Архив автора: Morgan Schemel

A Modern Minimal Black & White Apartment in Holland — House Tour

Name: Sarah and San
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Size: 699 square feet
Years lived in: Rented 1 year

Sarah and San’s serene Utrecht apartment is a modern minimalist’s dream come true. Decorated mainly in black and whites, the space feels peaceful and uncomplicated. The apartment is located on the ground floor, so keeping the space as light as possible was very important to the couple. They decided to install white flooring that would reflect the sunlight coming in through the front and back windows. Sarah happens to be a product and food photographer, so it’s no surprise that she used a soft box technique to diffuse the light into a pleasing, soft glow throughout the house. (далее…)

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A Coffee Connoisseur’s Mexican Folklore-Inspired Amsterdam Apartment — House Tour

Name: Alex Kitain
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Size: 527 square feet
Years lived in: 7 years, owned

Alex’s light-filled Amsterdam apartment is an early riser’s dream come true. Filled with the scent of coffee brewing and sunlight streaming through the windows, mornings are something to be worshiped in this home! Decorated with eclectic but modern design, Alex’s apartment is both welcoming and stylish. He mixes bits of Mexican folklore with sleek, contemporary designs for the perfect balance of old and new. (далее…)

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