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​How to Clean an Iron, 6 Different (Easy!) Ways

If you’ve ever ruined a fancy blouse with an iron that sputters icky water, you’re smart to be a little paranoid about dirty irons. Residue from synthetic fabrics, spray starch, detergent, and a build-up of dirt and dust can all contribute to a dirty sole plate that can ruin your best clothes. Here’s how to clean your iron to make sure that never happens. (далее…)

The Easier Way to KonMari When You’re Feeling Lazy

I wish that we could all hit pause on our daily responsibilities, welcome the prim and utterly delightful Marie Kondo into the most intimate recesses of our homes, and KonMari all the clutter out of our lives. But Kondo’s method of «tidying up,» popularized (and demonized) once again by her show on Netflix, might not always be accessible to everyone—no matter how inspired they are to speak to their belongings and make mountains of their clothing. (далее…)

​The Smart $10 Find Everyone Needs in Their Gym Bag

Odor-busting usually comes to mind when we’re talking about garbage cans or litter boxes. But there are other areas areas that smell less than pleasant. Take your gym bag (which you may now be slinging over your shoulder more often than you did in December, go you!) for example. (далее…)

10 New Hobbies You Can Get Into (With Craft Kits!) for $50 or Less

New year, new you, right? You may notice yourself turning inward this time of year, reflecting on the direction you want to take with your life. About the things you want less of, and also what you want to include more of. It’s the perfect time to slow down and make some space to explore a new creative journey. (далее…)

5 Big Mistakes You Might Make Using Goo Gone

I may be a rare breed, but I get really excited to try cleaning tools or hacks that extend the promise of near magical ease-of-use or effectiveness. I’ve even been known to run out to Target to pick out a cleaning product I’ve read about so I can try it out myself. And when I write articles about top-rated cleaning products on Amazon? Well, let’s just say I now own and regularly use an O-Cedar mop, Bar Keeper’s Friend, and Scrub Daddys. Hashtag job hazards. (далее…)

The House that Cleans Itself: The Power of a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I’ve been using a cleaning schedule for several years now, and when I’m good about keeping up with it, I really feel like my house cleans itself. With just a few 15-minute tasks a day, I have a presentable house pretty much all the time — and that’s not a small feat with five kids, a dog, and two cats. (далее…)

5-Minute Cleaning Resolutions You Can Definitely Stick With

Just like «little drops of water make a mighty ocean,» it’s those tiny habits you keep around your home that make sure it’s tidy and spotless every day. Cleanliness begets cleanliness, but disorder begets more of the unwelcome same; it’s much easier to stack papers on an already existing pile than on a spotless horizontal surface, for instance. (далее…)