Архив автора: Danielle Blundell

This $5 (Inflatable!) Find Keeps My Closet Under Control

I’m a little OCD when it comes to my closets. All of the hangers match and face the same direction, and I’ve color-coded and categorized most of what I own. The set up consists of two decent sized reach-in closets that face each other in a tiny little hallway off my master bedroom with a vanity at the end of it. It feels like a walk-in even though it’s not. Really, it’s my happy place, my little oasis in all of New York City. And I really maxed those closets out, spatially speaking, with a couple of key add-ons—shelving units by Closetmaid placed on the ground for things like T-shirts, sweaters and jeans and, just above the hanging bar, extra open shelving all the way to the ceiling for shoes. But there’s just one problem: Tall floppy boots. (далее…)

Why I Made the Switch Back to a Traditional Coil Spring Mattress

There’s no knocking the convenience and cost effectiveness of the bed-in-a-box phenomenon—no days off from work for fussy white glove delivery (or tipping!), an Instagrammable unboxing experience and a price point that’s generally under a thousand dollars for a queen. They’re a great solution for tons of folks and probably have made the entire mattress market better by introducing more competition. And yet, when I decided to make the switch to a king sized bed, I found myself wanting something more than just memory foam. (далее…)

Is This the New ‘Cool Girl’ Version of the ‘For Like Ever’ Print?

I’m constantly trying to predict what’s going to be the new «For Like Ever» poster. I’ve written about a potential typographic contender before, which I loved for its simplicity and reference to a Talking Heads song. And now I think I’ve figured out another heir apparent: Block Shop and their woodblock paper prints. This L.A.- and Jaipur-based studio’s stuff is everywhere, from house tours on AT to Instagram and Pinterest. With their black-and-white meets dusty neutral palette, Block Shop’s pieces have a sort of ’70s minimalist vibe going on, not unlike Commune’s aesthetic. (далее…)