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5 Inspiring Examples of Pipes as Curtain Rods

In my many years of living in apartments and houses that tend to include windows (ok, they have all had windows), I’ve long found myself underwhelmed by curtain rods. If I do what’s practical and just buy something affordable, the materials yield an almost hilariously flimsy product. If I squirrel away extra dollars for significantly higher quality curtain rods, I seem to suffer decision fatigue on exactly where to purchase them (after all, you don’t want to spend a wad of cash on something so innocuous only to find yourself second-guessing your choice in the end). (далее…)

You are Just One Weekend Away from a Much Better Closet

I purchased my first home a couple of years ago. Like most split-levels from the 1970s, it was built economically, but not luxuriously. The closets throughout the house—which were untouched when I bought it— had flimsy dark-stained doors on tracks that didn’t quite line up reliably. They each had disgusting carpet, and particle board shelves supported by DIY brackets that didn’t cut it. (далее…)

I Keep My Holiday Lights Up All Year Long—Here’s Why You Should, Too

I wish I could tell you about the first time I realized that holiday lights look great as year-round interior decor, but I don’t remember a specific incident that acted as a catalyst here. Perhaps—in fact, most likely—it was when I was still in high school, living with my parents in the woods of Appalachia. Without much to do as a byproduct of living in a remote place and being a teenager, my bedroom became my sanctuary, just as it is for other teenagers across the world. It’s a tale as old as time. So I expressed myself hard in that space. I drew on the walls, collected band posters with pride, and draped twinkle lights about that I kept there all year long. (далее…)

5 Reasons to Use Your Fireplace for Candles Instead of Fire

Fireplace season is underway, and I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t love curling up next to a warm cracking fire in my own home. Although I haven’t had a functional fireplace anywhere I’ve lived since the house I grew up in, my memories of it punctuate much of my childhood. I would sit with my back to the glass doors until I couldn’t take it anymore. The dogs would often be panting in the middle of the living room floor long before I’d surrender myself. (далее…)