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5 Storage & Design Hacks Every Stand Mixer Owner Should Know

A stand mixer is a staple of many home cooks’ kitchens—and it can also be an amazing focal point. It’s sculptural! It’s industrial! It comes in so many different colors! On the flip side, a stand mixer can be big and bulky and presents a fair share of other problems you might not have anticipated before you decided to spring for one. But don’t fret—there’s probably a hack for whatever it is that’s ruining your stand mixer state of bliss. (далее…)

3 Big Kitchen Trends You’ll See All Over The Place This Year, According to Etsy

When it comes to kitchen decor, some things never really go out of style. (We don’t see the modern farmhouse look going anywhere anytime soon, for example.) Other things, however, have a slightly shorter shelf life. (We’re talking about you, cacti, pineapples, and flamingos!) (далее…)

5 (Way Too Common) Mistakes You Might Make with Bleach

Bleach is a strong cleanser that, when used properly, can be a safe and effective option for sanitizing various objects and surfaces in your kitchen, in the laundry and around your house. «But it’s not an all-purpose cleaner,» says Nancy Boc, senior vice president of education at the American Cleaning Institute. (далее…)

Experts Have Identified the Grossest Spot in Your Fridge (And You Probably Don’t Clean it Enough)

Despite the fact that the sole purpose of the refrigerator is to keep your food safe—by chilling it enough to slow bacterial growth and rotting— it can actually pose some hazards to your health. When you think about it, it makes sense: It’s one of the few places you go in and out of multiple times per day. And when you do, you’re typically moving around food, in the middle of cooking (hello, bacteria on your hands!), or putting away new packages (which have spent time in transit, picking up who-knows-what along the way). (далее…)

The Only Two Things That Motivate Me to Keep My Kitchen Counters Clean

Kitchen counters are clutter magnets—plain and simple. As I look at my own countertops, I see seven-ish different piles in the works (kids’ art, unopened mail, recyclables on their way to the bin, etc.). It’s never-ending. And despite being a fairly organized, clean-surface kind of girl myself, and literally interviewing dozens of experts on the subject, there are only two times my countertops ever get clean. (далее…)