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Worth It: Real People Share the Investments That Made Them Happiest

When you’re on a tight budget, it can be difficult to decide what to spend your hard-earned cash on. Do you splurge on the fun stuff? Be responsible and renovate? There’s no one answer that’s right for everyone. But, reading what’s been worth the investment to other people might help you figure out what’s most important to you. Below, eight people (who know a thing or two about making a home) share the investments that had the biggest impact on their happiness at home. (далее…)

Stop Worrying: 7 Things About Your Home That Aren’t a Big Deal

Do you fret over certain aspects of your home? Do they keep you up at night? Do you spend hours Googling (or Apartment Therapy-ing) for the answer that will fix your problem and tone down your home-related stress? There are plenty of things to worry about when it comes to home, but these seven things aren’t them. Take the worries after the jump off your plate and spend your mental energy on enjoying your space and your life! (далее…)

An Interior Designer’s Ambitious DIY Remodel Filled With Vintage Finds — House Tour

Name: Michelle and Alex Gage
Location: Havertown, Pennsylvania
Size: 2000 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

«Everything needed to go!» That’s how interior designer Michelle Gage describes the Havertown house her and her husband bought three years ago. Because it’s in the suburbs, they were able to get more for their money — 2000 square feet — but Michelle reports that though large, it was, well, hideous. (далее…)

5 Small Daily Practices That Add Up to a More Satisfying Home Life — From the Archives: Greatest Hits

It’s the little things. The small, seemingly insignificant things that we sometimes skip over, because really, how big of an impact could they make? But it’s not any one thing, one moment. It’s the series of tiny efforts you make after awhile that add up. And what they can add up to is a much more satisfying home life. So where do you spend that extra effort (even if it is small)? These are five favorite daily habits to practice in your home. (далее…)

Try a New DIY: Tips for Sourcing & Using Reclaimed Wood

If you admire the rustic and warm look and feel of reclaimed wood, but have never attempted a DIY project using it, let Kelly and Tim Fischer’s Portland home be an inspiration to you. Kelly and her mother used reclaimed wood in many projects throughout Kelly’s home. Let’s take a look at some of their projects and hear Kelly’s Five Commandments of Sourcing and Building with Reclaimed Wood. (далее…)

An Elegant Evolution for a Wood-Paneled Basement

The «after» of this basement isn’t necessarily better than the photo above; beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. But there’s no arguing that this wood-paneled basement no longer looks the way it once did. Gone are the rustic vibes and striped upholstery the previous owners of this house had in this room. What is left after this complete makeover is the cozy, casual atmosphere in a lighter, brighter space. (далее…)

Wellness Experts Weigh In: Simple Things That Help Make a Healthier Home

You don’t have to be a wellness expert to know that your home can have a huge impact on your health. Your environment has an effect, just as what you eat does. But, the experts can definitely help point the rest of us in the right direction toward a home that supports wellness goals. So, if you’re someone who wants to make your home feel — and be — a bit more healthy, check out these suggestions from three pros who reveal the things they always keep around their homes…and things they avoid. (далее…)

Seeking Simplicity: How to Start Living a More Minimal Lifestyle — From the Archives: Greatest Hits

A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. But in this hectic world, many of us feel that call — to have less, to spend less, to do less, to need less. Where does one start on the path to minimalism? We’ve got the beginner’s road map for getting on a path to living a more simple, minimal lifestyle at home (and in life). No one single post will magically make you into a minimalist instantly, but these ideas are a good place to start you on your journey. (далее…)

Greener Thumb: Tips for Fertilizing Your Houseplants

I’ve only recently rid myself of my life-long black thumb, but I now have over seven happy plants that I’ve kept alive for a few years! Finding the right watering method for my plants and my lifestyle was a huge win. But something I’m still quite unsure about is fertilizing. How and how often should I fertilize my houseplants? (далее…)

Design Timeline: An Artist’s Style Evolution Over Six Homes

«Like a great dinner party you want a varied guest list…someone is larger than life, another is quiet but fascinating, another brings beauty, or brilliant conversation, or humor,» artist Judith Bigham says, describing her philosophy of decorating. «If a piece of furniture or art doesn’t work because it’s too big or too exaggerated for a room I often say ‘oh she’s the loudest girl in the room!’ I love a large piece in a small room or a rich vivid color or pattern…but, you must balance; add another ‘loud girl,’ metaphorically speaking.» (далее…)

Real Life Design Solutions: TV Camouflage Ideas that Actually Work

For some, the appearance of a television in a living room doesn’t offend. For others, it is a giant black maw that upsets a room’s perfectly designed look. Thankfully, the act of disguising a television is a happy medium that can allow it to quietly visually recede into the background when not in use. These eight rooms are proof that camouflaging a TV can work. (далее…)

Before & After: A Kitchen «Held Together with Tape» Gets an Overdue DIY Remodel

Every square inch of this kitchen was ripped out and lovingly put back together — this time in a much more functional and stylish way — by the homeowners themselves. As designer Michelle Gage writes on her blog: «The floors were dirty and sticky. The appliances appeared to be original to the house. The counter tops were held together with tape.» (далее…)

6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Moving Into My First Apartment

The sweet taste of freedom after leaving your parents’ house or the dorms for the first time for an apartment of your very own is intoxicating. You can go get sugary cereal in the middle of the night if you want! You’re grown-up! It isn’t all junk food binges and co-ed sleepovers, though. Once the novelty wears off, living in a first apartment can mean learning hard life lessons. Here are six things I wish I had known before I moved into my first apartment. (далее…)

Online Finds: A «New Classic» Room is Just a Click Away

The word «classic» has been used before to describe traditionally decorated spaces — living rooms with chandeliers, formal dining rooms with fancy furniture and more. While those elegant spaces are lovely to look at, they don’t always fit the modern livestyles of go-getters or young families. That’s where «New Classic» style can step in. It combines the sophistication of a soothing, simple color palette with the laid-back coziness of modern furniture and minimal lines. And it throws a few elements of glam into the mix for excitement, too. Get inspired by these real-life living rooms and then shop online for the furniture and accessories you can use to create your New Classic living room. (далее…)

A Photographer’s Scottish Home That’s Like «Stepping into a Rainbow» — House Tour

Name: Mairi and Richard
Location: Edinburgh
Years Lived In: 1 year, owned

The colors and textures of the Scottish landscape are Mairi’s biggest inspiration. «Often I am found escaping to the outdoors and photographing the enlivening flora and fauna that surrounds us,» she says. Mairi transforms this natural inspiration into dynamic abstract patterns for Mairi Helena, a textile and wallpaper company she runs from this colorful Edinburgh house. Not surprisingly, her energetic patterns envelop many of the home’s surfaces, from walls, to cushions to lampshades and more. (далее…)

A Lovely Light 380 Square Foot «Dollhouse» Studio — House Tour

Name: Melissa Morgan
Location: Pleasanton, California
Size: 380 square feet
Years lived in: Renting 4 years

Melissa’s been renting this tiny 380 square foot rental for for years — a long time to try and squeeze your life and stuff in just one room. Does she ever get sick of small space living? «All the time!» she admits. «At least a few times a week I crave more space to have a sofa, a bigger bathroom to take a bath, and a bigger kitchen to cook anything I want.» And while Melissa knows that one day she’ll eventually get a bigger space, she’s in no hurry. «I do absolutely love my tiny ‘dollhouse’ studio.» (далее…)

We’re Blushing: This TV Show’s Apartment Was (Partially) Inspired by Apartment Therapy

«I’m sure that some of the things that have popped up in Dev’s apartment were ideas that I’ve seen on Apartment Therapy,» divulged Amy Williams, the Emmy-award winning set and production designer for Master of None. The Netflix series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang impressed me when its first season premiered last year — and the main character’s stylish apartment caught my eye — so I wanted to learn more about the process behind the designing of this show’s aesthetic. (далее…)

A Dark, Moody, Vintage-Filled Victorian in the UK — House Tour

Name: Nicola Broughton
Location: Leeds, UK
Size: 3000 square feet
Years lived in: 13 years, owned

Dark charcoal grays, velvety emerald greens and rich, earthy browns enliven the walls and furnishings of the big Victorian just north of Leeds that Nicola Broughton shares with her husband and kids. But it’s not just the liberal use of dramatic and moody colors that makes this home so marvelous — it’s Nicola’s collection of art, furniture, salvaged finds and the deft way she’s mixed it all together. (далее…)

3 Key Things to Remember When You’re Downsizing or Decluttering — Real People, Real Advice

Getting rid of stuff is never really easy. But when you’re moving to a new (smaller) place and have to downsize your belongings, you’ve usually got a hard deadline and actual space limitations breathing down your neck. Whether you’ve got a move coming up or just need to declutter, take this advice from real people who’ve just recently downsized. (далее…)

Want to Live More Minimally? Overcome These Obstacles to Live Simply

Living a more minimal life isn’t easy in a world with so many things. Particularly if you love design. And you know, things. These folks in these real homes have encountered some obstacles to living a more simple life, and they’ve shared them below. They’ve also shared some of these ways they’ve overcome these obstacles. You might find inspiration in what they’ve learned and how they’ve designed their homes. (далее…)

9 Truths About Making a Home That Are Worth Remembering

From fretting over which wall color to choose to wondering if you made the right decision on that couch, there are a lot of physical elements that go into making a home. It’s absolutely worth the time learning about design principles, storage ideas and decor tricks — all things that can make your space so much more livable and enjoyable. But don’t get so caught up in decorating that you forget to infuse your space with the other important elements that make a house (or apartment, or condo…) a home. (далее…)

Before and After: An Almost Unrecognizable Modern Transformation of a Beige Suburban House

Dream of living in an open, airy, minimal home but find yourself in a beige-hued, standard suburban house? After you pick your jaw up off the floor upon viewing these before and afters of a renovated Cleveland home, you’ll likely be inspired and motivated to try your hand at modernizing your own space! (далее…)

Side-by-Side: Two Identical Lofts Decorated Totally Differently

Beyond satiating curiosity, getting to see how different people tackle the layout of homes with the same floor plan is also illuminating. Do the same people have the same design challenges? Do they use space in the same way? Does architecture have a strong affect on the furniture and accessories selected? (далее…)

Real Folks Share Their Saving Money Secrets

If money grew on trees, we wouldn’t need to work so hard at saving it. (Not spending it so much might help keep more money in your bank account, as well.) Because I suck at saving money (and it’s possible someone else out there does, too), I asked the same folks graciously giving advice on making a home about how they’ve been able to save money over the years. Their tips are smart and may help you start saving a bit more. (далее…)

Real Couples On: The Biggest Purchase They’d Make Without Consulting Their Partner

How much money would you feel comfortable spending on something for your home…without consulting your partner first? After all, when you live together, you work together to decorate the space and manage the finances. We asked a handful of real couples to share any money limits they have when it comes to splurging on decor. See how you and your mate’s spending style stacks up, or get advice on how to set limits in your own partnership. (далее…)

Design Pro Tips: How To Get a High End Custom Look with IKEA Cabinets

There is lots to love about Ruthie Schulder’s Brooklyn home. It’s a bright, big, light-filled space that was renovated to add function and modernity while respecting the beautiful original architecture. A warm and eclectic collection of vintage furniture mixes with sleek custom pieces throughout. And on top of all of that, there’s a room that impresses the most: the kitchen. (далее…)

Reasons to Go Rugless (And Proof Your Room Could Be Better For It)

Rugs are the textured, sometimes-patterned anchor for many rooms. They add color underfoot, as well as softness to a space. While rugs are a «must-have» for many homes (including renters with leases that require them), don’t think you have to add a rug to a room. In fact, there are a few reasons why you might want to go rug-less entirely. Don’t believe me? These dazzling real-life rooms with bare floors might turn you on to the rug-free side. (далее…)

Real People Share Their Strategy for Downsizing (& It’s Advice Anyone Could Use)

Need to ditch some of your stuff soon because you’re moving to a smaller home? Or have you recently looked around your home and thought «What is all this stuff?» Whatever your motivation for wanting to declutter, you might find some useful inspiration with this advice — all from people who had to downsize their stuff when they moved into their current home. Their words resonate because many of us — probably most of us — have all had to deal with stuff at some point. (далее…)

A «Boho-Anthro-Euro-Moroccan-Traditional» Family Home — House Tour

Name: Danika and family
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 3400 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years, renting

When you’re outnumbered by kids, it can sometimes be hard to craft a home that both fits your style personality and theirs. Particularly if you’re renting. But as this young family proves, you can get creative — and colorful — even in a rental. (далее…)

No Paint Required: Temporary Patterns Transform Real Life Rental Kitchens

Your rental kitchen has to remain boring and pattern-free. I repeat: you DON’T have to embrace plain even if you don’t own the place you’re living in. These three renters didn’t let anything silly like a security deposit keep them from adding pattern and style to the kitchens of the apartment they rent. And the best part? There’s no paint required to steal these ideas. (далее…)

Side by Side Style: See How a Chicago Loft Looks 10 Years Later

When we first toured this Chicago loft all the way back in 2006, it was the home of Andreas, who had transformed it from a dark, rustic industrial space into a bright, all-white modern home (there are some before photos in Andreas’ house tour if you are curious). Wouldn’t it be fun to see what the same apartment looks like over ten years later, with someone new making this space their home? You’re in luck…we’ve recently toured this apartment again! (далее…)

A «Boho-Maximalist» East Village Home Decorated on a Dime — House Tour

Name: Kari Lopez and Vien Do
Location: East Village, Manhattan
Size: 600 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Kari and Vien moved up a few floors recently. First, the couple lived in a studio apartment on the third floor of this building for about a year and half. But now they occupy a light-filled one-bedroom unit on the 12th floor (with a balcony!). They admit they’re lucky to live in this amazing location: «We are in the Village View Coop residences that are a part of the Mitchell Lama program, so we got this via lottery housing.» (далее…)

First Time Homebuyers On: What We Wish We Knew Before Buying — Real Life Advice

Before you’ve done something, it’s pretty hard to know what you don’t know. When it comes to the complicated, terrifying steps required to buy your first home, there’s a lot of opportunity to not know. First-time home buyers Tiffany and Alan Goldstein bought a cute, chic Austin bungalow — and learned a few things about buying a home in the process. (далее…)

This Sustainable «Earthship» Home Cost Less Than $10k to Build — House Tour

Name: Taylor and Steph
Location: Santa Cruz Mountains, California
Size: 560 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Some people dream of living off the land, going off grid, building a home by hand — getting closer to nature and being more sustainable. Taylor and Steph (Find them on Instagram: @nomadic.roots) have done just that. Their dedication to used and found building materials (not to mention a lot of hard, dirty work) resulted in a cozy 560 square foot home…that cost less than $10,000 to build. (далее…)

Real People Reveal How They Started Living More Minimally

As I look around my apartment, full to the brim with colors, patterns, knick-knacks and throw pillows, the thought occurs to me that I don’t even know where to start living a more minimal lifestyle. Give away everything I own? Before I do something drastic, I’m going to listen to these people whose homes are beautiful and simple. They’ve shared how they started their journey of living minimally. (далее…)

Online Furniture Finds from Real Studios & Small Homes

Placement is important when laying out the furniture elements of a studio apartment. But one big key to successful and enjoyable studio living (while also looking stylish) is which furniture pieces and accessories you choose. Don’t let your next shopping trip be a guessing game. All the studio apartments in this post are aesthetically pleasing, but they also master the «mix»: They’re full of furniture and accessories that function as well as they look. (далее…)

Pale or Powerful: See How Color Changes a Super Small Space — GIF Magic

The coziness of a small space — or the closed-in, cramped feeling of one — isn’t always due to how few square feet it is. What you fill a small room with matters, for sure. But another vital element is the color you coat the room in. Conventional wisdom has always advised to use lighter colors to make walls recede (and a room feel larger) and to avoid darker hues (which might make the walls feel like they’re closing in), but that’s just not always the case. Sometimes a dark color can make a room feel even cozier. From deep, dramatic shades, to warm colors versus cool colors, see how a rainbow of hues changes the way this small bedroom looks and feels. (далее…)

Unusual Painting Ideas for Awe-Inspiring Accent Walls

I like to call unique, not-all-the-way-painted accent walls «partial paint jobs.» Sure, you can paint one wall of a room entirely and be done. But you can also put your own spin on a painted accent wall and end up with a one-of-a-kind room. The accent walls in these real homes push beyond the usual; you just may find inspiration for your home’s own individual style from these successful ideas. (далее…)

Insider Tips for Estate Sale Newbies

Anastassia Nelson may still be in her twenties, but she owns her own stylish house and is excellent at navigating the intricacies of estate sales. Because estate sales aren’t like yard and garage sales, they can be a bit intimidating to those not in the know. That’s why I asked Ana to share some insider tips and unspoken rules to help guide someone who’s never been to an estate sale before. (далее…)

Recent Downsizers Share: The Good (and Not So Good) Things About It

When you go from a larger home to a smaller one (no matter how big the size difference), it has a big impact on the way you live. You usually can’t fit as many things in the smaller home, and the way you physically move in and use the smaller space might change, too. These folks recently relocated to smaller homes for lots of different reasons, but they all agree there are both benefits to downsizing — as well as a few downsides, too. (далее…)

Two Lofts With the Same Plain Rental Kitchen Prove the Power of Decor

The ground floor of these two Oakland lofts (identical in floor plan and located in the same complex) show how different people tackle the task of arranging and decorating the same type of home. Each of the homes essentially have one big, wide open room as their first floor. For creative couple Minky and Tirsh, this meant physically carving out a seating area, a bedroom area and a workspace on the first floor. Interestingly, Laura did the same! Are you curious how the second floors of these two homes look like, side by side? (далее…)

What It’s Like Living and Working in Beijing

It wasn’t just graphic designer Becky Lane’s tiny Beijing studio apartment that I found fascinating. I wanted to learn the story of how she ended up living (and starting a business) in Beijing. I had questions! Such as: Are all homes in Beijing super teeny like hers? Do neighbors hang out? How do people entertain? Becky graciously took the time to share her perspective on a number of topics. (далее…)

GIF Magic: RED Hot Color Edition

I admit I read this post with a slight eyeroll at first. I mean, red as the new «trending» color? THE red color that has been a part of human interiors for, like, ever? But then I looked around my interiors — and save for a few books spines and a couple of splashes in a rug — I have no red in my apartment. What’s the big deal, you ask? So what if you don’t have a specific color in your home? (далее…)

A Small DC Rental Row House Shared by 4 Roommates — House Tour

Name: Ricardo Guisse and three roommates
Location: Washington, DC
Size: 850 square feet
Years lived in: Renting 3 years

Architectural charm fills this renovated row house, as do roommates! Four young professionals share this 850 square foot rental home (an affordable option in a big city). With so little space, the challenge was creating a comfortable home with enough room. Their smart storage solutions help the small space function and look stylish. (далее…)

The Cleaning Tool We Won’t Live Without — Neat People Secrets

Folks who enjoy uncluttered rooms and a home not taken over by dust bunnies are often called «neat freaks.» In fact, that was originally the title I was going to give this post. «Secrets of Neat Freaks.» But these people aren’t «freaks.» They are people to be admired. Respected. Mined for their wisdom and secrets to keeping their home so clean. And their suggestions for the cleaning tool they can’t live without might leave you floored. (далее…)

Houseplant Watering Secrets from Regular People Who Keep their Plants Alive & Happy — Real People, Real Advice

Advice from plant professionals (like ecologist and urban jungle dweller Summer Rayne Oakes), is great for broadening your nature knowledge base. It can even give you confidence. But sometimes, you need to hear that regular, non-professional people can rock a plant-filled home as well as a professional who seems to have been born with two green thumbs. (далее…)

A Photographer’s Vintage-Filled Denver Apartment — House Tour

Name: Marianne Brown 

Location: Denver, Colorado
Size: 600 square feet
Years Lived In: 1 year, renting

«My apartment is a small one bedroom in downtown Denver. Not among the tall buildings of downtown, but just on the edge, in the Uptown neighborhood of Denver. A whopping 600 square feet. I’ve lived here for a year, after moving several times over the past few years. Each time moving into a smaller space, and each time cleaning out and purging myself of more and more ‘stuff,'» describes photographer Marianne Brown. (далее…)

Real Couples Reveal: What Happens When We Disagree on Design

Things can get awkward quick when your partner — excited to share their plans for a living room redo — shows you a neon purple paint swatch (…or weird shaped chair…or clown painting). What do you if you don’t love their decor choice? How do you tell your partner I REALLY don’t like this, without, you know, saying I REALLY REALLY DON’T LIKE THIS? These couples share how they let their partner down gently. You might see a little of you and your partner in their answers. Or you might have a new phrase to add to your back pocket in case your honey ever comes home with a «Live, Laugh, Love» sign. (далее…)

Clutter Confessions: The One Thing of Theirs I Wish I Could Toss

That college-age poster of the movie «Scarface.» A collection of terrifying (possibly haunted) Victorian-era dolls. The nine-year-old chair that’s just rags and bones. When you move in with a romantic partner, you inherit not just the stuff of theirs you like, you inherit weird things they’ve held onto for years. (далее…)

Simple But Powerful Time-Saving Cleaning Tips — Neat People Secrets

After the ability to fly, if I could snap my fingers and have any super power, it would be the gift of cleaning my apartment instantly. Since that’s not likely to be bestowed on me anytime soon, I must instead harness the genius of Neat People. Below, in their own words, Neat People share their most favorite time-saving cleaning tips. Simple? Sure. But if it works for these people and their impeccably clean homes, it may just work for yours, as well. (далее…)

I Asked People What They Regret Not Doing More, and This Is What They Said

I’m a huge fan of interviewing people with admirable lives for their secrets to living…to being successful…to even keeping their homes clean. Good wisdom from smart people is invaluable. I want to take advice from people in hopes that I can skip over more of the «making mistakes» part of life. (далее…)

15 of the Best Home Decor Style Descriptions We’ve Ever Seen

How would you describe your home’s style? Would you use common design styles like «mid-century modern» or «bohemian» to explain your home’s look? Or would you use adjectives to define your decor taste? However you label your home’s style, chances are it’s not the way these homes have been uniquely described. Take a look — and read — 29 of the most unusual home descriptions recently seen to celebrate the extraordinary unusual ways different people have described their style. (далее…)

Before and After: An Outdated Living Room Gets an «Artfully Bold» Update

It was on a house hunting visit that Michelle and Alex Gage were first able to see this living room’s possibilities. Though the previous owners’ style was far from the couple’s modern, eclectic taste, the room had been thoughtfully arranged. As Michelle writes «there was a certain warmth and charm to the way the previous owner decorated. We saw that the space had potential.» (далее…)

Before & After: A Closet Catastrophe Is Avoided Thanks to a Smart Small Storage Space Redo

When you’re only working with 366 square feet of living space, chances are your closet’s on the not-big-enough side. Combine the lack of available storage square footage with sharing your studio apartment with your partner and needing to fit in a laundry room, and you’re looking at a potential closet catastrophe if you don’t seriously maximize your space. Thankfully, designer Mary Lee excels at both style and organization. (далее…)

Live Your Best Life: Wellness Experts Share Their Morning & Evening Routines for Healthy, Stress-free Days

I know where you probably start and end most days: at home. But how do you begin and end each day? Your morning routine can set you up for a peaceful, successful work day. And a calming evening routine can help you unwind, de-stress and sleep better. Ever wonder what health pros do first thing in the morning? Or before they go to bed? These three wellness experts share their morning and evening routines…and you might find their daily habits inspiring for yours! (далее…)