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This Florida Home Has a Dragon Ceiling, Perfect for House Targaryen

“Game of Thrones” may be over, but unlike many of its fallen characters, the show’s imprint is unlikely to meet a gruesome demise anytime soon; it lives on in the imaginations of all its loyal viewers. Due to the series’ undeniable impact, it’s kind of impossible to not spot something that reminds you of GoT at every turn, whether it’s a waiter who resembles Tyrion Lannister or a bird that strangely looks like the Iron Throne. (далее…)

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This California Company Is Offering Discounts on Prefab Housing for Wildfire Victims

For individuals affected by a natural disaster, the recovery period can quickly become overwhelming and stressful specifically due to concerns about rebuilding. Fortunately, in times like these, private citizens and organizations tend to come together to help victims begin to regain a sense of normalcy. (далее…)

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