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Your Inner Emo Kid Is Going to Fall Hard for These Goth Plants

The term “goth plants” isn’t one you’ll see in your average box store garden department. These plants have darker leaves and flowers, deeper and richer colors, and/or other components that are more emo than your run-of-the-mill greenery. This Reddit thread on Colocasia Black Magic led me to the Plant Goths thread, and my interest was officially piqued. (далее…)

These Are the 10 Most-Played Disney Songs On Spotify

Do you love Disney songs, or love someone who loves Disney songs? Well, we have magical news.Entertainment Weekly recently put together a list of the most-played Disney songs on Spotify. Their info came straight from a curiously playful study out of the U.K.’s Play Like Mum. Unsurprisingly, Frozen‘s “Let It Go” tops the list by a huge margin. It received a whopping 93 million more plays than the #2 song on the list, with a grand total of 298 million plays. (далее…)