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Airbnb Just Launched Multi-Day Adventures That Are Surprisingly Cheap

Our dream vacation list just got longer. Airbnb has launched Airbnb Adventures, an expansion of Airbnb Experiences, offering a “collection of bucket list worthy multi-day experiences hosted in extraordinary places around the world,” according to a release. The service promises access to amazing itineraries and a chance to connect with local communities. (далее…)

Dream Job Alert: IKEA Wants to Send You to Copenhagen to Learn About Happiness

This is not a drill: IKEA is sending one lucky winner to Copenhagen for two weeks in September to find out if home is the source of happiness.IKEA Denmark is looking for a happiness hunter to uncover just what makes Danes some of the happiest people in the world. They will be sharing their experiences on IKEAHomeView.com and followed by a camera crew, who will be producing a mini documentary on their two week pursuit of happiness in Denmark. (далее…)