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It’s Aquarius Season: Here’s Your February 2019 Home Horoscope

Throw back the blinds and flip on your light switches, astral voyagers. February 2019 injects our lairs with the spirit of liberation, as Aquarius energy catalyzes ground-shaking change and radical shifts in spatial perspective. Existing on the edge of what’s possible, this cosmic season asks us to make leaps without looking, having faith that the fluffiest pillows will rise to meet us. (далее…)

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It’s Capricorn Season: Your January 2019 Home Horoscope

Roll out your plushest carpet and up your thread count, astral voyagers. January’s starlit floor plan is laboriously luxe and self-sufficiently sumptuous, as Capricorn energy fills the skies. The zodiac’s cosmic queen rules over her domain with ease, grace, and grit, deciding exactly which mountains to climb and tapping the resources to keep the throne for the long haul. (далее…)

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It’s Sagittarius Season: Here’s Your December 2018 Home Horoscope

Unfurl your magic carpets and throw back the sash, astral voyagers. December in the cosmos asks us to give it up and turn it loose, as we surrender to the trust in what we cannot see, and offer ourselves up to be blended by the fully immersive experience of living. With mutable fire sign Sagittarius leading the pack of wild ponies, it’s a rolled-back ride to meet the rising road. (далее…)

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