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Have We Passed Peak Rent Prices? For Now, New Study Says

Paying too much for rent is something many of us take for granted as an awful but necessary indignity of modern life, like uncomfortable airplane seats or receiving work emails in bed. But rents in some of the highest-priced American cities may—mercifully—be falling. (далее…)

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Could HGTV Unwittingly Cause a New Housing Crisis?

I love HGTV as much as the next home enthusiast, but it’s no secret that many of their shows take some liberties with reality. Like a plywood set design, the dramatic choices and plot twists are often just flimsy, fictional facades thrown together to make the shows more entertaining. (далее…)

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Move Over Avocado Toast: Bachelor Parties Are Why You Can’t Afford a Down Payment

Want to buy a home but having trouble saving up a 20% down payment? You could theoretically try bailing on your buddy’s upcoming bachelor party. Zillow recently crunched some numbers to find that attending a string of destination bachelor parties in your 20s and 30s can add up — to a full third of a down payment on a typical home. (далее…)

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