Архив автора: Apartment Therapy Submissions

Before & After: Creating an Outdoor «Boss Bar» on a Budget

Regine’s backyard presented a bit of a conundrum. She wanted to create a space for lounging and hosting, but a large part of her backyard was taken up with the driveway to the garage. Not to be deterred, she got creative and over the course of three summers, created a backyard oasis on a budget. (далее…)

A Small but Stylish San Francisco Studio — House Call

Name: Cori
Location: San Francisco, California
The basics: 3 years, rented — 235 square feet

Cori’s San Francisco studio is so full of sunlight and whimsical finds that it seems much bigger than its 235 square feet. Decorated carefully over time, Cori mixes small space-saving furniture with funky art and accessories. (далее…)

Before & After: Saying So Long to a Stucco Exterior

The exterior of Erin’s home was not only weathered and not particularly stylish, it appeared to be falling apart. They decided to tackle a major exterior overhaul while living in the house, and lived to tell the tell. Five weeks later they had a gorgeous new exterior that pays homage to the historic character of her neighborhood. (далее…)

A Stylist’s One of a Kind Manhattan Apartment — House Call

Name: Alicia Lombardini
Location: Bowery —Manhattan, New York
The basics: 10 years, owned — 1,500 square feet

Alicia, a stylist, has created a home that is so mind bogglingly cool it’s unreal. It still remains approachable and welcoming in all of its funky glory, however, inviting you to grab a cocktail and plop down on that incredible couch. (далее…)