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I Felt Something After KonMari-ing My Home—But It Wasn’t Joy

I stumbled upon «Tidying Up With Marie Kondo» while nursing my New Year’s Day hangover. I was craving something soothing to distract myself from my pounding head and throbbing feet. Curled up on the couch in my favorite sweats, I turned to Marie Kondo‘s show—that I watched for five hours. (I seriously think my butt left a dent in the couch that day.) (далее…)

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Amazon Delivery Drivers Want Permission to Enter Your Garage

One of Amazon‘s greatest innovations—Amazon Prime—has become a staple for many American households. Not a day goes by that I don’t see piles of packages with that signature «Prime» tape stacking up in my lobby. The two-day delivery upgrade makes life so easy that it seems like there’s nothing that could make the service more convenient—until now. Starting this spring, Amazon shoppers can choose to have their packages dropped off in their garage, according to Fast Company. (далее…)

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