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5 Things Impeccably Organized People do on Sundays

There’s a subtle shift in the mood of every Sunday that signals the end of kicking back and the beginning of gearing up for the week ahead. Paying attention to this shift can mean the difference between a manic Monday and one that sets the tone for a smooth week ahead. Here are five ways to set yourself up to be on top of it as the week starts. (далее…)

The Dark Side of Decluttering: Have You Ever Regretted Getting Rid of Something?

We talk about getting rid of stuff all the time and laud the benefits of getting more and more things out of our homes. Freedom! Negative space! Less to clean and organize! While these are all most definitely positive effects of shedding excess, it’s possible that in our maybe-too-hasty pursuit of an ideal that may or may not be your own, we have some casualties, we lose things forever at our own hand and then feel the pang of missing them. (далее…)

A House We Loved and Lost: The Story of My Grandparents’ San Francisco Home

Our homes are the biggest settings in the stories of our lives. The walls hold so much more than the things we’ve curated or the edited details of what we choose to live with or without; they hold the memories of all the small moments that make up our days and the nostalgia of times — bringing home babies, blowing out birthday candles, the most intimate conversations, the tears, the laughter — that live in our memories for our lifetimes. Houses are part of so many families’ histories, so much so that even houses in a family’s past live on in oral history. This is the story of such a house. (далее…)

​How To Become a Unicorn and Actually Enjoy Cleaning

Even if we can’t muster a wholesale change of perspective about maintaining our homes, most of us could use a spoonful of sugar when it comes to the challenge of keeping up with our cleaning tasks. Here are some easy ways to take a little bit of the sting out of it each time you reach for those housework gloves. (далее…)

​I Can’t Save Money, What’s Wrong With Me?

Staying on top of our finances is something most of us could stand to improve. Whether it’s budgeting better, actually sticking to said budget, or reducing our spending, saving money comes down, in large part, to the mindset that drives our behavior. Taking a hard look at why the savings aren’t adding up can help us trade impulses for thinking patterns that keep more money in our pockets. Here are some reasons you might be finding it hard to save and some suggestions for addressing them. (далее…)

This Weekend: Declutter These 5 Stressful Spots Before Monday Morning

Fresh start, clean slate, new beginning, whatever phrase tickles your ears, it’s so very nice when Monday morning feels like one. It’s not going to, though, if your home is littered with clutter hotspots. Devote a bit of time this weekend to addressing a few stressful micro-spaces and enjoy a Monday morning that’s a bit less draggy. (далее…)

This Weekend: Give These Kitchen Objects Some Much Needed TLC — Weekend Project

How often do you think about your cutting boards? Probably not very often, but you likely use them every day. If you’re like me, you probably have several cutting boards, some plastic and some wood. Whichever you use, keeping them free of bacteria through proper cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance is key to a food-safe kitchen. (далее…)

​What I’ve Learned From the Women Who Kept Home Before Me

As I read the introductory chapters of Cheryl Mendelson’s Home Comforts, in which she describes the homekeeping styles of her English grandmother in contrast to that of her Italian grandmother, I began to think about how much the way I do things in my own home is part of the heritage passed down to me by the women in my family. I saw that my methods of homekeeping are more cultural than I realized and in a context of passed down, inter-generational wisdom. (далее…)

​Plant Lady 101: How To Help Your Plants Stay Happy When You’re Away From Home

You’re going on a two-week trip. You’ve made your lists, you’re running last-minute errands, and you’ve made arrangements for pets and mail. It’s easy to forget about your green household companions, your plants. But if if you do, you’ll come home to find them unhappy or worse. Here are some ways to care for the verdant members of your household when you’re out of town. (далее…)