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10 Things That Say Home to Of a Kind Co-Founder Claire Mazur

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo started Of A Kind to not only fill up people’s closets and homes with unique finds, but also to bring them the stories behind each piece. That mission-driven passion for curating stylish, surprising products is something connect with at Apartment Therapy. Last year, Cerulo shared with us ten things that say home to her, so, naturally, we had to ask her co-founder and friend Claire Mazur to do the same thing this year. (далее…)

The One Thing I Bought (& Still Use!) After KonMari-ing My Entire Home

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in 2014, shortly after it was released in the United States. I had never read a self-help-style book, but I had always struggled with clutter and felt like I was being pulled in two directions: I wanted to live in hotel room-like minimalism, but I also loathed getting rid of things. What followed was something I could easily describe as both life-changing and magic: My apartment became far less cluttered, but, more importantly, I felt freed from future clutter. It’s not that clutter and mess stopped building up (unread New Yorkers have a way of doing that), it’s that when it does, I can quickly cull it rather than agonizing over what I should and shouldn’t keep. (далее…)

These Le Creuset Look-Alikes Are 45 Percent Off Today Only on Amazon — Amazon Deal of the Day

Winter is the perfect time to dust off your Dutch oven and make stews, roasts, and even bread. But if you don’t have a Dutch oven to dust off, today is a great day to get one. Cuisinart’s Dutch oven, which looks a lot like Le Creuset’s, is on sale — today only — starting at $55. (That’s 46% savings.) The sale color options range from matte white and robin’s egg blue to bold, apple red and azure blue, meaning you can choose muted minimalism or a bold splash of color. (далее…)

12 Etsy Finds For A More Organized, Stylish Home, Picked Out By Their Trend Expert

If you’ve just done a Marie Kondo-inspired purge or are midway through our January Cure, why not reward yourself for your newly-immaculate space with something beautiful and useful. We asked Etsy’s head of trends, Dayna Isom Johnson, to pick out her personal favorite organization buys from their marketplace. Ahead, twelve pieces for every part of your home, for a more organized, stylish 2019. (далее…)

The H&M Home Sale Is Making Us See Red (And Burgundy, Crimson, & Maroon)

H&M’s winter home sale is currently running, with discounts as deep as 70% off. There are over a thousand options to peruse, but when we were scrolling through we couldn’t help but notice lots of rich, warm reds that make an impact in big and small ways. See the entire sale here, and read on to see our favorite crimson-hued pieces that don’t scream Christmas or Valentine’s Day and are perfect for winter. (далее…)

10 Things That Say Home to the Laundress Co-Founder Lindsey Boyd

If anyone can make doing laundry feel like a luxury rather than a chore, it’s the women behind The Laundress. Founded in 2004 by Lindsey Boyd and Gwen Whiting, The Laundress sells detergent and home cleaning products that pair effective, environmentally-friendly formulas with sophisticated packaging and scents. That marriage of purpose and aesthetics is something Boyd carries into her whole home, where even her broom is thoughtfully chosen. (далее…)

Target Is Having A Flash Sale On Curtains–Including Some Not-Ugly Blackout Options For Under $10

Target is offering 30% off curtains through Tuesday, January 8, making today a great time to pick up this too-often-ignored piece of home decor. If you already have blinds, or have been using the same humdrum set for years, now is a great time to upgrade to something with a bit more pizzaz. (далее…)

Anthropologie Wants To Refresh Your Home For 2019 With 25% Off Furniture & Decor

We’re not the only people thinking about a new year as an excuse for a room revamp. Anthropologie is currently offering 25% off furniture, decor, and select bedding. Decor includes things as small and inexpensive as door knobs, all the way up to room-making rugs and functional-yet-stunning mirrors. (далее…)

5 Actually Fun Resolutions You Can Make with the Help of Urban Outfitters’ Winter Clearance Sale

Not all resolutions have to feel like chores. In fact, we have some suggestions for a few ones that could make your life better and have more fun on the way—with some help from Urban Outfitters’ winter clearance sale. Yes, you don’t technically need a peg board to get more organized, but think about how much fun you’ll have doing it. Not convinced? Here are five on-sale buys we love that can inspire your 2019. (далее…)

Anthro’s Sale Section Is 40% Off–Here’s Best Stuff For When You Never Want To Leave Your House Again After The Holidays

Are you ready to curl up in your bed and nail your door shut until spring after all the holiday merrymaking? Why not do it in a little bit of style? Anthropologie is making that easier – they’re offering an astounding 40% off all sale items. (This is especially good since their «sale on sale» deals usually caps out at 30%.) Here are some of our favorite pieces for snuggling up in by yourself while you recover from too much family time, eggnog, or both. (далее…)