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This Pillow Will Keep Your Arm From Falling Asleep When You’re the Big Spoon

How many times have you been laying in bed, cuddling with your S.O. and your arm has fallen asleep? Being the big spoon can be great at times, but it comes with the disadvantage that you have to awkwardly lay on your arm. More often than not, your arm will fall asleep and start to tingle, while the little spoon will be none the wiser. (далее…)

This Elegant Disney Tea Set Will Bring Out Your Inner Princess

Why is pretending to be a princess and drinking afternoon tea only meant for children? Tea parties are one of the best parties to be invited to. And getting to dress up like your favorite princess is an added bonus! If loving Disney princesses means we’re still kids at heart, we’ll gladly accept that fate. Especially if it means we get to drink tea out of porcelain cups! (далее…)

You Can Tell Your Valentine They’re a Golden Snitch with These Harry Potter Hallmark Cards

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and if you haven’t gotten a card for your loved one yet, you’re going to want to get on that ASAP. Stores everywhere have an assortment of cards to choose from, including heavily romantic cards, cards full of puns, cards based on movie franchises, and more. If you’re looking for something magical to share with your loved one, the wizarding world is exactly where you want to look. (далее…)

If You Love Instagram and Cruises, You’re Going to Want to Apply to This Dream Job At Royal Caribbean

Do you take roughly 500 photos when you go on vacation? And then spend the following 10 weeks after your trip sharing «TBT» pictures on Instagram? No shame here, we all are guilty of doing this, at least once. Everyone likes to show off their best side on the ‘gram. If this is something you think you’re a pro at, you might just be able to get a job out of it. (далее…)

You Can Build Your Own Life-Size Cat Using These Blocks

There is an interesting belief that people are either dog people or cat people. But any general animal lover knows the more the merrier! Why limit yourself to just one species when you can appreciate them all? However, some people do tend to stay away from cats for a somewhat valid reason, though I personally ignore it. (далее…)

The Hallmark Channel Is Looking for Extras for One of Their Next Christmas Movies

For some people, it might be a little too early to think of Christmas. But at the Hallmark Channel, it is never too early to plan for Christmas. In 2018, they released 22 new holiday movies. Clearly, over at the Hallmark Channel, they are putting in a lot of work when it comes to Christmas. If that is your favorite channel to curl up on the couch with a cup of cocoa and watch during the holiday season, you’re in luck. (далее…)

You Can Get Rid Of That Pesky Wet Dog Smell With This Drying Dog Coat

Is there anything that smells worse than a wet dog? Probably, but it is not a smell that you want to linger in your house. After a bath, every dog has a moment of intense «zoomies» where they sprint around the house and get their wet dog smell on just about everything. As much as we love to watch our dogs run around and act a little crazy, there is a way to avoid this smell getting on your couch, bed, and carpet. (далее…)

Target’s Newest Cleaning Supplies Smell Like an Anthropologie Cult-Favorite Item

Everyone has a favorite candle scent. Well, at least, everyone who actually enjoys the smell of candles, that is. If you’ve ever shopped at Anthropologie, chances are, you’ve fallen in love with their Capri Blue candle. It is a cult-favorite item from the store, after all. The candle line is one of Anthropologie’s best-selling items. (далее…)

You Can Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe All Year Long With This $13 Wax

Now that it is officially February, we’re due for some winter weather. The end of January saw a polar vortex sweep the U.S. that had temperatures plummeting into the -50 and -60°F range. There were 100-degree differences in temperatures between Florida and the states impacted by the frigid cold snap. With this cold weather comes a lot of ice. In order to combat ice on sidewalks and roadways, rock salt is thrown down on the ground. (далее…)