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15 Major Money-Saving Ways to Cut Remodeling Costs

I got my bargain hunting gene from my mom. Seeing her score a cashmere coat for 25 cents once when I was a kid sealed my fate—I will always look for ways to make my money go further. This has led to a lifetime of scouring thrift shops, browsing clearance aisles, and stalking Amazon price drops. And it’s paid off big when remodeling my home. (далее…)

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Amazon Warehouse Is a Hidden Resource for Discounted Stuff

It’s hard to imagine how we did things before Amazon, which brings us anything we need in a very short timeframe. But there’s more to the site than super speedy delivery. For several years now, I’ve been indulging in my champagne taste on a beer budget, all thanks to their hidden-in-plain-sight deals. I’m talking about Amazon Warehouse and third party sellers. See, that price right next to the item you must have? That doesn’t have to be the price you pay. And while sometimes it may be just a few bucks you save, sometimes there are some screaming deals to be found. (далее…)

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Kitchen Flooring That Won’t Drain Your Remodeling Budget

When you’re redoing a kitchen, flooring has a huge impact on the way the room looks. The orangey faux terra cotta we inherited in our Victorian kitchen drove me nuts and I couldn’t wait to replace it. New floors aren’t cheap though. If you’re considering an overhaul of your kitchen up to and including the floor, it’s easy to drop way more than you intend to. The good news is you don’t have to. (далее…)

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