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​The 20-Minute Daily Clean Routine That’ll Give You Your Weekends Back

Weekends should be for recharging, not for catching up on work we didn’t get to during the week. This includes housework. While we like the end result, cleaning the house (for most of us) isn’t a fun or relaxing endeavor. To get to your housework to-dos before the weekend, commit to cleaning for 15 to 20 minutes five days a week. Then welcome freedom — and a tidy home — when Friday night comes. (далее…)

Think You’re Saving Money? Not Really

Debt-slaying and money-saving posts are rife with suggestions for how to shave a little here, trim a little there, not spend, not spend, not spend. But you can’t say you’re saving money just because you’re packing your own lunch and drinking the coffee you brewed at home. If you don’t make a concerted effort to actually save that money — to tell it where to go and what to do — all your few-dollar deprivations will get frittered away elsewhere and you’ll keep spinning your financial wheels. That is to say: There’s a difference (to your bottom line) between not spending money and truly saving it. (далее…)

The No-Brainer Purge:20 Items to Get Rid of Right Now Without a Second Thought

If you’re anything like me, de-cluttering is downright exhilarating. But knowing where to start can be a major mental roadblock. If you’ve got the urge to get some stuff out of the house, start with this list of items you can say goodbye to right now with little thought and no impunity. (далее…)

​The Decluttered Life: Having Less Stuff Gives You More Time

In an effort to streamline their lives, many people seem to be turning a reactionary ship from a habit of consumption to a fascination with minimalism. But the fact that minimalism even exists as a movement bespeaks of our luxury to choose to own less. Not that the ramifications of such a choice aren’t beneficial. Far from it. A hard look at the way things rob of us our time could easily incite all of us to adopt that less-is-more lifestyle that so many people today have found joy in embracing. (далее…)

Try the «Good Enough» Method to Clean Your Kitchen

Do you ever casually go about your day, popping into the kitchen for a little peanut butter toast and then the next thing you know you’re turning over the toaster oven because it’s been so long and you just can’t take the crumbs anymore? Yeah. For a steady stream of cleaning, one that keeps your kitchen cleaning itself, so to speak, try the «good enough» approach, punctuated by one deeper clean every week or so. (далее…)

The Good, the Bad & the Ridiculous: The Future of Life at Home

I, for one, love the idea of the Internet of Things and smart home technology. I’m looking forward to more and more cutting edge, connected tools that create efficiency with automated tasks, ones that actually save money and time (rather than costing a bundle and eating up the extra time with a giant learning curve or constant troubleshooting). We’re at the cusp, a perfect time to take a peek at the cool things that are out there, as well as what we consumers should be aware of while all the kinks are getting ironed out. (далее…)

​It’s Kinda Boring, But Seriously, Take Care of Your Washer & Dryer so They Can Take Care of You — Weekend Project

If you’re lucky enough to have your own, your washer and dryer are probably among your most expensive household appliances. But it’s easy to just crank the laundry through them without giving them much care. They are sophisticated machines, though, that need proper maintenance if you want to keep them working their best and for a long time. This weekend, familiarize yourself with how to properly take care of these very handy workhorses. (далее…)

Why Decluttering is Worth It: 6 Reasons You’ll Love Living with Less

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting into a decluttering groove, of riding the high of letting go of things, of piling the back of the car high with bulging bags bound for anywhere but the over-full garage. But that’s not the end of it. Once the excitement subsides, you’re left with a space that has, well, space and you’ll begin enjoying the benefits of a life with less. (далее…)

Melamine Foam: ​A Seriously Cheap Fix For Your Magic Eraser Habit

Magic erasers are magical. I use them to clean many, many things in my house, especially the stuff that can only be described as grimy. They make light work of certain tasks; yes, you can use all-purpose cleaner and a rag to clean the baseboards, but a magic eraser is so much more efficient. They also make really difficult tasks not only do-able, but almost fun — like cleaning the grease off the inside of your oven window. They’re so awesome that paying almost a dollar a piece seems worth it. But what if I told you that there was a cheap fix for your magic eraser habit, one that would make it guilt-free to reach for one every time you clean? (далее…)

Join the Movement for a Plastic-Free July: 12 Ways to Reduce Your Dependency

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s been a marked increase in the number of themed «days» in the last few years. I’d like to know: how long has National Donut Day really existed? I’m all for free donuts and can endure a glut of pictures of other people’s fried confections no problem. But this month, I’m excited to get behind a movement that means so much more than sweet treats — Plastic-Free July, an awareness campaign that started in Australia, but has gained traction throughout the world. (далее…)

The Book that Changed My Perspective on Homekeeping

For years, I unwittingly subscribed to the prevailing notion that housework is a necessary evil, an uphill battle against entropy that there is never enough time for. But reading the intro to Cheryl Mendelson’s tome, Home Comforts, felt like I was looking into a mirror. Aptly titled «My Secret Life,» this chapter gave me a perspective that resonated so much with me and gave me the language to describe how I really feel about keeping my home. (далее…)

​The Wannabe Minimalist’s Guide to a Decluttered Bedroom

Nothing kills a peaceful, restful mood like a clutter-y mess. Too often the bedroom is the first dumping ground and the last place we set in order because it’s the room that’s least frequented by others. But it’s time to take our bedrooms back, to turn them into the sanctuaries they should be and keep them that way. (далее…)

Trust the Crowd: 7 Super High-Rated Cleaning Tools Loved by Amazon Reviewers

Along with the convenience of never having to leave my home and being able to purchase more obscure items by hunting them down with just my fingertips, what I love about online shopping is the crowd-sourced opinions of others on what to buy. I mean, when a cleaning tool has thousands of five-star reviews, you can be pretty sure it’ll be awesome. Here are some of my favorites from the best of the best. (далее…)

​Take Care of This This Weekend, and Save Yourself Some Serious Heartache Down the Road — Weekend Projects

Think right now about all the digital photos you have on your computer hard drive. Take a moment to relish the thought of all those memories, preserved: your college trip backpacking through Europe, your wedding, your baby’s first steps, your family portraits through the years, all of which you can go back and look at any time a reminiscent mood strikes. Now imagine that they are gone in the blink of an eye. This weekend, set up a backup system to make sure that cold feeling of dread and panic never comes over you. (далее…)

​29 Things to Get Rid of in the Kitchen (That You Won’t Miss)

It’s easy to assume that many of the items in our kitchens are necessities. But a closer look almost always reveals that the heart of our home could use some paring down. The rewards of stripping down to the actual necessities are especially great when done in this highly utilitarian room because you’ll reap the benefits of a much more efficient food prep space. Here are some items to extricate from your valuable kitchen storage space that — I promise — you’ll never miss. (далее…)

The Forgotten Space in Your Kitchen: How to Take Care of Your Cabinets

We know that kitchens are the hardest working rooms in our homes and that they need to be cleaned well and often, both through daily upkeep and periodic deeper cleanings. But there’s one major component of our kitchens that may not be getting the attention it needs to stay clean even though we use and see them every day: the kitchen cabinets. Here’s how to keep them in tip-top shape. (далее…)

How to Fake a Clean Home in Five Minutes

You just remembered that you’re hosting a potluck baby shower. Your high school crush, all your new co-workers, the perfect-mom down the street, and your mother-in-law will all be in attendance. Your house is a wreck. You have five minutes. Don’t panic. (далее…)

When ​Procrastination is Good: Putting Things Off Can Pay Off

Whether you’re putting off a report you have to write, stalling on a phone call you dread, or you just can’t bring yourself to tackle that cleaning task you hate, procrastination plagues us all. Being in the clutches of procrastination often causes us to moan and groan and sheepishly admit it when we’re caught. But procrastination does in fact have a bright side. (далее…)

This Weekend: Let the Sunshine In — Weekend Projects

With summer almost upon us, it’s impossible not to think of watermelons and swimming pools and lemonade and all those other sunshiny things. But opening your windows for some fresh spring air can bring some not-so-pleasant things to light — like window tracks littered with dead bugs or screens full of dust and pollen. This weekend, whether you tackle one room or the whole house, get some windows sparkling so nothing gets between you and those golden rays. (далее…)

Don’t Let Bloodsuckers Keep You Inside: Our Best Mosquito Repellent Strategies

I live in Florida and I know very well how bugs can ruin both special outdoor events and perfectly ordinary daily moments. Just last week our s’mores summer kickoff was cut short by suuuuuper pesky gnats that insisted on hovering near our eyelashes and noses and we’ve endured more than one car ride with mosquitoes buzzing around in the van while my daughter screams in fear of being eaten alive (they do seem to feast on her especially, poor thing). From personal solutions to big picture strategies aimed at longer-term control, here are some ways to keep the bloodsuckers from spoiling all the fun. (далее…)

​A 2-Minute Post-Shower Routine to Get (and Keep!) Your Bathroom Ultra Clean

With the combination of dampness, soap scum, and grout and grooves, the place where we get ourselves clean isn’t always the cleanest place itself. However, having a few of the right tools in place makes it easy to create a do-it-now cleaning habit so you can keep the bathroom fresh perpetually. (далее…)

​How To Organize Your Kitchen to Stop Wasting Food

Our kitchens foster all the satisfaction that comes from the eating and togetherness that occurs around our tables. At the heart of all of this is the food itself, which when not properly managed, has to be discarded. Throwing out food that’s gone bad causes a special kind of guilt. Here are a few ways to avoid it. (далее…)

​Take Fifteen Minutes and Make Someone Else’s Week — Weekend Project

This weekend we’re going to focus on something much less visible than what we see in our homes. Instead we’re going to take a look inward and make the world a more beautiful place through a small act of communication. Grab your laptop or even reach for some old-fashioned pen and paper (and stamps!) and get ready to make someone’s day — and yours too. Here are a few ideas to get you going. (далее…)

I Can’t Keep My House Clean, What’s Wrong With Me?

We all have different standards of how we wish to maintain our homes. But sometimes, no matter how good our intentions and how hard we try, we just cannot keep on top of our spaces the way we’d like to. Here are some reasons you might be getting stuck, and some fixes to help hoist you out of the rut. (далее…)

This Weekend: Give The Outside of Your Fridge a Facelift — Weekend Project

It’s not just the inside of the fridge that serves a function in our kitchens. For many of us, the fridge is a central spot for displaying kids’ art, the soccer calendar, friends’ engagement photos, and the magnets we collect. This weekend, let’s neaten up the outside of the fridge so we can enjoy afresh what we choose to showcase. (далее…)

This Weekend: Refresh & Rejuvenate Your Personal Library — Weekend Project

Most people who love to read have strong feelings about bookshelves: they daydream about floor-to-ceiling libraries, they don’t care that they are overstuffed, and they’d never dream of culling their collections. But let’s be honest, not every book we’ve ever read will be revisited, lent out, or talked — or even thought — about after an initial read. This weekend, let’s refresh our bookshelves so that rather than being a catalog of what we’ve read or intend to read, they’re a showcase of the material that has played a part in shaping our minds and hearts. (далее…)