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The Throwback Christmas Tree Trend That’s Making a Comeback

Anybody remember the disco-look tinsel trees from the 1970s or white Christmas tree craze of the ’90s? We just might be coming full circle on those trends right now, because I’ve been noticing metallic and white (and colored, too!) trees popping up in stores and in the homes of some pretty stylish people. Is it a flash in the pan or a legit trend with potential staying power that makes investing in one of these styles worth considering? Hard to say. I don’t think neon colored or shiny trees are going to ever replace a fresh Douglas Fir, but if you like doing something different, take a look at these chic colored options. (далее…)

Christmas Tree Selfies: The New Holiday Card?

Oh celebrities—always setting trends, especially when it comes to social media. Our prediction, if Insta feeds during the 2016 holiday season were any indicator, is that formal Christmas card photos are a thing of the past, because tons of stars (and literally their mothers in some cases) are all about the impromptu Christmas tree selfie. (далее…)

Is This Couple the Next Chip & Joanna Gaines?

If you follow Joanna Gaines on Instagram, it feels like she’s been using the hashtag «season5iscoming» on social media forever. Well, the wait is finally over, and Fixer Upper’s fifth and final season begins airing tonight. But I’m kinda already on to the next one. Chip and Jo are moving on, and we should, too. And what—or who—is going to fill the void, you ask? I’d like to officially nominate designer Lauren Liess and her business partner husband David Liess. The northern Virginia-based duo is currently casting homeowners for the recently greenlit HGTV show, Best House on the Block, which should go into production spring of next year. (далее…)