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Design Master Class: How to Get Lit Lighting

Without lighting, our homes would pretty much be out of commission once the sun sets. So not only is lighting practical from a standpoint of needing to see and do things at home, but a strong lighting game can also take your house’s design from average to exceptional. That’s because people tend to notice the things that literally brighten up a space. Each fixture in your home then is an opportunity to make a decorative statement, so seize it. Follow these professional designers’ rules of illumination, and no one will be able to throw shade at your space. (далее…)

On the Campaign Trail: This Throwback Seating Style Has Our Attention — Currently Obsessed

Campaign-style furniture has been popping up a lot lately on my Pinterest feed. It probably has something to do with the IKEA Rast campaign chest hack that will never die. But these days, the trend seems to have evolved and is now less about drawers, nightstands and desks and more about chairs. (далее…)

Last-Minute Halloween Decorating Ideas Straight From HGTV Stars’ Homes

Halloween is tomorrow. By now, you’ve probably gotten your pumpkins and nailed down your costume, if you’re dressing up. But if you’re behind the curve this fall, no worries. It’s not too late to add a little bit of haunting to your house. Or just a cute Halloween accent or two. Pretty sure the best place to turn to for inspiration when you’re in a decorating time crunch is to HGTV stars. They can’t come carve your jack-o-lanterns or anything, but they basically get paid for their design prowess. A little Insta-stalking was all it took to bring you these 10 last-minute decorating ideas straight from the pros’ feeds. (далее…)

Emily Henderson’s 5 Instant Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

Fall feels are what I’m all about right now—in my choice of drink (cider and pumpkin anything), dress (flannels and boots all the way) and at home (fragrant cinnamon-y candles). Call me basic, but it has been so hot for so long in New York this year, that I am absolutely ready for the weather to match the season and for my apartment to follow suit. Which got me to thinking, what really makes a house feel like fall? (далее…)

The Secret to a Festive Tiny Home (From a Tiny Home Dweller)

Whitney Leigh Morris of Tiny Canal Cottage knows a thing or two about exercising restraint when it comes to furnishing a space. After all, she lives with her husband Adam, baby son West and two dogs in a less than 400-square-foot house affectionately dubbed «the Cottage.» But that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun and get festive at home when fall rolls around (or other holidays, for that matter.) She’s perfected the art of adding seasonal touches to her decor without bringing a ton of extra stuff into the equation. So minimalists, studio dwellers and Marie Kondo fanatics alike, this one’s for you. Here, how to get your fall on in a small space. (далее…)

The Statement-Making Lighting Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of — Currently Obsessed

Statement pendants are a lot like statement earrings or necklaces. Find a compelling enough fixture (or piece of jewelry), and you can keep the rest of your room (or outfit) pretty simple. Oversized fixtures not only shine a light on your space, they also draw the eye upward and can make a room seem loftier, fancier and definitely more pulled together. Such pendants can be expensive (the Tom Dixon copper pendant seen above in a kitchen from Fantastic Frank is about $750), but that’s mainly because they are so big. And really, for their size, you get a lot of decorative bang for your buck, so they’re a great one-and-done solution in kitchens, dining rooms, living areas and even bedrooms. (далее…)

The $700(ish) Sofa That’s So Nice I Bought It Twice — Cheap Thrills

I love a good bargain. Better yet if it doesn’t look like one. So when I was ready to buy my first real grown up sofa, I had Anthropologie tastes but an IKEA budget. I lived with the Klippan before, which definitely served its purpose and was great for the cost (about $250). But this time around, I wanted something with more tufting, texture and a little bit of a fancier silhouette. Mind you, I still live in a NYC apartment, so the proportions couldn’t be too big. And naturally, I didn’t want to spend four figures on a couch…but I was totally okay with someone thinking I did. (далее…)

Design Master Class: 6 Pro Tricks to Know When Arranging Your Room

One-click online shopping and free shipping has made the whole furniture buying process seem super easy and accessible. But what happens when you start unboxing pieces and realize you have absolutely no idea where to put them—or worse, whether they’ll even work with the rest of what’s in your room? Arranging furniture is really an art form, but the good news is there are several guidelines you can follow to help you figure out the process. Let these six expert tips be your starting point in setting up your ideal space, whether you’re working with hand-me-downs or starting from scratch. (далее…)

Here’s Where To Find Those Sage-Green Pumpkins You’re Seeing All Over Pinterest

Right around two or three weeks ago, your Instagram feed probably started blowing up with pumpkin patch shots. I can’t exactly point fingers—I posted a little cluster of minis I saw at a restaurant myself. I’m cringing a little bit now just thinking about it. But I digress. If you start exploring all those hashtags and look past the #basic images, you’ll start to notice that green pumpkins are EVERYWHERE this year—popping up while you’re pinning recipes, on lifestyle blogs, in magazines. Move over white pumpkins, 2017 is the year of sage green. (далее…)