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Yamazaki: The Stylish Japanese Home Organization Brand (Available on Amazon!)

There are words in decor that just seem to always go hand-in-hand. For instance, «cozy» is comfortably at home when uttered right before «blanket», «plush» works well with «rug», but «organization» and «stylish»…not quite. However, there’s a company that’s changing that thought and we’ve been spotting it everywhere. (далее…)

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Skip the Subway Tile: 9 Totally Gorgeous Alternatives for Your Kitchen

While we love the look of a classic white subway tile, we can’t help but get a little giddy when we see something a little bit more special. Adding a bold backsplash is a wonderful way to introduce something unexpected into your space. Select a stunning shape or bold color (or a stunning shape in a bold color) for a gasp-worthy backsplash that’ll transform your kitchen. Here are nine perfect options to get your inspiration gears churning. (далее…)

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