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HGTV’s ’Extreme Makeover’ Reboot Will Be Hosted By Jesse Tyler Ferguson from ‘Modern Family’

You may have heard earlier this year that HGTV’s ”Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” reboot was underway for a 2020 premiere. In the original series, host Ty Pennington was the one who proclaimed “Move that bus!” as various homeowners wept with joy at the sight of their new abode. But there’s going to be a new voice saying those three words (or perhaps a new slogan all together)—and that person is Jesse Tyler Ferguson. (далее…)

Google Calendar Is Down, Which Means You Can Do Whatever You Want, According to Twitter

If you use Google Calendars to organize your entire life (hello hi me), you know by now that the tool is officially down. How will you know when that weekly meeting you have is, or which friends you were supposed to get drinks with, or BASICALLY how you’re supposed to breathe?! Amidst all the chaos, there is a silver lining: Twitter is blowing up with the most hilarious tweets—so hilarious that it almost makes us forget about our lives being turned upside down. (далее…)

Here Are the Cheapest Weekends to Travel in Summer 2019

Although the official start date of summer isn’t until June 21, the hot seasonal vibes are well under way! And with the thoughts of summer comes thoughts of vacationing, which is probably why you clicked on this article. In reality, though, most of can’t just jet off to our dream destination without a care as to how much it would cost. That’s why we decided to search for the cheapest weekends to travel this summer, plus where you should be jetting off to for said cheap price. (далее…)