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The Best Real Estate Advice for Couples, According to Divorce Attorneys

First comes love. Then comes marriage… or a civil union or cohabitation. From there, we’re cheering for something along the lines of «and they lived happily ever after.» But because life is full of plot twists—and because divorce rates are around 40 to 50 percent in the United States—it can be important to take some precautions when you’re buying a house with a partner. (далее…)

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How I Learned How to Declutter (Without Marie Kondo’s Help)

My walk-in closet was clogged with items I purchased at the mall just because they were 40 percent off. But now that same closet is sparse. My home office is also orderly (for the first time in my adult life) with neatly organized folders containing the gazillions of tax documents that come with being a freelance writer. (далее…)

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The Worst Credit Score Advice Experts Have Ever Heard

Some bad advice you receive is NBD, honestly. Those bangs your best friend swore would look great on you will eventually grow out after an awkward phase. And maybe one day Dad’s method of filling out a March Madness bracket based on team mascots will actually pay off. (далее…)

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What 54 Percent of City Homeowners Don’t Want You to Know

Have you ever scrolled through social media and secretly wondered «How the heck are my peers affording that lifestyle?»

Yeah, we don’t know how they are funding those Bora Bora vacations, either. But a recent report from Zillow gave us some pretty good intel on how people are actually affording down payments for homes in big cities. We’ll give you a hint: It has nothing to do with skipping avocado toast or cutting Netflix from the budget. (далее…)

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Can You Ace This Mortgage Test Experts Came Up With?

You left school with a solid understanding of the Pythagorean theorem, and you could probably recite a row or two of the Periodic Table of Elements in your sleep. But one thing you likely didn’t pick up in class? A personal finance lesson centered on home buying and the importance of credit. (далее…)

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