Архив автора: Apartment Therapy Submissions

A Young Design Enthusiast’s Carefully Crafted Home — House Call

Name: Zane
Location: Woodley Park — Washington, DC
The basics: 5 weeks, rented1,170 square feet

As popular CBS sitcom wisdom dictates, a building occupied by three brothers of a certain age should be a mess full of recliners and light-up beer signs. Zane’s crisp and well thought out apartment stands in direct opposition to that particular stereotype, with its muted color scheme and purposeful blend of textures. (далее…)

A Photographer’s Home and Studio in a Hudson Valley Barn — House Call

Name: Mark
Location: Hudson Valley, New York
The basics: 6 months, owned — 440 square feet

Mark was looking for studio space and in order to get more bang for his buck he decide to look outside of New York City. He found a barn with a long artistic history and new it was the place for him. He renovated a studio apartment underneath the barn, creating a bright and warm home base while tackling larger renovations on the property. (далее…)

One Woman’s «Life-sized Dollhouse» in Cincinnati — House Call

Name: Emily and Gigi the dog
Location: Norwood, Ohio
The basics: 5 months, owned — 1,067 square feet

Emily and her adorable dog roommate Gigi settled into this cute craftsman after a decade of renting. It was love at first site for Emily and after the ink dried on her contracts she set about turning the house into her ideal first home. (далее…)

24 Hours, $50 and One Very Happy Pup — DIY Project

Jennifer’s exceedingly good dog just wanted to hang out in the backyard and protect its home. They live in Seattle however, and as much as Jennifer appreciated the sentiment, the smell of wet dog was wafting through her home a bit more than she wanted. With the help of some downloaded instructions, leftover paint and a few supplies, she found a solution that pleased both dog and owner alike. (далее…)