Архив автора: Amelia Lawrence

Made for Your Shades: A DIY Display for Organizing Sunglasses

On any given week, I’ll see anywhere from one to seven pairs of glasses and sunglasses make their way onto my kitchen island. (Why is the kitchen island the ultimate catchall for junk?) Coming in or going out, it’s the landing pad for shades. And while I’m not mad about the convenience of having all my various eyewear choices near the door, I’m not enamored with the clutter it creates, nor the scratches my lenses obtain every time a set of house keys lands too close to them. After weeks of internally complaining to myself about it, I walked to the craft store, picked up a few items, and got to work creating this wood and leather eyeglass display. Problem solved. And much to my surprise, it required very little time – just an hour with drying time – and very few tools! Don’t believe me? See for yourself… (далее…)

Little Luxurious Upgrades: Super Stylish DIY Leather Accents

If you haven’t gathered from one of our previous posts, we love leather. Leather has the ability to really transform a space. Whether you’re going for a rustic look, a bohemian earthy space (check out Atelier de Curiosite’s leather planters above), glam, or simple yet modern, it adds interest and, in my opinion, makes everything feel a little more finished. It takes your home decor from that college dorm room «temporary fix» feel, to more of a «I’m an adult, I’m investing, I’m adding permanence without breaking the bank.» But leather isn’t ageist, so that means these next 16 DIY projects are for you, yeah, you – whoever you are, whatever your age, and whatever skill level and style you possess. (далее…)

Fake It Til You Make It: Faux Brass Finish DIY

There’s a lot to be said for DIYs that meet the ultimate trifecta of projects: affordable, customizable and efficient. I’ll take all three, and I’ll show you how to create custom brass-look decor for your home that won’t break the bank, despite it’s more luxury appearance. So head over to the local craft store, toy store, or Amazon (let’s be real, we’re all headed to Amazon) and make this project in just four easy steps! (далее…)

Plant Love: Colorful DIY Boho Fringe Planter Makeover

Plant ladies – and gentlemen – unite! Every houseplant is unique, so shouldn’t their planters be unique, too? With some simple supplies, a spare hour or two, and an itch for creating cool color combos, you can easily craft a playful new look for all of your plants. The coiled cotton piping offers the ultimate neutral base for all of your favorite embroidery floss hues, and it makes this DIY perfect for pairing with all things textured, natural and bright. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful «fringe-ship»? I’ll let you decide… (далее…)

10-Minute Mini Herb Garden in an IKEA Container

When you live within city limits, it’s rare to have access to private green space. In a perfect (and sustainable) world, we would all have our own backyards, overflowing with lush shrubbery, robust herbs, and fruit-bearing trees right next to our cute little chicken coops. In reality, we’re forced to get a little more creative – vertical gardens, hanging planters, and fruit purchased from the local market. Sure, it’s not ideal, but we sacrifice all that to have the accessibility and opportunity that larger cities provide. But what I don’t want to sacrifice is having fresh herbs. (далее…)