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4 Alternative Airbnbs Giving Tiny Houses a Run for Their Money

Maybe it’s the competitive nature of Instagram, or maybe it’s simply a more innocuous pursuit of fully immersive travel experiences, but one thing is certain according to Airbnb’s latest quantitative data: the quest to book a stay in ever more unique styles of vacation homes is getting serious (and turning into serious business). (далее…)

11 Tiny Houses You Can Stay In Right Now (Starting at Just $42)

Have you ever wondered what’s it really like to live in a tiny house—and whether or not you could really do it, even part of the time? Now’s your chance to try before you buy (or build). We’ve rounded up 11 of the cutest tiny cottages you can actually book and stay in for your next getaway. (далее…)

14 Thanksgiving Dog Instagram Posts We’re Grateful For This Year

It’s that time of year again when the animals steal the show, providing much-needed comic relief from holiday stress (and Uncle Billy’s politics). If you missed our 14 dogs whose Thanksgiving posts were better than your seasonal greeting card, you’ll especially love these dogs in turkey costumes who make us grateful to be alive—and to have Instagram as a diversion when things get a little awkward. (далее…)

The Surprising Place to Find Furniture for Cheap

If you’ve ever thrown any kind of party at your house you know that, regardless of your best laid plans to draw guests into other rooms, everyone is going to congregate in the kitchen. Kitchens have long been the number one return on investment for remodeling for that reason, and now they’ve also become the most splurge-y place in the house for furniture and decor, as well. (далее…)