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Chip Gaines on One Mistake Many Home Buyers Make

Fixer-Upper star Chip Gaines knows a thing or two about buying homes. As one half of the dynamic duo behind the HGTV mega-hit, Chip has gutted and transformed boatloads of homes with his wife/partner Joanna. Now, the home reno regular is sharing the most common mistake he sees from prospective home buyers. (далее…)

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What Chip Gaines’ Night In Jail Taught The Fixer Upper Stars About Money

They may be HGTV tycoons these days, but that wasn’t always the case for Chip and Joanna Gaines. The duo, who recently announced that they’re ending their beloved home renovation show Fixer Upper, say they learned their best lesson about money over a decade ago, when Chip was tossed in the county jail after he was busted for having $2,500 racked up in tickets. (далее…)

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What Real (Not-Rich) Buyers Can Do to Compete in All-Cash Markets

More than ever, we hear about people buying homes in «all cash.» But what do you do when your last name isn’t «Bezos» and you’re trying to buy a home? While you may not be popping open a cash-filled briefcase any day soon, your goal of homeownership isn’t impossible. Here’s how to compete with those all-cash buyers who seem to be taking over the market. (далее…)

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