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5 Soil-Free Ways To Show Your Plant Lady Pride

Plant Lady is the new Cat Lady, or at least the internet thinks so. If you love to gush about your garden, get pumped about plants, have a glorious green thumb (or two!) or consider yourself a fanatic when it comes to foliage, you might be a Plant Lady. Here are a few soil-free ways to show your plant pride: (далее…)

Here’s What Those New York Apartments On TV Really Cost — The Washington Post

New York, New York … it’s a helluva a town to portray on television.

From «Friends» to «Sex and the City» and «Seinfeld,» Hollywood has made a habit of portraying New York City homes as comfortable apartments where all your closest friends can gather in a sprawling living rooms (I’m looking at you, Monica Geller), newspaper columnists can afford walk-in closets and cereal boxes can be left open without the slightest worry about bugs, rats or roaches. (далее…)

Target’s Latest Collab Is the Next Best Thing to Shopping Global Markets

Target brings modern global style to your doorstep with their latest collection. The retailer has joined forces with Accompany, an online marketplace known for scouring the globe «for the coolest, most beautiful and one-of-kind finds» to create a limited edition global bazaar inspired products crafted in several countries, including Kenya, Turkey, Ecuador, India, and Guatemala. (далее…)

Flower Subscriptions Are the Mother’s Day Gift That Keeps on Blooming

Mark your calendars, Mother’s Day is May 14. If you’re looking to show your appreciation for more than just that Sunday, floral subscriptions are an easy, thoughtful way to liven up someone’s day. From artisan florists dreaming up bright bouquets to flexible subscription options, these online flower services truly deliver. (далее…)