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14 Surprising Gift Card Ideas That Feel Thoughtful (Not Lazy) — 2018 Gift Guides

Sometimes a gift card is just hands-down the easiest gift. Don’t feel bad about it: The truth is that some people just won’t like or need even the most thoughtful gift (hello, regifting). And we all struggle with too. much. stuff. But a gift card, on the other hand, is both useful and practical. Plus it can save precious time when the holiday countdown clock is ticking and cuddling on the couch with «A Christmas Prince 2» sounds more appealing than fighting the mall crowds. (далее…)

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20 Gifts for People Who are Always Freezing Cold — 2018 Gift Guides

We all know someone who seems to run a little colder than everyone else. You can find them wearing a few extra layers, even in the warmer months. It can be a seemingly normal temperature, and you can spot them shivering under an office blanket (hey, this one might not be their fault). If they had a nickel for every time they heard the «cold hands, warm heart,» cliche, well… they could fund a cure for cold hands. (далее…)

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8 Things 1 Year at Apartment Therapy Taught Me About My Own Space

When you tell people you work at Apartment Therapy, they often ask if your own place looks like the tours we feature—full of plants, ingenious DIYs, and other one-of-a-kind finds. But the truth is that I face the same struggles our readers often do: limited space, time, energy, creativity, and money to devote to my own home. If only my IRL looked like my Instagram feed—but the truth was that my space was looking a bit more like a «before» than an «after.» (далее…)

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