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21 Modern Wedding Bands for a Minimalist Bride

There’s nothing plain, boring, or basic about modern wedding bands for the minimalist bride. Whether you’re after something beautifully crafted, ethically sourced, or perfectly embellished, we’ve got you covered. From simple silver bands to more sophisticated, and dare we say, even a bit sparkly options, there are terrific rings across the minimalist spectrum. Here are 21 modern wedding bands; something for every minimalist-leaning bride, no matter the budget… (далее…)

How to Think Like a Florist When Choosing & Caring for Fresh Flowers at Home — Life Lessons from a Pro

As an event florist, keeping flowers alive and looking good is a pretty integral part of my livelihood at Winston & Main. I often joke that all design and artistry aside, I’m really more of a triage nurse for my floral friends. I assess their condition and get them stable, so they can leave my watchful eye and make their beautiful way in the world. (далее…)

What Makes Things Hard to Get Rid Of, According to the Gospel of KonMari

By now you’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo and her method of getting rid of everything—and she really means everything—that doesn’t «spark joy.» But what about those things you just can’t let go of, no matter how they make you feel? You know, the piles of old photographs, stacks of unread books, and that ubiquitous single-use kitchen gadget you’re gonna use someday because it cost x amount of dollars. Wait… do you even know how you feel about these belongings? The WHY that makes them so difficult to part ways with? (далее…)

Don’t Be the Worst: 5 Things to NEVER Do at a Wedding

Spring has sprung, summer is right around the corner, and your refrigerator is covered in save-the-dates for fast approaching weddings meaning you’ve booked your travel, sent gifts and picked out your perfect outfit. And, while I’m sure you’re a fabulous human being and a stellar wedding guest, a little refresher in modern wedding etiquette never hurt anyone right? #askingforafriend (далее…)