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SPONSORED POST: Shop the Elegant-Meets-Functional Furniture of One of Our Favorite Canadian Retailers

The furniture brand EQ3 recently opened a second beautiful showroom in Chicago, and, on September 19, Apartment Therapy will be there to celebrate the grand opening. With partners like Vitra and Marimekko and a focus on process as much as the finished product, this Canadian retailer knows quality design. Just in case you can’t be there to fête the brand’s latest stateside opening, we wanted to share a few of our editors’ favorite products with you. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before and After: A Run-of-the-Mill Bathroom Gets an Elegant, DIY Upgrade

When DIY home blogger Sara Davis decided to renovate her daughter’s bathroom, it was about more than pleasing a 7-year-old. The space, which wasn’t in terrible shape—it was just “very ’90s and bland,” she says—is shared by overnight guests, so it had to be welcoming to all. Plus, Sara wanted it to be something her daughter could grow into. (далее…)

This Design Brand Makes Elevating IKEA Furniture Easier Than Ever

Designing your home on a budget sometimes requires a little extra creativity. Maybe you stained your IKEA desk a custom color, had a friend paint a mural on your living room wall, or turned some discarded wood into rustic shelving. Whatever DIYs you’ve incorporated into your home, it’s all in the name of standing out—even ever so slightly.Now, the Swedish design brand Bemz wants to help with that endeavor. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Want to Save Money, the Environment, and Your Clothes? This New Product Can Do It All

What if we told you there’s a new type of clothes dryer that uses half the energy of your current dryer and won’t eat every other sock? There is—it’s called a heat pump dryer. They’re relatively new, having first come onto the U.S. market in 2014, but are just…warming up…when it comes to savings. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Chill Out Tonight, Clean Up Tomorrow: 4 Low-Key Ideas for a Perfect Night In

At the end of a busy work week, there’s nothing as gratifying as a good night in. You’ve spent five days grinding, so you deserve the simple joy of enjoying your home and winding down for the weekend. Whether that’s a family movie night or some DIY spa time, the one promise you have to keep is to not worry about cleaning it up until tomorrow. Just submit to the R&R and know that a few swipes of a mop can handle it all the next morning. (далее…)