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How to NAIL the Perfect Placement When Hanging Art Above the Bed — Rooms That Get It Right

There are a lot of things to think about when choosing art. From what type of art (photograph, painting or something else?) to the color, style and pattern, you’re notevenfinished when you finally choose a piece. Because you also have to consider where in the space it’s going to go. Not just which room or which wall, but how many inches away from the sofa? How high on the wall? How big compared to the bed? This is a collection of rooms that are getting art above the bed right; visually learn from the examples to help get it right in your own space! (далее…)

Arnold’s Antique-Filled, Incredibly Quirky, Nautical-Themed NYC Apartment — House Tour

Name: Arnold Baumheiser
Location: New York City
Size: 1,328 square feet

Earlier this year we got to see an in-depth look at Dev Shah’s New York apartment — he’s the main character of Netflix’s hit show Master of None. What a unique, comfortable, accessible space the apartment’s set design portrays. It doesn’t really matter if the apartment is «real» or not; Dev’s home is filled with inspiration anyone could use. Well, in honor of Master of None’s Emmy wins last night, we thought we’d share another fabulous «home tour» of one of the show’s quirky characters. (далее…)

Effortless, Elegant Styling Secrets from a Magazine Editor’s Home

Ciara Elliott is the editor of leading UK interior magazine Essential Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom. According to her, the Georgian period home she shares with her family is a work in progress. But I say it’s a study in expertly arranged vignettes and enviable, steal-able styling ideas, like the ones below. (далее…)

Proof This Color Combo Is the Most Versatile Palette of All

Did you catch this rad house tour from Buenos Aires? Each room was bursting with bold design elements balanced and mixed to perfection. But something about the living room really stuck out to me: it’s an excellent example of the versatility of a black and white color palette. In other words, if you’re someone who gets tired of the same look after awhile and you like to mix it up, take some notes from this home. It’s a room with design ideas that work with any style and make it easier to change up the look on a whim. (далее…)

The Cheery Color that Makes Kitchens Feel Fresh

Earlier this year, we predicted what would be trendy in the kitchen for 2017, from rich, muted hues, warmer finishes, New Bohemian style and more. We’re now more than halfway through this year, and I find myself looking back at 2017’s designs. I’ve seen many of the trends predicted above come true, but I’ve also noticed a color trend emerge for the kitchen that I didn’t expect: mint green! (далее…)

Presto! How To Create a Bedroom Closet Out of Thin Air

Though it would seem like life without a closet in your bedroom is an impossible way to live, it’s more than just possible — it can even look stylish. All these beautiful homes below have something in common: The master bedroom either doesn’t have a built-in closet or doesn’t have nearly sufficient closet space. But, these home dwellers were able to come up with an elegant storage solution anyway. Whether you’re in the same no-closet/not-enough-closet boat as they are — or you’re just looking to add more storage to your home — use these storage solutions as inspiration for your own «closet» project. (далее…)