the dark side. (далее…)

Before & After: The Unbelievable But True Story of Someone Who Had TOO MANY Closets

So often we find ourselves engaged in the classic home design battle of style versus storage. Tamera found herself in such a conundrum with her hallway. Too many doors led to a guest bathroom guessing game and made the space feel cramped and cut off. Her solution was simple, inexpensive and totally changed the vibe of the hallway. (далее…)

A Garage Apartment Designed to Let the Light In — House Call

Name: Clients of Marie Flanigan
Location: River Oaks — Houston, Texas

So often spaces specifically designed for guests can feel cold and unwelcoming. Not so with this warm and relaxing space! It manages to feel special and serene while still having personality and function. With a strong focus on the natural light available and smart lighting choices, the whole space feels ready for a visitor! (далее…)

A Smart Layout Make This Studio Feel Big and Bright — House Call

Name: Emily
Location: Lincoln Park — Chicago, Illinois

My apartment is a 400 square foot studio located in a lively Chicago neighborhood. I would describe my style as very eclectic. I have elements of my apartment that are mid-century, Scandinavian, traditional and vintage. When decorating my apartment, my inspiration was to choose items that I simply just liked rather than trying to stick to a specific design style. I gravitate towards whites, hints of black, wood tones, a few pops of color to keep things happy and a bit quirky – and a lot of live plants! (далее…)

Before & After: From Forgotten Den to Fabulous Office

Ah yes, the forgotten room aka «out-of-sight-out-of-mind room» aka the junk drawer room, we’ve all had one some of us may still have one (guilty). Molly took it upon herself to help her forgotten room find its purpose as an adorable work and lounge room, a tall order for a small space. Check it out! (далее…)

An Art Historian’s New York Apartment Filled With «Bookish Warmth» — House Call

Name: Elyse
Location: New York, New York

Elyse and her husband have added a considerable amount of character to their 830 square foot rental. With a strong paint choice, smartly mixed styles and pops of green, their place may be short on the historic elements they loved in their former home but it’s long on charm. (далее…)

Before & After: Come for the Old Parrot Wallpaper, Stay for the Charming Makeover

Well, this sure is something. We strongly suggest you hit the zoom on the wallpaper…we’ll wait. Now that that’s out of the way, Sophie’s bathroom was dark and crowded but after smartly adjusting the layout and changing basically everything about the «before» room, she now has a light and adorable space. (далее…)

A High End Apartment Renovation in Prague (Featuring an Apartment Therapy First) — Professional Project

Project by: COLL COLL ( Klára Štěrbová, Markéta Součková, Krištof Hanzlík)
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

It’s fair to say that the bread and butter of what we do here at Apartment Therapy is show you real people in real homes and offer up tips for making the best of your home life, no matter your tax bracket. We also like to dip our toe into the pool of the aspirational, inspirational and occasionally, kind of out there. This home in Prague was designed to meet the needs of a client who knew exactly what she wanted, and that’s what it all comes down to isn’t it? Making the space right for you. (далее…)

A Portland Triplex Full of Original Details and Fajita the Beta Fish — House Call

Name: Cherie
Location: Portland, Oregon

Myself, my boyfriend Nick, and our three cats Charlie, Sue, and Gigi (yes 3 cats, I know we’re crazy), plus our beta fish Fajita live in our one-bedroom apartment in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. We’ve been here for over four years now and it truly feels like home. Our neighborhood is the best; we’re two blocks away from Laurelhurst park and can walk to all our favorite restaurants and bars. Plus, over the last few years some of our best friends have moved in to the other units and we call ourselves jokingly «the compound.» (далее…)

More than Just Politics: A DC Couple Designs their Home Together — House Call

Name: Kelsey
Location: Washington, D.C.

Sara and I moved in together almost two years ago. I had lived in shared houses ever since college and was thrilled to create a home with Sara where we could welcome our friends and family and offer a little calm in the storm of D.C. Our home is filled with vintage pieces and IKEA finds that we have upgraded with modern details like knobs and pulls from Rejuvenation and Anthropologie. The walls of our bedroom are lined with art friends have given us and even a oil painting we created with one friend… inspired by a tissue box pattern! Our biggest project was taking out some of the pre-fab cabinets in our condo’s galley kitchen and replacing them with open shelving. It really opened up the kitchen (anything you can do in an 800 square foot apartment to make it feel more open is worth it in my book)! (далее…)

A Scandinavian-Inspired Small Space in Vancouver — House Call

Name: Angela & James
Location: Westend — Vancouver, Canada
The Basics: Rented for 1.5 years |580 square feet

Angela and James settled into their first shared apartment in Vancouver and set to putting their design skills to good use. A designer and an architect, their home is carefully thought out and balances minimalism and warmth to great effect. (далее…)

From «Jersey Boys» to New Jersey: An Actor Sets Up a Home in Style — House Call

Name: Tommaso
Location: Union City, New Jersey

Ok, so I live in my one bedroom apartment with my «son in a dog suit», Harley, (he really calls the shots around here). I’ve lived in Union City for about a year. It’s the next city North from Jersey City. I recently finished the broadway show «Jersey Boys» and before that I was on tour for a few years, so once I bought this place, I was really ready to fill it up with all the ideas running around in my head. (далее…)

An Interior Design Student’s Bright Brooklyn Apartment — House Call

Name: Kate
Location: Brooklyn Heights — Brooklyn, New York

I live in a two bedroom, pre-war federal-style townhouse in Brooklyn Heights, as one of four owners in the building. I moved here four years ago from a studio in Gramercy to get more space, but mostly because I love the sense of history in both the apartment (it’s got thick moldings and an old marble fireplace), and the neighborhood. For me, walking through the streets on a Saturday is an exciting activity in itself. I always spot a new detail on a building, or wonder about the residents who lived here 150 years ago. (далее…)

An Interior Design Student’s Bright Brooklyn Apartment — House Call

Name: Kate
Location: Brooklyn Heights — Brooklyn, New York

I live in a two bedroom, pre-war federal-style townhouse in Brooklyn Heights, as one of four owners in the building. I moved here four years ago from a studio in Gramercy to get more space, but mostly because I love the sense of history in both the apartment (it’s got thick moldings and an old marble fireplace), and the neighborhood. For me, walking through the streets on a Saturday is an exciting activity in itself. I always spot a new detail on a building, or wonder about the residents who lived here 150 years ago. (далее…)

Wall to Wall Art, Plants & Vintage Goodness in a Quirky Cool DC Apartment — House Call

Name: Georgiana
Location: Adams Morgan/Dupont Circle — Washington, D.C.

I live on the 7th floor of a building built in 1923 in Adams Morgan/Dupont Circle neighborhood (I can never tell which it is), there are definitely some quirks to such an old building, the elevator for example is terrifying — a fair-weather metal box that is not built for anyone that has an aversion to elevators that may or may not work. Though the building is pretty bare bones, arriving into my 7th floor apartment always seems like a breath of fresh air, especially with east-facing windows that pour the morning sunlight in and a direct view of the Washington Monument. (далее…)

A Peek Inside a 1920s Shanghai Lane House — House Call

Name: Miranda
Location: Jing An District — Shanghai, China
The basics: 2 years, rented | around 700 square feet

Miranda’s historic lane home is full of antiques, high ceilings and her traditional Chinese dress collection. The layout of the apartment complex let her get to know her neighbors and build a sense of community. (далее…)

An International Couple’s First Home Together in Brooklyn — Professional Project

Project by: Christine of Form + Field
Location: Prospect Heights — Brooklyn, New York

Christine was hired to bring harmony to a 986 square foot Brooklyn condo for a couple that had been in a relationship for a bit but were living together for the first time. Faced with the challenge of a space that was low on pre-existing architectural character and making two people with different aesthetics happy, she came up with a harmonious take on both of their styles. (далее…)

A New Yorker in Scotland: New Baby, New City, New Home — House Call

Name: Liz
Location: Stockbridge — Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m a New Yorker, living in Edinburgh, married to a Scotsman with a chatty baby boy. I regularly daydream about art, design, interiors, Mid-century modern furniture, wallpaper, the color yellow, and all things brand while navigating being a new mama. (далее…)

A Compact Kitchen that Doesn’t Skimp on Style — Professional Project

Project by: Jeanne Schultz
Location: Austin, Texas

Jeanne was tasked with designing compact kitchens that were short on space but long on usability and charm. The brightly colored cabinets and open shelving keep the space looking bright and open, while the compact appliances allow for a fully functional kitchen. (далее…)

A Calgary Home with Cozy Colors and Collected Finds — House Call

Name: Nicole
Location: Red Deer — Alberta, Canada

Our home is an ongoing experiment, forever changing as I bring in new pieces and try new things. I love experimenting with fresh and innovative ideas. Many of my clients squirm at the idea, but in the end, if I’m not willing to try something in my own space, how can I convince a client to do it in theirs? (далее…)

Before and After: A Stylish Desk Rescued for the «Price of Two Coffees»

Ilsa spotted this mid-century modern beauty in a charity shop and knew she could make it sing. After some initial fear that she couldn’t push through all of the wear and tear that poor Bruno the desk had suffered through over the years, she was able to sand and strip away the grime and stains and reveal a glowing and beautiful piece of furniture. Three cheers for Ilsa for her good eye and all of her hard work! (далее…)

A Pretty in Pink English Home With «Palm Springs Vibes» — House Call

Name: Kate & Joff Reid
Location: Southsea, England
The basics: 2 years, Rented | 580 square feet

Kate and Joff’s Southsea home is cute but not precious, curated but not staged, pink but not aggressively pink. Basically, they’ve mastered the art of balancing personality, fun and design all in one adorable space. (далее…)

Room Transformation: An Orange «Unsightly Texas Chunky» Before to a Fresh Updated After — Professional Project

Project by: Lesley Myrick of Lesley Myrick Art + Design
Location: Waco, Texas

Lesley was charged with upgrading this Texas living space. Her clients space was less groovy ’60s modern and more pre-fab ’60s outdated. The room is an add on that had a few key elements with serious potential. Lesley made some smart upgrades to those (hello refreshed built-ins) and got ride of the orange-ish ceiling beams. The new color palette helped play up the abundance of natural light the glass doors afford, and gave the space a breezy and relaxing atmosphere. (далее…)

Making it Work: Four «Rooms» Within a 250-Square-Foot Studio — House Call

Name: Anna
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Anna’s studio in Baltimore is a warm and cozy, multi-functional space. She’s created designated areas giving the room a nice flow and the space is blessed with plenty of natural light, making the studio look roomier than it is. (далее…)

Feel Free to Daydream About Moving into This Apartment for the Rest of the Day — House Call

Name: Anouska
Location: Dulwich — London, United Kingdom

Anouska, an interior designer, and her partner have taken the already good bones of a nineteenth century English terrace house and truly made them sing. The perfectly balanced use of bold colors, beautiful furniture and charming accents give the home a bright sophisticated look. And we’ll show a remarkable amount of restraint by not gushing over the bathroom, but the bathroom is just…well check out the wallpaper (sigh, the wallpaper) and go from there. (далее…)

Turning Two Small NYC Apartments into One Sleek Modern Home — Professional Project

Project by: Ines Ensal of Studio Esnal
Location: Gramercy Park — New York, New York

Location! Location! Location! Ines Ensal’s clients got New-York-real-estate-lucky when they snatched up two spaces by Gramercy Park in Manhattan. Charged with combining a studio and a one bedroom into one larger, cohesive unit, Ensal took a clean and modern approach, maximizing another precious New York resource, natural light. A mix of materials adds visual interest throughout, the wood accents add warmth to keep the space from dipping into sterility. And if nothing else, you will walk away with some major, major pendant light envy. (далее…)

A «Dialogue Between Old and New» in an Updated California Victorian — House Call

Name: Ben and his family
Location: Alameda, California
The basics: 4 years, owned | 1,500 square feet

Ben and has family tackled the mammoth undertaking of renovating and updating a Victorian home but found that living in the home during the reno helped them create a space more personally tailored to their needs. (далее…)

Former New Yorkers Land in a Beautiful Berlin Apartment (And Learn You Have to BYO Kitchen) — House Call

Name: Alana, her partner and cat
Location: Berlin, Germany
The basics: 9 months, rented | 1,800 square feet

Seeking a slower pace and a bit more space, Alana and her partner relocated from New York to Berlin. They found this airy stunner and set about making it the perfect place to work, entertain and relax. (далее…)

Former New Yorkers Land in a Beautiful Berlin Apartment (And Learn You Have to BYO Kitchen) — House Call

Name: Alana, her partner and cat
Location: Berlin, Germany
The basics: 9 months, rented | 1,800 square feet

Seeking a slower pace and a bit more space, Alana and her partner relocated from New York to Berlin. They found this airy stunner and set about making it the perfect place to work, entertain and relax. (далее…)

One Woman and Her Dachshund Share a Stylish Studio in Denver — House Call

Name: Kaitlin and her dachshund Dilbert
Location: Highlands — Denver, Colorado
The basics: 2 months, rented, 520 square feet

When hunting for her apartment, Kaitlin wanted a space that was as lovely inside as out. She found exactly what she was looking for with her super cute studio in a dog friendly neighborhood. Good news for her and great news for Dilbert! (далее…)

Before & After: You’ll Want to Send This Laundry Room Makeover to Your Landlord Immediately

Until we received this submission, we just kind of assumed that a dark and bland laundry room is sort of par for the course when you’re renting. If you’re on the lucky side it’s clean and not spooky and those of us on the other end of the spectrum truck it to the laundromat. Well throw out what you thought you knew about laundry rooms and deep dive into this laundry room makeover! (далее…)

Before & After: A Ranch House Kitchen Gets The Blues (In the Best Way Possible) — Professional Project

Project by: Ariela Najman of Stripe Design Services
Location: Santa Cruz, California

Interior designer, Ariela Najman, was tasked with adding some light and breezy style to her client’s California ranch house. Along with other smart upgrades, she added a calming and eye-catching blue in the kitchen giving it a timeless look with a twist. (далее…)

Love at First Sight: An First Time Homeowner’s «Urban Cozy» Condo in Boston — House Call

Name: Jenny
Location: South Boston, Massachusetts
The basics: 2 years, owned | 780 square feet

Jenny’s condo is a balance of bright and poppy colors with sleek and sophisticated shapes and textures. After saying yes to the space when it was but a shadow of its current self, she set off to slowly and deliberately make this house her home. (далее…)

Before & After: Adding On and Leveling Up For a Gorgeous New Kitchen

Penelope and Andrew’s outdated kitchen needed a boost. Well, not just a boost. A whole new extension and then a boost. After paying the high price of living through a kitchen reno with a toddler, they were handsomely rewarded with a gorgeous kitchen chock full of brand new functionality. (далее…)

Before & After: Mid-Century Style Dining Chairs Get the «Green»light for a Makeover

Eric’s Eames chairs were sitting stylishly in his dinning room for years, complimenting a blue cloth on his old table. After picking up a Saarinen style table and ditching the cloth, he found himself missing the pop of color. Rather than cover up that lovely marble table top, he found a fresh and inexpensive solution. (далее…)

Before & After: From Burgundy to Bunnies, Custom Wallpaper Transforms a Feature Wall

When Danielle and her family moved into their home, they knew which room they wanted for their daughters nursery but felt it needed some major restyling. After switching up the color scheme with paint and wallpaper, replacing the chandelier with something a little more kid friendly and adding all of the cute touches that make a nursery, they have an adorable space for their daughter that is a fry cry from the original room. (далее…)

A Modern Kitchen For a 250-Year-Old English Cottage — Professional Project

Project by: Tamsin Allen of Fawn Interiors
Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Tamsin Allen was charged with adding a modern industrial look to a cottage, without losing any of the 250-year-old antique charm. She completely removed the kitchen and started from scratch to create a functional and beautiful space perfectly catered to her clients needs. (далее…)

Before & After: One Afternoon and $10 for a Vintage-Style Mirror Makeover

Sarah had an idea of the perfect mid-century-style mirror in her mind. So when she spotted something like that mirror, albeit a rusty, over the top version, she snatched it up. Using the classic DIY elixir of elbow grease and spray paint she turned the whole thing around in one well-spent afternoon. (далее…)

Before & After: The 2k, Get-With-the-Times Makeover of an Outdated ’80s Kitchen

If you were to make a list of kitchen essentials, it’s fair to say that «working oven» would be close to the top. Erica’s kitchen not only lacked the aforementioned necessity but was also chock full of heavy, dark ’80s design details. Her budget minded revamp helped give the kitchen a new airy look and some needed functionality. (далее…)

A Salt Lake City Apartment That is One Part Home, One Part Textile Studio — House Call

Name: Noelle
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

I live in a vintage one-bedroom, one-studio, living/dining room, with a porch in downtown Salt Lake City after relocating from Chicago two years ago. There are so many amazing little details that make this apartment timelessly beautiful. It faces east towards the Wasatch Mountains, and in the morning and throughout the day there is so much light I rarely turn on my lights. Which is a good thing because there is only one electrical outlet per room! (далее…)

A Warm and Welcoming Home in a Dream Neighborhood — House Call

Name: Anissa
Location: Meridian Hills — Indianapolis, Indiana

Anissa’s home is a lovely mix of warm woods, bright whites and pops of greenery. Renovating a home is never easy, especially a unique and older one, where striking a balance between maintaining the character of the home and keeping it fresh is key. After dreaming of living in this neighborhood for about a decade, Anissa and her family made their dream come true. (далее…)

Looking Past the «Disaster» to Unlock the Loveliness of this Chicago Beauty — House Call

Name: Bridget
Location: Lakeview — Chicago, Illinois

Once Upon a Time in the Land of Chicago, a young woman named Bridget followed a magical road (Craigslist) to a big, yet unloved castle (a one-bedroom). She took one look at the space that many had overlooked and knew that with a little love care, and deep-clean magic she and the apartment could live happily ever after. (далее…)

Before & After: A Completely Colorful Home Office Makeover

Alycia just launched her own business and found herself in need of a dedicated at-home workspace. Surprisingly enough, building a budding empire didn’t leave much time for setting up a new space. Enter, the best friend! Alycia’s bestie put together a work from home space that is bright and bubbly and totally her. (далее…)

Before & After: A Blend of New and Old Style in a California Bungalow — Professional Project

Project by: Karen Nepacena of Destination Eichler
Location: San Leandro, California

Karen was tasked with opening up the kitchen and dining area of a 1940s bungalow. The space had a ton of natural light that was going to waste in the current layout, so she tore down some walls and gave the space a whole new look that still honored the character of the home. (далее…)

A Historic Denver Bungalow Survives Fire & Neglect to be Lovingly Restored — House Call

Name: Jay
Location: Montclair — Denver, Colorado
The basics: 5 years, owned | 2,000 square feet

Jay’s 110 year old bungalow has quite the history. Once a modest house amongst flashier homes, it has weathered different misfortunes and poor design choices to land in Jay’s hands. Jay and his partner are investing time, love and labor into restoring the home to its former glory. (далее…)

Before and After: Third Time’s the Charm For This Den Turned Office Turned Walk-In Closet

Vanessa’s second floor den space was a bit of a puzzle. The layout was a little odd and they didn’t need anymore general space, but she tried it out as a den and then an office. One day her husband had a stroke of genius and decided to flip the place into the kind of walk-in closet storage dreams are made of. (далее…)

Before & After: A First Time Homeowner Kicks Up the Curb Appeal

First things first: congrats to Amanda on purchasing her first home! Taking the plunge can be nerve-wracking, exciting and is always a very big deal. (We’ve got some tips on making it less scary if you need them.) After settling in to her new abode, the next step was to tackle the exterior, which Amanda felt needed a little boost. With the help of a few family members, a super smart paint job and flower power, the home has a fresh look and a whole lot of curb appeal. (далее…)