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This Robot Fridge Comes When Called, and Other Futuristic Smart Appliances

«Sit, fridgie, sit. Good boy.»

With each passing year our homes become more Jetsons-like thanks to smart home technologies and intelligent products designed to use AI and robotics to make our lives easier — and Panasonic just shared new concept appliances that make the Roomba look downright basic. (далее…)

Amazon is Hunting for Its Second Home

Amazon is not only becoming the retail equivalent of the Kardashians (aka virtually inescapable, unless you live off the grid), but they’re also becoming one of America’s largest employers — leading to an announcement this week that they’re seeking a second U.S. headquarters and a second city to call home, in addition to Seattle. (далее…)

12 Vacation Rentals with Stunning Pools So You Can Stretch Out Summer

With summer officially coming to an end in a few weeks, and Labor Day already here, it’s hard not to have a little FOMO about soaking up what’s left of the sunshine by the pool. Fear not, we poked around the interwebs and found a dozen swoon-worthy, Pinnable-for-later getaway ideas, all booking now for fall and holiday vacays so you can spread out the leisure. Because, you know, winter — it is coming. (далее…)