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7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

There’s some wacky but true stat that says we spend about one-third of our lives in bed. The bulk of that time is spent sleeping, but there may be a little bit of active awake time in there, streaming Netflix or otherwise hanging out. And no matter the activity, your surroundings are important. With that in mind, make 2019 the year that you actually get your act together—at least in terms of bedroom design. Stop making these bedroom design mistakes, and you’ll be that much happier about your sleep space. (далее…)

6 Retro Trends That Are Starting to Stage a Comeback

What goes around, comes around—at least when it comes to home design. On the one hand, some seasonal motifs never die. Every fall plaid makes a comeback, and spring is never not florals galore (groundbreaking, I know). But even beyond that, there are some trends that really do resurrect themselves. (далее…)

10 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Buys That Will Make Your Small Space Work Harder

Bathrooms are never that big, unless you’re truly living large in a mansion or you’re lucky enough to have a nice en suite master. The latter is totally something on my wish list for house hunting later this year by the way, but we’ll see how that goes. Until then, I’m in the same boat as everyone else with my tiny shoebox bath. I’ve already talked about how my linen closet is actually a shelf, but my bathroom is full of other small space ideas. Why? Because I had to get scrappy to store basic necessities, people! Here are a few of my favorite finds, some that I actually own and use, and others I only wish I had the room for. The best part? They’re all budget friendly. (далее…)

12 Rooms with the Coolest Geometric Wall Art

A good piece of wall art can make a big impact in a bare room, but an eye-catching geometric painting has the power to turn an empty wall into the focal point of a room. Don’t believe us? Here are a dozen rooms from AT House Tours with awesome geometric artwork to prove our point. (далее…)

5 Reasons January Is the Best Time to Take a Design Risk

It’s officially mid-winter, and if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to feel a little like you’re in a design rut. I just took down all of my holiday baubles and sparkle, and now that those decorative distractions are gone, my place seems, well, a little lackluster. And to a be honest, spring still feels like it’s eons away. So I’m not about to change out curtains, bedding, towels, or anything like that into lighter, airier versions of themselves yet. But thing is, now—the middle of January to the end of this month—really is the best time for a fresh decorating start. That is, if you can motivate yourself to make a change. And here’s why. (далее…)

The Surprising Kitchen Trend We’re Starting to See More Of

Apartment Therapy editors and writers—we’re just like you, readers. What I mean by that is I don’t just write here, I’m also a reader of the site, and my go-to is the house tour section. There’s always something new to see, and you can really start to spot trends emerging from the sheer volume of homes showcased there. One thing that I noticed in a recent Atlanta house straight up put a smile on my face—a bright orange kitchen sink, beautifully situated in a corner of the counter. And it just screamed personality. This got me thinking about the sink as a showpiece and how color might play a role in selecting a fixture. Sinks aren’t cheap, but when you take a risk here, it can pay off big time design-wise. (далее…)

8 Tiny Houses with Pattern-Packed, Maximalist Interiors

Living in a small space doesn’t mean everything you own has to be vanilla. You can experiment with pattern and color just as much as the next person—you just have to be a little more tactful about how you go about it. We could all learn a few design tricks from these eight tiny houses that have cracked that code—whether it’s sticking to a tight color palette, hiding pops of pattern in unexpected places, or using neutrals to their fullest. (далее…)

15 Under-$15 Products You’re Not Buying at IKEA, But Should Be

Everyone knows IKEA is good for a bargain, but it’s not the type of store most of us visit just to browse, especially not for decorative accessories or textiles. So a lot of great stuff arrives in store and chances are, you haven’t seen it before and may never get a chance to see it, that is, until now. Because we rounded up 15 stylish, under-the-radar items that cost less than $15. They’re totally worth taking a trip to your local store for, we promise, but if you’d rather browse from your couch, shipping for small items starts at $9. (далее…)

7 Paint Colors That Scream «Modern Farmhouse»

It’s 2019, and yet, «modern farmhouse» style is still crushing it. What does that say about us? Probably that we all need a little more simplicity in our lives—less tech, more nature. We might not actually want to live on a farm, but we sure wouldn’t mind if the inside of our houses looked like we did. But again, we’re not talking roosters and cows plastered all over things, or even an actual barn—but barn wood works! There’s something timeless about the mix of this style’s characteristic wood tones, older pieces with character, and its soft, utilitarian finishes like matte black. But paint is the one place where I see things lacking. Generally, all white is the preferred paint palette. So I wanted to do some digging to see what other colors (in addition to white), when surrounded by the above things, could feel «modern farmhouse.» Here’s what made the list. (далее…)

7 Beautiful Wintry Color Palettes We Can’t Get Enough Of

I love color and really think any shades can work year-round in your home if you’re a big enough fan of them. And sure, colors are seasonal—white feels like summer, pastels read as springy, and darker shades are always going to be more autumnal or appropriate for winter. But the magic is really in the mix. Most shades can go either way, depending on what you pair them with. So if you’re looking for a little palette inspo for a 2019 makeover or renovation, take a peek at these rooms. They’ve all channeled winter vibes but aren’t sparse, cold, or off putting in the slightest bit. Here’s why they work so well, for winter and beyond. (далее…)