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Fly Like an Eagle on Steve Miller’s $16M Idaho Compound

If you love the great outdoors and going to the country for that Wild West lifestyle, then take your money and run to the listing agent for legendary musician Steve Miller’s 13-acre «gentleman’s ranch» in Ketchum, Idaho —which just hit the market as the region’s fifth most expensive real estate listing, ever. (далее…)

A New Study Says We’re Not Dreaming Enough, and Here’s Why That’s Not Good

You don’t know how important your dreams are until you don’t have any. No, we’re not talking about depression or ennui — we’re talking about literal dreamless sleep, and a new study says that as a society we have collectively entered «Dream Deprivation» in epidemic proportions. (далее…)

Glenn Frey of The Eagles’ Brentwood Park Mansion Just Hit the Market for $15M

Jeff Lebowski’s feelings on the band notwithstanding, The Eagles were beloved to many and inducted in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame for a reason. Now, one lucky buyer can scoop up his or her own Hotel California: Eagles founder Glenn Frey’s widow just put their Brentwood Park mansion on the market for $15 million. (далее…)

Without YouTube Videos, Young Adults Now Lack Even Basic Life Skills

A sign of the death knell of the post-recession, Make-it-Do-Again era, many major retailers have recently begun offering basic life skills classes and online tutorials for young adults who never learned DIY things as simple as how to use a measuring tape and need YouTube videos to show them how. Yes, really. (далее…)