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Splurge, Save, Steal: Must Have Patterns & Prints Under $300 — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

My name is Vanessa and I can’t get enough of prints and patterns. I blame the fact that I’m moving into a new apartment in a few weeks, something about it feels like a clean slate. Instead of packing and downsizing my closet, I’m pouring over the possibilities available on Apartment Therapy Marketplace. I’ve always played it safe with solid colors but now is the time to be bold with bright patterns and eye-catching prints for the walls. Take a look at this week’s haul. (далее…)

Monday on Marketplace: Al Fresco Living Options — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

With Easter behind us, I’m counting the days until Memorial weekend. (But really, aren’t we all?) Something about the spring season makes me want to spend as much time outside as possible. If you’ve also got a longing for al fresco living, then check out Apartment Therapy Marketplace for patio furniture you can pick up locally. I’ve rounded up a few tempting finds that will have you basking in the sun. (далее…)

Monday on Marketplace: 5 Deals Under $100 Near You — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Happy first day of spring! If you’re still digging your way out of the last snowstorm, take a break and hit the Apartment Therapy Marketplace. The newly launched site for shopping home decor is packed with good finds. This week I’ve picked some solid deals available for $100 and under in cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. (далее…)

Splurge, Save, Steal: Spring for Planters — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Don’t let the April 1st snowstorms threatening part of the Northeast fool you, spring is on way. Although some of us can’t open up the windows and let it in (I’m a little jealous of those of you who can), you can prep for the sunny months ahead. Start shopping for planters now and pick up some tips from the green thumb pros. That way you’ll be ready to maximize the greenery both inside and out of your home. In the meantime I’ll be crowding my windowsills with sprouting seedlings, waiting for the temperatures to climb. (далее…)

Monday on Marketplace: 5 Unique Listings Under $300 — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

You don’t have to drop thousands of dollars when shopping for one-of-a-kind vintage finds. These mid-century and industrial retro finds are all available for under $300 a piece. Head to the Apartment Therapy Marketplace for a glimpse of all the goodies you can get on a budget. (далее…)

Splurge, Save, Steal: Under $500 Home Essentials

In most homes, people either gather in the kitchen or the living room so make them welcoming. You can pick up furniture essentials like sofas, dining tables and more on the Apartment Therapy Marketplace for less than $500. Because I know a good deal when I see one, I’ve scoured the latest listings to bring you a few items that’d save you money as well as those worth the splurge. (далее…)

Splurge, Save, Steal: Finds You Never Knew You Needed — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

One of the little joys in life is coming across a really good deal. This week I’m feeling pretty good about these three Apartment Therapy Marketplace listings, each worth every penny of their low price points. If you think you don’t need a Mid-Century wine rack or bohemian style rocking chairs, well think again. You definitely do. Take it from me, these finds are worth more than what they are listed for on the Marketplace. I’ve shared my thoughts where to splurge and which is a steal, but it’s up to you to make these deals yours. (далее…)

Build It on a Budget: Makeshift Guest Room — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Living in New York City comes with a few concessions. You don’t pick people up at the airport and guest rooms are nonexistent. When real estate is at a premium, very seldom do people have square footage to spare for the occasional visitor. Air mattresses and pullout sofas, as uncomfortable as they are, do offer a tolerable solution. Below are some options that offer your guests a hospitable experience for under $1,150. Some of these items do double duty in your everyday decor, making the purchase a sound investment. (далее…)

Splurge, Save, Steal: Fixer Upper Deals — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Tis the season for DIY projects! Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to break out your arsenal of spray paints, sanders and wood glue and get to work. I scoured the Apartment Therapy Marketplace for fixer uppers under $300. These listings require some work but nothing you can’t accomplish over the weekend. Take a look and share your thoughts on what should be done with them. (далее…)

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Your Secondhand Purchases Clean — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Secondhand goods come with a history and sometimes it’s a dirty one. Before bringing home a vintage chair or dresser from Apartment Therapy Marketplace, take some time to disinfect and deodorize your purchase. These eco-friendly products (some you might already have in your home) are a great way to get your old furniture looking fresh. (далее…)

Splurge, Save, Steal: Chic and Charming Brass Finds — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Brass accents in home decor is a trend that never ends. I have to wonder if it’s even a trend at all. The metallic element adds a bit of sparkle and history to its surroundings. Whether it’s polished for a high-glam effect or left tarnished for an aged patina, vintage brass is popular on Apartment Therapy Marketplace at all price points. The cute whale brass statue that currently lives on my coffee table is one of my own purchases from the Marketplace. (далее…)

Build It on a Budget: Entryway Finds To Welcome You Home In Style — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

A welcome mat is just the start. When your guests walk into your home, it needs to make an introduction. A foyer should reflect your personality while still being approachable. All while also offering a landing spot for mail, keys and the array of stuff you bring home daily. It is possible to achieve the grand entrance without a grand budget. See how we pulled a look together for under $800 using finds from the Apartment Therapy Marketplace, a great source for buying vintage and secondhand locally. (далее…)

Monday on Marketplace: Bright and Bold Finds — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Like the old saying says, March is showing its lion-like tendencies. On the Apartment Therapy Marketplace, we’re welcoming the ferocious temperament as local sellers everywhere are listing some of their best items for sale. See what brightly-colored finds are new on the market. From setting to rugs to this one-of-a-kind bohemian Indian rocking horse—they are all up for the taking. (далее…)

Monday on Marketplace: 5 Good Deals — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

If you hit snooze this weekend and missed the peak scavenger hours at your local flea market or neighborhood garage sale, never fear. The Apartment Therapy Marketplace is a great resource to browse value finds in your area. To lead the way, I’ve picked out some listings priced to move quickly. (далее…)

Got an Eye for Bohemian Chic? Check Out Good Eye Gallery — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

True to their name, Good Eye Gallery certainly has a discerning taste in vintage. The Los Angeles-based Marketplace seller stocks their corner with a variety of furnishings from a newly listed club chair in a burnt sienna plush mohair fabric to artwork including pop culture-themed silkscreens, Mid-Century lithographs and mix media paintings. (далее…)

Monday on Marketplace: 5 New Listings — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

All Mondays are tough, with the last Monday of January even more so. Who can remember those resolutions we made weeks ago or even what warm weather feels like? Don’t allow the mundane routine of start of the week get to you; let your imagination run wild as you browse the Apartment Therapy Marketplace. Scoring one of these new listings is a surefire way to make your Monday just marvelous. (далее…)

10 DIY Hacks to Know When Buying Secondhand Finds — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

It’s not easy nowadays to find vintage goods in great condition and at a bargain price. Dealers and flea market sellers are savvy to the demand for well-made, one-of-a-kind furniture and home goods. But that’s not to say you can’t score a deal on an almost-good castoff and improve upon it with a little elbow grease. So roll up your sleeves and use these tried-and-true hacks to update just about anything you pick up at a secondhand shop or on Apartment Therapy Marketplace. (далее…)

Splurge, Save, Steal: The Leisurely Way — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

A life of leisure takes work, make no mistake about that. You need to force yourself to slow down, unplug and never utter the words, «I’m too busy.» This week’s picks from Apartment Therapy Marketplace were inspired by personal efforts to make time for what’s important — myself. May these finds push you to not check your social media feeds and relax the weekend away. (далее…)

Splurge, Save, Steal: The Leisurely Way — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

A life of leisure takes work, make no mistake about that. You need to force yourself to slow down, unplug and never utter the words, «I’m too busy.» This week’s picks from Apartment Therapy Marketplace were inspired by personal efforts to make time for what’s important — myself. May these finds push you to not check your social media feeds and relax the weekend away. (далее…)