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6 Stylish Ways to Display Your Books If You’ve Run Out of Shelf Space

If you like design, there’s a good chance you also like books—especially ones about interiors and art, which tend to be big. No matter the subject, books bring so much joy to a home—whether it’s by providing entertainment, education, or escape. And on a more superficial level, they add color and texture to a space to make it more visually rich and interesting too. So yeah, you’re probably going to have more than a few bookcases full of books, especially if you’ve been collecting since you were young. But what do you do when you run out of room? You pretty much get to stacking. These creative display ideas should give you some inspiration if you’re running low on shelf space. (далее…)

The Anatomy of an Instagrammable Living Room

I don’t know about you, but I’ve basically all but given up on Pinterest searches for decorating inspiration. Because Instagram makes it so easy to browse other people’s feeds, search hashtags for inspiration and capture images for future reference in what basically looks like Pinterest board anyway. When you’re on the ‘gram regularly—a fair amount for work and for fun too over here—you start noticing certain items popping up time and time again. And that’s kind of how trends are born these days, at least in the social media world. So we thought it’d be fun to scroll through Instagram to figure out what makes for a double-tappable design scheme in each room of the house. Let’s start with the living room, since it’s a place that gets a lot of attention, from both you and your houseguests. (далее…)