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This New Company Wants to Bring You the Cleanest Water Ever

Just how clean is your drinking water, even after you put it through that Brita? According to one new German company with lofty goals to innovate water purification and provide safe, healthy drinking water to everyone, everywhere, even our filtered water hides some very dirty truths — and if the gif from their Kickstarter is to be believed, grody to the max, man. (далее…)

The Best (and Worst) Store Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping, According to New Study

It’s difficult to get through the checkout line these days without being upsold on opening a store credit card. But are the so-called savings really worth it? Heading into the holidays, personal finance experts are weighing in on the should-you-or-shouldn’t-you of single-store «charge cards» and their pros and cons — and a new report has a definitive list of rankings on the best store credit cards available in 2017. (далее…)

All The Single Ladies: The Fastest Growing Group of Home Buyers

The results are in: Single ladies are no longer waiting for you to put a ring on it before jumping into the real estate market (among other things). A new study shows that unmarried women are actually the fastest growing group of home buyers in the U.S. this year, a cohort investing in the greatest numbers since 2011. (далее…)