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The $700(ish) Sofa That’s So Nice I Bought It Twice — Cheap Thrills

I love a good bargain. Better yet if it doesn’t look like one. So when I was ready to buy my first real grown up sofa, I had Anthropologie tastes but an IKEA budget. I lived with the Klippan before, which definitely served its purpose and was great for the cost (about $250). But this time around, I wanted something with more tufting, texture and a little bit of a fancier silhouette. Mind you, I still live in a NYC apartment, so the proportions couldn’t be too big. And naturally, I didn’t want to spend four figures on a couch…but I was totally okay with someone thinking I did. (далее…)

Design Master Class: 6 Pro Tricks to Know When Arranging Your Room

One-click online shopping and free shipping has made the whole furniture buying process seem super easy and accessible. But what happens when you start unboxing pieces and realize you have absolutely no idea where to put them—or worse, whether they’ll even work with the rest of what’s in your room? Arranging furniture is really an art form, but the good news is there are several guidelines you can follow to help you figure out the process. Let these six expert tips be your starting point in setting up your ideal space, whether you’re working with hand-me-downs or starting from scratch. (далее…)

Here’s Where To Find Those Sage-Green Pumpkins You’re Seeing All Over Pinterest

Right around two or three weeks ago, your Instagram feed probably started blowing up with pumpkin patch shots. I can’t exactly point fingers—I posted a little cluster of minis I saw at a restaurant myself. I’m cringing a little bit now just thinking about it. But I digress. If you start exploring all those hashtags and look past the #basic images, you’ll start to notice that green pumpkins are EVERYWHERE this year—popping up while you’re pinning recipes, on lifestyle blogs, in magazines. Move over white pumpkins, 2017 is the year of sage green. (далее…)

8 Bewitching Table Ideas for Your Halloween Bash

As I’ve gotten older, Halloween has become less about the candy and more about the party. Obviously, sweets (and spirits!) are still part of the equation. But these days, I’m more interested in creating a chic treats table or spooky dinner centerpiece than picking a costume. Might have lost some of you with that last statement, but maybe I can win you back with this party table inspo. (далее…)

Guest-Ready Styling Ides for Your Bathroom Counter

If you’re a city dweller (or just generally live in a house that’s not a mansion), you probably don’t have a huge bathroom. At best, if you’re lucky, maybe it’s a bit spacious. But even so, who doesn’t want to make every square inch of counter space count? Each bathroom below has ideas for your counters that live somewhere between the pretty and the practical, so go ahead and show your vanity some love. Chances are, you’ll make your bath better and your life easier in the process. (далее…)

Time to Get Spooky: The Best Halloween Decor Finds for Every Style

It’s that time of year again—Halloween! And why should kids shopping for costumes have all the fun? Treat your house to a little bit of festiveness, too. But first, decide what your spook style is: glam goth and scary, modern and minimalist or classic/throwback. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, there’s plenty out there for you to pick from for both indoors and out. Just for you, here’s our Halloween decor shopping scouting report. (далее…)

10 Plants that Thrive in Humid Spots (a.k.a. Your Bathroom)

You don’t have to have a green thumb to get your gardener on, especially indoors. Our favorite cheat? Park a plant in your bathroom so it benefits from the constant moisture circulating in the air. Not all species are created equal when it comes to light exposure though, so choose wisely. Some favor sun-drenched spaces while other just may surprise you by growing in a tiny dark bath. Keep in mind that some plants can be toxic to animals and even people when ingested, so do your research before you buy and keep them out of the reach of kiddos and furry friends. And in the meantime, check out these plant varieties that thrive wonderfully in your washroom, depending on how much light you’ve got working (or against) you. (далее…)