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eBay Goes Deal-to-Deal with Amazon Prime Day Today

Not to be outdone by Amazon Prime Day and its semi-literal Christmas in July (thanks to deals possibly even better than those offered on Black Friday), eBay just released summer deals today at savings up to 79% off, across product categories from home to fashion, tech to travel — no membership required. (далее…)

Sorry, Parents: Nobody Wants the Family «Heirlooms»

In a modern world currently intrigued by minimalism, there’s something that all three adult generations can agree on: the problem of dealing with the collections curated (hoarded?) by our family members. From younger boomers and Gen X’ers sandwiched between their aging/dying parents and their own children to millennials trying to gently manage expectations (and their own limited budgets and storage space) without hurt feelings, the message is crystal clear. As Forbes said recently, «Sorry, nobody wants your stuff.» (далее…)

These Words Were Added to the Dictionary the Year You Were Born

Some words become a part of our collective lexicon with such zeitgeist that it’s hard to believe there was ever a time when they weren’t part of the English language. And some are so definitive of an era that simply seeing them listed next to a year immediately brings you back to that time and a place — and the movies and songs that then dominated pop culture. Thanks to Merriam-Webster’s new Time Traveler, now we can all travel back to a specific year with a single click and a host of dictionary entries definitive of the year they were made official. (далее…)

Stop Microwaving Your Sponges, Immediately

For years, we’ve been told by home-keeping experts that microwaving or boiling our sponges is a great, budget-friendly alternative to buying a new one right away. But apparently, all that disinfecting does it make smelly sponges smellier — and more bacteria-filled. (далее…)

Our 6 Picks Under $100 From Wayfair’s 6th Birthday Sale

Inspired to squeeze the most life (and al fresco living) out of what’s left of summer — or, in my case in Texas, planning for when it’s actually cool enough to hang outdoors while the sun is up again — I popped over to Wayfair’s birthday sale this week to see what kind of end-of-season steals they might have in store. (далее…)

Are You Shopping Amazon’s «Secret» Brands?

It’s almost back to school season, and for those of us who like to be informed consumers, Quartz has done some serious retail thesis work this summer — and we need to hit the books. Because it turns out that one of the world’s largest online retailers has been prolifically studious about its marketing this year, so there’s a little homework to pass the «who owns who» brand name test. (далее…)

3 New Ways to Make the Most of Amazon Prime (And Even Score Free Stuff)

Did you miss Prime Day? Don’t fret, bargain shoppers: Amazon has been quietly rolling out other programs. Between the new #TreasureTruck rolling through cities, starting with Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, to (essentially) free sample boxes and a new shoppable feed of photo stories called Spark, the retail giant wants to surprise and delight you with savings throughout the year — maybe even help you score a bunch of free stuff. (далее…)

Is Richmond the New Austin? 5 Cities Where Millennials Are Moving Now

While the list of «best cities for millennials» seems like as fast-moving a target as nailing down the latest Pinterest trend, the generation marked by a constant and elusive pursuit of the American Dream is no doubt still on the move, still searching for that perfect place to set down roots and make it all work. (далее…)

Are Target Stores the Next Must-Have Apartment Amenity?

In the burgeoning world of urban tiny condo towers being developed for millennials, the list of attractive amenities seems endless — and in Minneapolis, hometown of Target Corp., one developer group is banking that a «small format Target» store on the ground level is the next big hipster hook. And they’re opening nearly 30 more similar stores in 2017—maybe near you. (далее…)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Former «Thai Temple» Is Back on the Market — House of the Day

The former home of everyone’s favorite Queen of the Twitter clapback, cookbook author slash model Chrissy Teigen and near-EGOT-winner husband John Legend is back on the market — just three years after the current owners bought the property from the famous couple. (далее…)

How To Stay Period Drama Pumped Until the Downton Abbey Movie Debuts in 2018

If you started to feel a little off-kilter in a world lacking decorum and (period) drama since Downton Abbey wrapped its series after six illustrious seasons, fear not: a Downton movie is officially in the works, helmed by beloved series visionary Julian Fellowes and with at least 20 returning cast members. (далее…)

Golden Girl Rue McClanahan’s Former Encino Home Is Listed for $5.5M — House of the Day

If there’s a person out there who hasn’t fantasized about a slumber party with the Golden Girls’ Blanche Devereaux, we’ve yet to meet them. Now’s your chance to channel the famous Southern belle — the former home of actress Rue McClanahan is now on the market. (далее…)

A New Palm Springs Community Sells Tiny Homes That Are Both Adorable and Affordable

Fans of mid-century architecture and design are drawn to Palm Springs, California like moths to the flame, but few can afford to actually live there. That all may be about to change, though, thanks to one enterprising «vintage mobile home park» in south Palm Springs that recently embraced the Tiny Home Movement. (далее…)

Savings Alert: Get a Costco Card on Groupon This Week

Attention bargain shoppers: there’s a Groupon for Costco Memberships running right now, and it’s just the sort of stackable coupon, bulk-shopping deal that budgeting dreams are made of — as well as a deal for event planning, for those brides and grooms and expecting parents who may have heard that Costco also just launched a gift registry this week. (далее…)

Casper’s New Luxury Line Just Might Be the Goldilocks of Mattresses

For all those couples out there (like me and my husband) who’ve taken to social media to try and figure out the best compromise between soft and firm, and which of the ever-daunting number of bed-in-a-box brands might be the right fit, Casper just unveiled what may be the Goldilocks of mattresses. (далее…)

Why Cursive is Making a Comeback

Is the key to reversing the decline of our democracy held not in our hands, but in our handwriting? Inspired by the last election, some lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have banded together to bring back good, old-fashioned cursive — for the common good. (далее…)

One Airline CEO Thinks That Free Flights Are The Future

There’s one thing I think we can all agree on in these crazy times: all the fun has officially been sucked out of air travel. But, thankfully, one innovative airline CEO is on a mission to change that, maybe making flying free of charge to travelers — even paying them to fly. Yes, really. (далее…)

The New Odd Couple? This App Is Matching Boomers with Millennial Roommates

Baby Boomers and Millennials are the two biggest cohorts of humans alive today, and at completely opposite ends of the age spectrum, but they have more in common and to offer each other than we think. And a new class of apps is setting out to enhance those connections — one by playing matchmaker with their living arrangements. (далее…)

Diptyque Wants to Fragrance Your Ride

If you spend a lot of time in your car, it feel as though it’s an extension of your home — so why shouldn’t you have a smell to match? That’s the idea behind luxury candlemaker Diptyque’s new high-end car air freshener, debuting this September. (далее…)

Monet’s Giverny Kitchen is a Work of Art

Apparently the master painter known for his Impressionist artistry also left quite an impression on his guests at Giverny, where the visual impact of the indoor entertaining spaces at Monet’s home of 43 years rivaled those famous gardens. (далее…)

Color Experts Answer 2,000 Question AMA About How Paints Get Their Names

At this point, we might all assume that we’re picking the same paint colors because Pinterest or Pantone trends told us to, but a Reddit AMA about «How Paint Colors Get Their Names» with two veteran paint color experts had some surprising takeaways about why we actually choose the colors we do. (далее…)

PSA: Your Old VHS Tapes Are Degrading Right Now

While the nostalgic look of vintage videotapes is turning up on everything from Instagram filters to entire digital video apps providing clips with the «camcorder treatment,» experts warn the reel deal is disintegrating forever in basements and attics everywhere, and right now. (далее…)

The Shift in Thrift: Goodwill Steps Up to Compete with For-Profit Resale Shops

Good news, tag-popping shoppers: the thrill of the bargain hunt has officially become a massive moneymaker in the post-post-recession era, with e-commerce websites, peer-to-peer apps, and for-profit brick and mortar retailers all competing with charity shops to innovate resale shopping. (далее…)

How Amazon’s Ever-Expanding Private Label Empire Is Taking Over The Internet

If you thought Amazon was already a big enough part of your life, hang onto your hats: retail trend experts like «Queen of the Internet» Mary Meeker just released new findings that show Amazon’s ever-expanding private label empire is poised to infiltrate our every consumer need. (далее…)

This $8M Private Island in Maine Has a Working Farm and a Helipad — House of the Day

Sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope…that someday we’ll own our own private island and leave the worries of the world behind. For one lucky owner with deep pockets and a penchant for privacy, that day is now: the entirety of Hope Island, just off the coast of Portland, Maine, is currently on the market for a cool $7.95 million. (далее…)

Check Your Hotter McTaller, Pull Up An Earth Rug & Get Schooled on the New «Correct» Names for Things

In the (master)mind of British content creator Mark Dempsey, «The meme is mightier than the sword.» And we certainly would have to agree, based on his viral Twitter account Correct Names, which gives new monikers to everyday objects that are far more logical — and hilarious — than their existing words. (далее…)

For Some Seniors, Tiny Houses Are The New RV

Picture this: a caravan of gypsy Grannies and Gramps cruising down Route 66, watering the planter boxes and waving from windows at passersby as they roam cross-country. A scene that may seem downright Lynchian could soon be very real as more and more retirees opt for tiny homes. (далее…)

These Flat Pack Building Blocks Are LEGO Meets Origami

Move over LEGO, there’s a new kid in town—and she wants to expand your mind to new limits of imaginative play and thinking. A groovy design inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes of the 1970s, Troxes are triangular, interlocking, flat-pack building bricks made from Plike, a soft-touch paper that almost feels like plastic. (далее…)

Where to Get the Best Bang for Your Real Estate Bucks in America Right Now

You might think we’ve become slightly obsessed with the affordability of living in America right now — and you would be right. When the top three most expensive cities in the world for renters are all in the U.S., well… Houston, we have a problem (because even Houston has its pricey listings). (далее…)

Un-branding is the New Black: Two Companies Compete to Become Our New Favorite Generics

As lovers of design, pretty packaging can sometimes be the thing that draws us to a product. But two new companies are betting they can forgo fancy branding and still draw us in by appealing to our wallets and our ethics, with high-quality all-natural products starting at $1.50. (далее…)