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30 Years in a 100-Year-Old Home — House Call

Name: Anne and her husband
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
The basics: 30 years, owned — 3,500 square feet

Anne’s home has the sort of settled into style that many of us dream about when we look at the bare walls of our new houses and apartments. Decorated with a mix of thrift store steals and colorful imports, Anne and her family have kept the historic character of the home alive all while creating a warm and welcoming space. (далее…)

Before & After: A Sturdy and Stylish One-of-a-Kind DIY Changing Table

Sunny found this mega outdated but well made dresser on Craigslist and knew it would be an excellent fit in her nursery. Some sanding, painting, and drilling resulted in a muted yet gorgeous piece of furniture. Oh, and she did it all while very pregnant. We’re tired for her. (далее…)

Brightening Up a Manhattan Condo with Patterned Tile and Built-In Storage — Professional Project

Project by: Zach Rockhill for Hatchet Design Build
Location: NoHo — Manhattan, New York

The team for Hatchet Design Build worked with their client, Marika, to turn her apartment into a light-filled and texturally interesting space. With stained floors, envy-inducing tile and stylish yet inviting furnishings, the space surprises us by playing with our expectations of what a historic New York condo should look like. (далее…)

A Loft of One’s Own — House Call

Name: Leanne
Location: St. Charles, Illinois
The basics: 2.5 years, rented

After sharing a much larger space for a few years, Leanne decided to downsize in order to live on her own. She’s made the most of her space, customizing it to fit her needs and style. (далее…)

Before & After: Decking Out the Deck on a Budget

Spring has (maybe? hopefully!) sprung and now is the time to get outdoors. Natalie and her boyfriend recently moved in together and found themselves with a spare table that was a little worse for wear. Rather than toss it and buy all new deck furniture, they had the bright idea to give what they had a colorful upgrade and now they have a lovely outdoor space without breaking the bank. (далее…)

An Open & Crisp Seattle Studio Apartment for Two — House Call

Name: Angel, her boyfriend and their cats
Location: Seattle, Washington
The basics: 1 year, rented | 550 square feet

Angel’s Seattle studio is super open but short on storage. With some creative thinking and smart purchases, Angel and her boyfriend were able to make the most out of their shared space. (далее…)

Before & After: A Glammed Up, Totally Temporary Rental Kitchen Upgrade

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lived in a rental. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever lived in a rental with a lackluster kitchen. Underwhelming rental kitchens are about as common as noisy upstairs neighbors, but at least you can make small temporary fixes to brighten up your cooking space (if somebody makes peel-and-stick ‘quiet down and be considerate of others’ please let us know immediately). (далее…)

Before & After: An IKEA Hack Adds Style & Storage to a Kids Room

Kids rooms can be a tough nut to crack. They have to combine storage and function with style that can be adaptable to the changing and developing tastes of the young one. Jane decided that they could do more to maximize the space of their daughter’s room and give her a space that was more reflective of who she is. Enter, the IKEA hack! (далее…)

Before & After: 3 Months + $3k = 1 Enviable Kitchen

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a bold color in the kitchen if it’s executed well. Sadly that was not the case for Shannon’s sporadically navy blue kitchen. She made some small updates to the space when she first moved in, but after living with the kitchen for a few years she decided it was time to give the space the true makeover it deserved. (далее…)

Before & After: A Young Couple Survives Their First Bathroom Remodel

Kristina and her boyfriend triumphed over one of the most trying of relationship milestones: their first renovation. Kristina points out an important truth about renovations, that even if you’re not working on your forever home, the time and energy that goes into getting a place ready to flip is still monumental. After multiple trips to Home Depot, disagreements and disappointments, and a moment of buyer’s remorse, Kristina and her boyfriend now have a bathroom they can be proud of. (далее…)

Before & After: Chic Makeover for a DC Kitchen With a Presidential Connection

Shaila’s kitchen came with both a fun connection to DC history and a pretty funky layout. Aesthetics aside, it was time for a reno; the kitchen had begun to fall apart. Taking a cue from the age of the building and her personal love of art-deco, Shaila gave her new-to-her old kitchen a stylish updated vintage-inspired look. Take it away, Shaila… (далее…)

Before & After: A Completely New Sofa Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of the Old One

Just going to get this out of the way up front: this project is not a casual, pick it up when you’re bored DIY. This project is a «save yourself thousands» and «put your tools and considerable sewing skills to good use» and definitely a «can’t believe you can actually do that» type of DIY. (далее…)

An 85-Square-Foot Backyard Studio Built from Scratch — House Call

Name: Blake
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Dimensions: 85 square feet

Imagine having the ability to take a look at some old fence posts you had lying around and thinking…yeah, I’ll just turn these into an extremely cool, tiny, modern office in my backyard. Blake did just that and we’re still kind of in awe. (далее…)

Before & After: A Terribly Cute Vintage Trailer Makeover

How cute is that little guy? My goodness! Adorable on the outside, but leaky and damaged on the inside, this trailer needed some upgrades to make it safer. While making some of the less sexy fixes (apologies to all those window sealing fans out there) Meredith took the opportunity to give the space a style boost as well. (далее…)

Two Creatives Share a Carefully Crafted Philadelphia Loft — House Call

Name: Nikki, Josh and their cat Jonah
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The basics: 2 months, rented —1,500 square feet

Nikki and Josh have struck an enviable balance between «styled» and «lived in» that keeps their space from feeling overly done, while still being very fashionable. Perfect for hosting, working and just hanging out, their home is expansive with intimate pockets of coziness. (далее…)

Before & After: Three Days, $800 and One New Half Bath

Half baths can be so easy to forget — home to b-team hand towels and re-gifted decorative soaps, relegated to occasional guest usage and always in the shadow of the bathrooms with things like tubs and showers. Christina decided it was time to give her half bath a little time in the spotlight, and buckled down to give it an eye-catching upgrade. (далее…)

Two East Coasters Share a 380-Square-Feet «Teeny Tiny Casa» in San Fran — House Call

Name: Kathryn and her husband Derek
Location: San Francisco, California
The basics: 9 months, rented | 381 Square Feet

Kathryn and Derek not only make this small space work for them, they thrive in it. Choosing to look at their apartment not as a burden but as an opportunity, they’ve embraced living small and all of the ways it can bring them closer together. (далее…)

Before & After: A Bland Bedroom Gets a Breezy New Look

Rosanna’s wanted to make the most of the natural light in her guest bedroom and used the One Room Challenge as a great excuse to do so. With a mere six weeks of time and fifteen hundred dollars, she was able to give the space a light and airy look, that played to the room’s strengths. The result is a guest room that is welcoming, breezy and full of thoughtful small touches. (далее…)

A Bold, Contemporary and Cozy Brooklyn Brownstone — House Call

Name: Talia
Location: Bedford-Stuyvesant — Brooklyn, New York
The basics: 1 year, owned | 1,350 square feet

After living in the smaller unit for a few year, Talia and her son moved down into the larger unit of their Brooklyn brownstone. Super bright and kid (and cat) friendly, the space feels stylish yet unintimidating. (далее…)

Before & After: Meh Marble & Woeful Wallpaper Get the Boot in This Library Transformation

Normally, wallpaper and marble are two elements we can’t get enough of. But in the case of the library in the home Debra planned to flip, it was all a little too much. With a gray paint and a pretty ingenious update to the flooring, this room did a total 180. (далее…)

Before & After: We Survived Our First (Mostly) DIY Kitchen Reno

Michelle and her husband bought their house with the anticipation of putting in some serious work on the kitchen. What they didn’t expect was a handful of undisclosed damages and, as first time renovators, just how much time a kitchen reno can take. But they survived! Smarter, saavier and with a much better kitchen. (далее…)

Before & After: We Survived Our First (Mostly) DIY Kitchen Reno

Michelle and her husband bought their house with the anticipation of putting in some serious work on the kitchen. What they didn’t expect was a handful of undisclosed damages and, as first time renovators, just how much time a kitchen reno can take. But they survived! Smarter, saavier and with a much better kitchen. (далее…)

A Gutted Connecticut Home Gets A Fantastic Facelift — House Call

Name: Athena
Location: Fairfield, Connecticut
The basics: 6 months, owned | 1,201 square feet

Athena’s home was the ugliest on the block (her words!) but after a thoughtful renovation it is a total suburban stunner. With a kitchen that’s to die for and rustic touches throughout, you can tell that it was a labor of love. (далее…)

A 5-Minute Apartment Search Lands the Perfect Spot For This Plant Enthusiast — House Call . A 5-Minute Apartment Search Lands the Per

Name: Jamie
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
The basics: 6 years, rented | 1,800 square feet

Jamie’s enviable apartment search, which took about five minutes, led her to this charming Cincinnati apartment. Exposed brick and rich colors set off her collection of thrifted finds and her gaggle of plant children. (далее…)

Before & After: A Blah Brown Kitchen and Family Room Get a Total Makeover — Professional Project

Project by: Stephanie Hatton of SH interiors
Location: Stevenson Ranch, California

Stephanie’s client wanted the nexus of their home, the kitchen and family room, to flow nicely, have special touches for the children and still feel like an adult space. She created a stunning space that is kid friendly (and encourages toy clean up!) and is also sophisticated enough for date night. (далее…)

A Joshua Tree Home Built to Blend With the Desert — House Call

Name: Oded
Location: Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree, California
The basics: 2 years, owned — 1,375 square feet

Oded’s home is an open and functional space with the sort of desert vibes that are distinctly California. Designed with the landscape in mind, the desert light floods the house and the outdoor space has views to die for. (далее…)

A Textile Designer’s Vintage-Modern Home — House Call

Name: Mili, her husband and their dog
Location: Dallas, Texas
The basics: 2 years, owned | 2,300 square feet

Mili’s home has a mid-century flair that is perfectly balanced with global finds and accented with gorgeous textiles from her own line. After a kitchen and dining room remodel, the home is now open and inviting. (далее…)

Before & After: Replacing a Rotting Deck With a Budget-Friendly Alternative

Jennifer’s backyard was overgrown and her deck had seen better days. After clearing away a good portion of the growth, she knew her backyard had major potential but she wasn’t entirely sure what to do about the deck. Enter gravel! Friend to both budget and mother nature, this alternative choice helped Jennifer build a gorgeous outdoor space. (далее…)

Before & After: A Courtyard Gets a Low-Maintenance Makeover

For a less intrepid DIY-er the assortment pictured above would be one intimidating pile of rocks. Not so for April. She transformed her courtyard into a relaxing spot, perfect for entertaining. Best of all, it’s super low maintenance so she can spend more time planning parties and less time watering grass! (далее…)

Before & After: A Fantastic IKEA Hack in a Cozy, Cocoon-Like Bedroom

Malcolm’s bedroom had seen better days. He decided to strip away all of the ’80s chintz and adopt a look more in keeping with the home’s Victorian roots. After putting in the work on a super impressive IKEA hack, going with a dark wall color and uncovering one gorgeous detail, he has a dramatic yet cozy bedroom. (далее…)

A Peek Inside a 1920s Shanghai Lane House — House Call

Name: Miranda
Location: Jing An District — Shanghai, China
The basics: 2 years, rented | around 700 square feet

Miranda’s historic lane home is full of antiques, high ceilings and her traditional Chinese dress collection. The layout of the apartment complex let her get to know her neighbors and build a sense of community. (далее…)

An International Couple’s First Home Together in Brooklyn — Professional Project

Project by: Christine of Form + Field
Location: Prospect Heights — Brooklyn, New York

Christine was hired to bring harmony to a 986 square foot Brooklyn condo for a couple that had been in a relationship for a bit but were living together for the first time. Faced with the challenge of a space that was low on pre-existing architectural character and making two people with different aesthetics happy, she came up with a harmonious take on both of their styles. (далее…)

30 Plants, One Cat and One Super Cool Person Share a Toronto Apartment — House Call

Name: Terra
Location: St Clair West, Toronto, Ontario
The basics: 8 months, rented | 700 square feet

Terra’s apartment is one part plant conservatory, one part friendship coven and one part personal sanctuary. After apartment hopping around Toronto, Terra settled into her new space. Taking root physically and metaphorically, she has filled her apartment with plenty of plants and tons of good vibes. (далее…)

A Colorful, Cultivated and Comfortable Family Home — House Call

Name: Courtney and her family
Location: Ross, California
The basics: 7 years, owned (recently sold) | 2,800 square feet

Courtney decorated her home with usability in mind, which you might not immediately guess given how stunning it is. Beautifully thought out, the space balances curated style with a life with children and all that entails. (далее…)

A Polished Condo in Singapore With Carefully Considered «Clutter» — House Call

Name: Mario and Loki the Mini-Poodle
Location: Singapore
The basics: 5 years, owned— 1, 000 square feet

Mario’s apartment is a mix of clean minimalism with a touch of curated mess, inspired by a trip to New York. With a neutral color scheme that uses black and white as an accent, the space is full of relaxed urban sophistication. It is also full of one very cute dog. (далее…)

An Airy East Village Living Room That is Bright and Baby Friendly — Professional Project

Project by: Samantha Gore of Samantha Gore Interiors + Design
Location: East Village —New York, New York

Samantha Gore was tasked with adding some flair to her client’s living room, keeping in mind the demands of the family’s newest addition. Baby-friendly and bright, the living room shows off the family’s considerable art collection without a stuffy gallery feel. Textures mix with sunlight to create a welcoming and open space. (далее…)

A Designer and Her Dogs Show Off Their Digs in Austin — House Call

Name: Jennifer
Location: East Austin — Austin, Texas
The basics: 1 year, rented | 1,500 square feet

Jennifer and her dogs have put down roots in this lovely Austin home. Jennifer is a designer by trade, and her ability to mix high and low, make bold choices work and balance a space is truly on display here. (далее…)

A Biology Professor’s «Modern Mary Poppins» Atlanta Home — House Call

Name: Meleah
Location: Old Fourth Ward/Virginia Highland — Atlanta, Georgia
The basics: 2 years, rented — 1,000 square feet

Meleah’s Atlanta home is full of light thanks to gigantic windows that also offer up a gorgeous view. She’s filled her home with art and trinkets from her travels, making the space totally unique and fantastically interesting. (далее…)

Room Transformation: An Orange «Unsightly Texas Chunky» Before to a Fresh Updated After — Professional Project

Project by: Lesley Myrick of Lesley Myrick Art + Design
Location: Waco, Texas

Lesley was charged with upgrading this Texas living space. Her clients space was less groovy ’60s modern and more pre-fab ’60s outdated. The room is an add on that had a few key elements with serious potential. Lesley made some smart upgrades to those (hello refreshed built-ins) and got ride of the orange-ish ceiling beams. The new color palette helped play up the abundance of natural light the glass doors afford, and gave the space a breezy and relaxing atmosphere. (далее…)

Before & After: Carving Out an Enchanting Playroom in a Corner of a Living Room — Professional Project

Project by: Louise Bradberry of Cait’s Room Interiors
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Transformations aren’t always about knocking down walls or elaborate IKEA hacks. Sometimes they’re about looking at your space with new eyes and giving it a new purpose. Louise did just that for her clients. Wanting to supplement limited outdoor play space for their child, they tasked Louise with creating a play nook for their daughter in a corner of their living room. The results are whimsical, colorful and largely temporary. (далее…)

A Thoughtfully-Styled 500-Square-Foot-Montreal Studio — House Call

Name: Lauren
Location: Montreal — Quebec, Canada
The basics: 1.5 years, rented | 500 square feet

Lauren struck rental market gold with her Montreal studio. With the high ceilings, moldings and that window the space is full of glamorous antique charm. With a clever layout and personal touches, Lauren has played up all of the best aspects of the space, creating a sun-drenched dream that looks for bigger than its 500 feet. (далее…)

Before & After: Miles of Style in a First «Grown Up» Apartment — Professional Project

After Josie helped her client, Lisa, move into her Prospect Heights apartment she tackled the task of figuring out a look and layout for the space that would meet the needs and wants of her client. The space needed to be multi-functional, work with the somewhat unconventional window alcove and inject some style into the space. (далее…)

Before & After: Help for a Flipped Kitchen Built With Zero Drawers

Becky’s kitchen had been previously renovated by a house flipper who may not have been thinking things through. There weren’t any drawers. In a kitchen. Becky tried to make due with that temporary storage cart you can see above, but she knew it was time for a better solution. (далее…)

A «Dialogue Between Old and New» in an Updated California Victorian — House Call

Name: Ben and his family
Location: Alameda, California
The basics: 4 years, owned | 1,500 square feet

Ben and has family tackled the mammoth undertaking of renovating and updating a Victorian home but found that living in the home during the reno helped them create a space more personally tailored to their needs. (далее…)

Former New Yorkers Land in a Beautiful Berlin Apartment (And Learn You Have to BYO Kitchen) — House Call

Name: Alana, her partner and cat
Location: Berlin, Germany
The basics: 9 months, rented | 1,800 square feet

Seeking a slower pace and a bit more space, Alana and her partner relocated from New York to Berlin. They found this airy stunner and set about making it the perfect place to work, entertain and relax. (далее…)

Former New Yorkers Land in a Beautiful Berlin Apartment (And Learn You Have to BYO Kitchen) — House Call

Name: Alana, her partner and cat
Location: Berlin, Germany
The basics: 9 months, rented | 1,800 square feet

Seeking a slower pace and a bit more space, Alana and her partner relocated from New York to Berlin. They found this airy stunner and set about making it the perfect place to work, entertain and relax. (далее…)

One Woman and Her Dachshund Share a Stylish Studio in Denver — House Call

Name: Kaitlin and her dachshund Dilbert
Location: Highlands — Denver, Colorado
The basics: 2 months, rented, 520 square feet

When hunting for her apartment, Kaitlin wanted a space that was as lovely inside as out. She found exactly what she was looking for with her super cute studio in a dog friendly neighborhood. Good news for her and great news for Dilbert! (далее…)

Fate Intervenes to Help a Young Family Find Their Perfect Home — House Call

Name: Verena, Ferdinand and their children Julian and Frederik
Location: Hamburg, Germany
The basics: 2 years, owned — 1,400 square feet

After a streak of bad luck, Verena and her husband decided to wing it and put in a low offer on a home they loved. Not only was their offer accepted, they got some other pretty great news at the same time! (далее…)

Love at First Sight: An First Time Homeowner’s «Urban Cozy» Condo in Boston — House Call

Name: Jenny
Location: South Boston, Massachusetts
The basics: 2 years, owned | 780 square feet

Jenny’s condo is a balance of bright and poppy colors with sleek and sophisticated shapes and textures. After saying yes to the space when it was but a shadow of its current self, she set off to slowly and deliberately make this house her home. (далее…)

Before & After: Adding On and Leveling Up For a Gorgeous New Kitchen

Penelope and Andrew’s outdated kitchen needed a boost. Well, not just a boost. A whole new extension and then a boost. After paying the high price of living through a kitchen reno with a toddler, they were handsomely rewarded with a gorgeous kitchen chock full of brand new functionality. (далее…)

A Cozy Oasis in a West Village Walk Up — House Call

Name: Melina
Location: West Village, New York — New York
The basics: 9 months, rented | 300 square feet

If you’ve spent anytime hunting for housing on Craigslist, you know that «cozy» spaces so rarely are. Not so in the case of Melina’s West Village studio. Like something out of a TV show with an excellent acoustic soundtrack, her studio is welcoming, warm and totally charming. (далее…)

Before & After Blowout: The Big Bathroom Makeover Gallery

We will never, ever, ever get enough of bathroom remodels. And if you’re in the mood for just a quick hit of some serious makeover magic, scroll through the gallery to see some of our fave tile transformations, bath boosts and sink sensations. Revisit some old favorites and a few new ones, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle your own bathroom project! (далее…)

A Dreamily Romantic Manhattan Apartment — House Call

Name: Amy
Location: Chelsea — Manhattan, New York
The basics: 3 years, rented — 500 square feet

Amy’s apartment is a cozy and dreamy hideaway in the middle of New York City. Turning apartment features that are usually associated with a sort of muscular ‘urban cool’, exposed brick, loft beds, are somehow softly romantic. (далее…)

Before & After: A Couple Moves In Together and Merges Styles and Stuff — Professional Project

Project by: Candace Wilkes of House of Paige
Location: Charlestown, Massachusetts

Candace helped her clients with a major relationship milestone: moving in together. Taking the potential fear and frustration out of the process, she helped them keep and combine their best pieces, while shopping for new items that helped create a shared style. (далее…)

Before & After: One Afternoon and $10 for a Vintage-Style Mirror Makeover

Sarah had an idea of the perfect mid-century-style mirror in her mind. So when she spotted something like that mirror, albeit a rusty, over the top version, she snatched it up. Using the classic DIY elixir of elbow grease and spray paint she turned the whole thing around in one well-spent afternoon. (далее…)

Before & After: The 2k, Get-With-the-Times Makeover of an Outdated ’80s Kitchen

If you were to make a list of kitchen essentials, it’s fair to say that «working oven» would be close to the top. Erica’s kitchen not only lacked the aforementioned necessity but was also chock full of heavy, dark ’80s design details. Her budget minded revamp helped give the kitchen a new airy look and some needed functionality. (далее…)

Before & After: A $200 Makeover Adds Color and Cheer to a Laundry Room

Like death and taxes, laundry is one of the near inescapable drudgeries of modern life. Kate figured if she has to spend time on it, she should do it in a space that doesn’t totally bum her out. With a few trips to Target, some leftover paint and oh-so-limited free time, she created a laundry room that injects a little cheer into a chore. (далее…)

Before & After: A Big Old Shed Finds Its Purpose With the Help of Some White Paint

When Charlotte first bought her home it came with a shed that she wasn’t quite sure what to do with. After landing on turning it into a workspace rather than a catch-all, she set about giving the space a major facelift while making sure it could serve as a workable space year-round. (далее…)

Going Beyond Builder Grade in a New Home for a Young Family — Professional Project

Project by: Mimi Fong of Luminosus Designs
Location: Darien, Connecticut

Mimi’s clients wanted a little more personalization than the builder grade finishings that were being offered for their new home. In under three months, Mimi not only upgraded the finishings, she tackled floor plan problems and furnished the entire space. We could all use a Mimi in our lives. (далее…)

Before & After: Embracing Minimalism in a Tiny Bedroom

Susan’s teeny-tiny rental room didn’t offer much in the way of space or storage, but it did have a window to some of San Francisco’s charms. With some carefully calculated minimilasim, Susan was able to turn the room into a peaceful space, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. (далее…)

A Stylishly Re-envisioned 480-Square-Foot Amsterdam Apartment — Professional Project

Project by: Deirdre Renniers Interior Design
Location: De Pijp — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sleek European minimalism abounds in this hip renovation by Deirdre Renniers. After rethinking the layout to maximize the space and get rid of the more outdated elements, the apartment was furnished with sharp, space-saving pieces to make the most of every inch (or more appropriately, centimeter). (далее…)

Saving the Style of a Stick Frame Roof in Austin — Professional Project

Project by: Murray Legge Architecture
Location: Austin, Texas

It’s nice to have a reason to look up. While an eye catching ceiling seems like the provenance of manor houses with molding or folks with an ingenious inclination towards unexpected wallpaper, mid-century and modern homes can come with their own visually interesting ceilings. The team over at Murray Legge Architecture wanted to highlight and preserve the ceiling (among other things) in this post war beauty. (далее…)

Before & After: An Overgrown & Underused Backyard Gets a Second Chance

You know how they say it’s what’s inside the counts? That may be all well and good for matters of the heart, but when it comes to your home, what’s outside also kind of counts as well. And in Lindsay’s case, that meant that her backyard, roof and deck needed some TLC in order for her home to really come together. (далее…)

Before and After: Third Time’s the Charm For This Den Turned Office Turned Walk-In Closet

Vanessa’s second floor den space was a bit of a puzzle. The layout was a little odd and they didn’t need anymore general space, but she tried it out as a den and then an office. One day her husband had a stroke of genius and decided to flip the place into the kind of walk-in closet storage dreams are made of. (далее…)

Before & After: A First Time Homeowner Kicks Up the Curb Appeal

First things first: congrats to Amanda on purchasing her first home! Taking the plunge can be nerve-wracking, exciting and is always a very big deal. (We’ve got some tips on making it less scary if you need them.) After settling in to her new abode, the next step was to tackle the exterior, which Amanda felt needed a little boost. With the help of a few family members, a super smart paint job and flower power, the home has a fresh look and a whole lot of curb appeal. (далее…)

Meet Lil Blue, The Tiny House Parked on a Farm in Iowa — House Call

Name: Sarah and her husband
Location: Elkhart, Iowa
The basics: 2 years, owned | 160 square feet

Sarah harbored tiny house fantasies. She and her husband turned her dreams into reality. The pair set up shop in an adorable tiny home, finding cute ways to maximize space at every turn. (далее…)

A London Home in a 1970s Factory Building Gets an Infusion of Style — Professional Project

Project by: Sharon Toong of House of Sylphina
Location: London, United Kingdom

Sharon Toong’s re-design of this 1970s loft space is classic urban cool, while still feeling welcoming. A mix of natural materials and a neutral color palette create a space that is both reflective of city living and a refuge from it. (далее…)

Before & After: A Family-Friendly Room That Makes a Fantastic First Impression — Professional Project

Michelle Gage was hired by her clients to design a living room in their brand new forever home. The space needed to work for family time and make a strong first impression. With a mix of high and low, luscious textures and fun accents, she more than succeeded. (далее…)

Before & After: A Dramatic Living Room Makeover Three Years in the Making

Lauren’s living room was dark and dated, and distinctly not her style. She gave renovating the space the old college try when she first moved in, but with other spaces in the home needing her energy and attention she wasn’t able to fully finish it. Enter one of the most valuable tools available to DIYers everywhere — a good friend. (далее…)

A Beaut of a Beachside Australian Bungalow — House Call

Name: Nicole and her family
Location: Austinmer, Australia
The basics: 1 year, rented

Nicole describes Austinmer as, «a hidden coastal village tucked between the mountains and the seas only an hour south of Sydney.» If that doesn’t get you packing your bags, Nicole’s breezy bungalow will have you hoping on a plane. (далее…)

Before and After: An ’80s Bathroom Gets a Classic Update

Tasha’s twins were using a dark and outdated bathroom, complete with carpet (why was that ever considered a good idea?) and some very ’80s materials. Calling in the professionals for the major plumbing and drywall work, but doing the rest herself, Tasha created a space that can grow with her girls and remain visually appealing for years to come. (далее…)

Before & After: A Bland, Blank Space Gets Texture & Character — Professional Project

Hope Veloclette was tasked with creating a custom space for a discerning client while keeping to a budget. She wanted to create a space full of curated items full of history, and set about sourcing those items locally. The result is a space that feels both contemporary and authentic simultaneously. (далее…)

Before & After: An Entrancing New Entryway

Ahh the joys of homeownership. You can paint whatever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to negotiate around any unexpected rent hikes. But, in exchange, you have to deal with your rotting floors. Jolie had to bid farewell to her hardwood floors and decided to use it as an opportunity to give the entryway a visual boost. (далее…)

Enticing Exteriors: A Yellow House Spins the Color Wheel for a Whole New Look

Michelle was less than enamored with the yellow exterior of her home. After lady luck stepped in to help her snag a house painting service at a charity auction, Michelle was meticulous about choosing the right color. The result is an attractive and eye catching (in a good way) exterior. (далее…)