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7 Ways to Add Warmth to a Mostly Minimalist Space

What is it about minimalism that always makes us a little weak in the knees? It doesn’t matter if it’s one of Philip Johnson’s iconic glass houses or a set from our favorite movie, there’s something about those clean lines, pared-down details and neutral color palette that makes us feel like we’re in a stylish sanctuary. (далее…)

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How to Find Your Personal Design Style, According to the Experts

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was onto something when he famously said, «Fashions fade, style is eternal.» Your personal style is so much more than haphazardly throwing on a T-shirt and pair of jeans; it’s a reflection of who you are. It’s as much a part of your identity as your job or Instagram feed. (далее…)

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How to Make Your TV Feel Like a Real Part of Your Design Scheme

It doesn’t matter if you have a streaming service or cable box or if you binge-watch the latest shows the second they air or only tune in for big things like the Super Bowl, practically everyone has a television set somewhere in your home. And, more likely than not, your television is the focal point of whatever room it’s in. (далее…)

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7 Cool Alternatives to Your Living Room Side Table

Is it just us, or do all living rooms kind of look the same? It doesn’t matter if they’re large or small, minimalist or maximalist. most living rooms follow the same cookie cutter format. There’s always a cozy couch, maybe an accent chair or two, a few coffee and side tables, and a nice, big television. It’s a bit of a snooze, but what’s the alternative? (далее…)

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10 Living Room Trends Set to Take the Rest of 2019 by Storm

If the kitchen is the stomach of your home, the living room is definitely its heart. It’s where you can curl up with a book on a lazy Sunday, catch up with some friends over a glass of wine, or spend the entire weekend binge-watching whatever’s on Netflix (hey, we’re not judging). Your living room is such an important part of your home, it’s important to keep it looking its best at all times. (далее…)

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7 Design Tweaks That Will Instantly Refresh Your Small Space for Spring

ICYMI: Living in a small space isn’t all Instagrammable tiny houses or fun D.I.Y. projects from Pinterest. Sure, small spaces offer the unique challenge of maximizing your design chops in a teeny, tiny space, but the truth is it can be really frustrating. Not only do you have to find sneaky ways to make your small space look bigger, but you also have to figure out clever ways to store your stuff without turning it into a cluttered mess. (далее…)

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13 Cool Design Companies Founded By Couples

Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Boy starts a company with girl?

Sometimes, yes.

While most of us wouldn’t deign to start a company with our significant others—or whoever you recently swiped right on—mixing business with pleasure isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Take the 13 couples below. When these dynamic duos put their heads together, they wind up creating cool, covetable pieces for the home. (далее…)

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