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SPONSORED POST: A Mid-Century Classic Is Back, and It Wants to Instantly Warm Up Your Room

It’s no secret that we’re really into cane furniture. Nothing else makes a space seem chic and unpretentious at the same time. A mid-century classic, the effortlessly relaxed material has the power to immediately warm up a room with its clean and textured look.Which makes us excited that Industry West is into cane, too. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: A Suburban Bungalow Gets a Cool SoCal Upgrade

When native Californians Erica and Mark moved back to the Golden State after a stint in New York City, they fell in love with Pasadena. We did too: It was recently named one of Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Suburbs in America. Though Erica and Mark work in Los Angeles, the nearby ‘burb won them over with its strong sense of community—not to mention its dreamy Craftsman bungalows. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: Marichelle’s Living Room Becomes a Sanctuary

Marichelle loves living in Maplewood, NJ, one of Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Suburbs in America. She runs a chic boutique, Meus, and is mom to an adorable trio of kiddos. While her home is as eclectically stylish as you’d imagine a boutique owner’s to be, the living room wasn’t quite working the way she wanted it to.“You know how sometimes you go into a house and there’s this cold living room and no one ever goes in there? (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Organize Your Tools in One Weekend with This DIY Work Station

We’ve all put off fixing a broken doorknob or restitching a seam for longer than we’d care to admit, despite the deep satisfaction that arrives when we finally get around to it. Why does it take so long to make small repairs when we know how much they matter to our daily lives? Even the little things can feel overwhelming when we’re not organized, which is why a dedicated fix-it station makes all the difference. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: One of Our Favorite Decor Shops Now Has a Beautiful New Outdoor Collection

It’s summer, and you want nothing more than to be outside. If there’s a beach within reachable distance, you are dying to be there. If you have a bit of outdoor space to call your own, you may be thinking about sprucing it up. So it feels like a good time to announce that Society6, one of our favorite retailers, has just introduced an outdoor collection.Why do we like Society6? (1.) The things they sell are beautiful and unique. And sometimes they’re even lovably weird! (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: 4 Easy Design Tricks to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Life can get hectic and, unfortunately, you can’t jaunt off to a luxury spa whenever the going gets tough. So how do you find your bliss at home? By turning your bathroom into a self-care spa retreat. And since no trip to the spa should cause more stress, consider financing your DIY with the Synchrony HOME™ credit card. It was designed with nesting in mind, offering 2% cash back everywhere plus promotional financing at more than a million home retailers nationwide. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: A Dining Room That Proves Pink Can Do Anything

Marichelle runs an eclectic lifestyle shop, Meus, in Maplewood, NJ—recently named one of Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Suburbs in America—so, yeah, her home is stylish. But Marichelle is also a mom of three, which means she’s concerned with much more than aesthetics: Everything in her home is chic and sturdy, as ready for neighborhood happy hours as after-school art projects. That goes double for the dining room. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Bring Your Summer Vibe Home All Season Long

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Even when you’re in the throes of adulting and school-free summer vacations are long behind you, there’s something so amazing about this time of year. The feeling of freedom never leaves you, whether you’re the type who can’t wait for some chilling-out time in an air-conditioned living room or you’re inviting the whole crew over for a backyard BBQ. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: The Surprisingly Affordable Way to Go Green in Your Bedroom

Bravo if you’ve already started using paper straws in your cold brew. More kudos if you’re sure to slather on reef-safe sunscreen. But there’s another place in your life where it’s easy to go green: your bed! Back in the dark ages, eco-friendly bedding wasn’t much of a thing…and when you did find it, it wasn’t what we’d call “eye candy.” But now it’s really simple to make the switch to organic, sustainable bedding. (далее…)