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This Son Built His Aging Dad a Chic and Sustainable Tiny House

For many seniors, tiny houses provide the most suitable living spaces because they’re small, easier to navigate and require less upkeep. Undoubtedly, these are some factors that Josh Wynne took into consideration when designing and building a modern sustainable cabin for his aging father. (далее…)

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This Lamp Powered By a Houseplant Is Plant Lady Dreams Come True

You might have to brush up on your elementary school science before this begins to make sense to you (or maybe that’s just us), because there’s a lamp that gets its power from a house plant. If you’re rusty when it comes to recalling the basics of photosynthesis, don’t worry: This off the grid lamp created by Ermi van Oers is here to remind you just how potent the process actually is. (далее…)

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These Kickstarter-Funded Towels Use Silver To Clean Themselves

Now that studies have assured us that our towels are dirtier than we think, it’s time to take even more preventative measures to keep our washcloths as germ-free as possible. Experts maintain that routine laundering with hot water and activated oxygen bleach will do the trick, but for the germophobes who remain sufficiently skeeved out by the thought of a potential E. coli-carrying cloth, a self-cleaning towel named Silvon is here to set you at ease and send your fears spiraling down the drain. (далее…)

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