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3 Types of Thoughtful Gifts That Cost Next-To-Nothing

What is a gift exactly? We say it’s selflessly giving someone something they want or need. What isn’t a gift? Something that always comes in a box. We’re quickly approaching the holiday season where the focus is all about buy buy buy but maybe you’d rather switch gears this year, maybe you’d rather give something that doesn’t come from a store. We have a few ideas to get you started. (далее…)

The House Hunting Trick That Might Just Turn Everything Around (Literally)

If you’re seeing house after house without feeling something click, then here’s a little tidbit. You have so much weighing going on in your mind that you may fail to remember this super simple truth that could really make a difference. You have your list of must-haves and you have your really-wants but don’t let this one thing stop you from pouncing on a home that might just be perfect for you. (далее…)

Never (Ever!) Say This Word To Guests In Your Home

We all work so hard to make our homes beautiful, relaxing spaces where we can host our friends and family. So what if I told you that by merely uttering one little word, you could derail all the positive, beautiful attributes of your home in the eyes of your guests? Please, lovelies, never say this! (далее…)

Marie Kondo Says Don’t Do This Key Thing While Decluttering

Decluttering maven Marie Kondo has inspired us all to live, not only with less, but with only the things that spark joy. Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing is full of inspiration and instructions about how to make your home the streamlined, joy machine it can be and, notably, warns against one specific thing (that we do all the time!). We wouldn’t have thought of this one but it’s so true. (далее…)

Here’s What Your Real Estate Broker Won’t Tell You

House hunting? You probably need a broker to help with your search. A great broker can find you a place to live but also sometimes winds up acting as your best friend, your mom and your therapist all in one. For a successful end result, you really want to make this complex relationship work; we’ll let you in on what your broker might really be thinking… (далее…)

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)

It happens every few weeks. I turn on House Hunters (yes, I know it’s allegedly fake, let me be) to watch lucky couples pick out some real estate, and within minutes I’m sighing in frustration and yelling at the screen. «I’m not crazy about this red,» whines one young wife, «I hate that chandelier,» says her husband. Do you see what I’m driving at? They’re focused on all the wrong things! (далее…)