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Are You Fascinated by Dr. Bronner’s? Us Too — What’s New in Dr. Bronnerland

A sporadic column looking into the goings-on at America’s favorite hippie soap company.

Have you ever spaced out in the shower marveling at the label on the Dr. Bronner’s bottle? Or tried all 18 suggested uses for their castile soap (or two or three or four of them)? Or peeked into Dr. Bronner-related social media accounts, hoping for glimpses into the inner lives of the people responsible for this splendid yet bizarre soap that started on the fringes but has more than doubled its revenue in the past six years? I have, and this column will be an occasional look — through the internet — into what’s going on over there. (далее…)

The Hippie Toothbrush Experiment — Adventures With Natural Alternatives

If you, like me, have ever been curious about the wide, weird world of alternative tooth care, please join me for what I thought would be a deep dive but which instead turns out to have only just skimmed the surface. But since I don’t think Apartment Therapy is looking for a weekly alternative dental care column (yet), this will likely be my only exploration. (далее…)

The Bun Style and the Hair Fork That (Mostly) Eased Me Off Hair Elastics

Last year I came across a video of a young woman repeatedly wrapping her hair into a specific bun style — a nautilus bun — and securing it with a single hair stick. It was transfixing, and it seemed to promise an old-fashioned solution to the modern-day I-don’t-have-a-hair-elastic problem, as well as a potential solution to the hair-elastics-have-been-tearing-my-hair-out-for-decades problem. I’m not sure that the second problem is totally the hair elastics’ fault, but in any case I was curious about this bun and these hair sticks (and hair forks). (далее…)

The 5 Most Useful Essential Oils

While natural beauty guru Rachel Winard (of the cult-favorite brand Soapwalla) and I were talking about good, easy facials to make with food that might currently be in your kitchen, I also asked her for pointers on how to start an essential oil collection. Essentially: What are the essential essential oils? She suggested these five (for which you could come up with your own mnemonic, too — my first attempt is «let little ponies eat … tea trees.») Anyway, I’ll turn this over to Rachel now… (далее…)

For the Bidet Curious: 3 Under $100 Toilet Seat Bidets, Reviewed — Real Life Review

Ever since reading Farhad Manjoo’s ode to the high-end toilet-seat bidet in the New York Times in 2015, I’ve been curious to try one. Although I was familiar with standalone porcelain bidets, I’d never successfully used one, and I’d definitely never tried the attachment-style bidets he was raving about — the ones that you sandwich between your toilet and your toilet-seat lid, and that have a little nozzle that emerges, Alien-like, at the push of a button to spray your butt (and whatever else you like) with water. (далее…)