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SPONSORED POST: Before & After: Diana Made a Big Entryway Impact by Painting This Overlooked Spot

The home Diana shares with her husband and daughter in Chattanooga, TN, is casual and welcoming, with modern touches and boho flair against a calming neutral palette. But when it came to the home’s entrance, the effect was too neutral: The dark wood door and stair rail and white walls were a bland greeting to an otherwise personality-filled space. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: Darina Breaks the Rules with a Stylish Bedroom Paint Project

Darina had plans to create a farmhouse aesthetic in her family’s home in Murrieta, CA, but after moving in, she realized her space would be better suited by natural accents and earthy tones. Those improv skills made us think that she’d be open to an experimental makeover we envisioned in her master bedroom: a bold paint canopy. A paint canopy isn’t your ordinary accent wall. Sure, conventional wisdom advises painting an entire room, or at least an entire wall, but guess what? (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: This Bedroom Is the Perfect Argument for Painting Your Ceiling Pink

With its soft accents and minimalist furniture, Cara’s home in Asbury Park, NJ, exudes a soft, airy style. But the sun-drenched bedroom she shares with her husband Mike needed a special touch to make it stand out. Never one to shy away from experimenting with style, Cara was game when we found inspiration in an unlikely place: the ceiling. They say that ceilings must be white—but we don’t know who “they” are anyway, and we say white is just the beginning! (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: A Mid-Century Classic Is Back, and It Wants to Instantly Warm Up Your Room

It’s no secret that we’re really into cane furniture. Nothing else makes a space seem chic and unpretentious at the same time. A mid-century classic, the effortlessly relaxed material has the power to immediately warm up a room with its clean and textured look.Which makes us excited that Industry West is into cane, too. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: A Suburban Bungalow Gets a Cool SoCal Upgrade

When native Californians Erica and Mark moved back to the Golden State after a stint in New York City, they fell in love with Pasadena. We did too: It was recently named one of Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Suburbs in America. Though Erica and Mark work in Los Angeles, the nearby ‘burb won them over with its strong sense of community—not to mention its dreamy Craftsman bungalows. (далее…)

SPONSORED POST: Before & After: Marichelle’s Living Room Becomes a Sanctuary

Marichelle loves living in Maplewood, NJ, one of Apartment Therapy’s Coolest Suburbs in America. She runs a chic boutique, Meus, and is mom to an adorable trio of kiddos. While her home is as eclectically stylish as you’d imagine a boutique owner’s to be, the living room wasn’t quite working the way she wanted it to.“You know how sometimes you go into a house and there’s this cold living room and no one ever goes in there? (далее…)