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5 Home Truths That Are Worth Remembering Over and Over

Over the years I’ve written a few posts on Apartment Therapy about certain home «truths.» Like 9 Home Truths We Tend to Forget (That Are Worth Remembering), or the rental-centric 9 Important Design Truths Every Renter Should Remember. I’ve even shared truths about stuff that we should strive to remember. The reason why these ideas have resonated with myself and others is that the world is an incredibly complex, fast-moving place. It can be easy to lose yourself and your style when viewing an endless stream of beautiful interior design content. It can be easy to forget what home really means to you. The truths below are for anyone who needs the reminder (myself included). (далее…)

9 Inspiring Homes That Are Only Around 400ish Square Feet

Still not convinced you can live well (and stylishly) in a super small space? The inhabitants of these nine homes have only around a measly 400 square feet each to work with, yet they’ve all fit in the function they need in their small space. More impressively, they’ve all designed homes that look good, despite the small size. (далее…)

Before and After: A Condo Untouched Since 1978 Gets a Fresh and Bright Makeover

This home on Chicago’s Gold Coast was originally built in 1892, but was transformed into condominiums in 1978. This particularl unit—a two-bedroom space with one and a half baths—hadn’t been touched since. Covered in old carpet (even in the kitchen, shudder) and in need of a lot of work, Kira Cole wasn’t deterred by the design task at hand when she purchased the space. (далее…)

5 Design Dares You Should Try in Your Living Room This Year

A new year is the perfect time to challenge yourself and stretch outside of your design comfort zone. Whether with color, pattern, shape, or something else, dare to try something new and bold in 2019. And there’s no better place than your living room, one of the first spots guests see and probably the place you spend the most time in. The brave decor ideas in this post range between small and huge, but all of them are worth considering. (далее…)

7 Times Removable Wallpaper Completely Transformed a Room

In the recent past, wallpaper has become a favorite design tool to add color and pattern to homes, the kind of element that used to be something renters—usually not able to make permanent changes—avoided. But as wallpaper’s popularity has increased, so have the removable wallpaper options. Perfect for those who like to change their minds often or who can’t do anything permanent to a rental. (далее…)

4 Simple Steps for Ruthlessly Clearing the Clutter in 2019

Emily Ley is a mama of three, a designer, author, and the creator of the wildly popular Simplified Planner. She lives in a perfectly imperfect new-build house in Florida with her husband and kiddos…and she knows a thing or two about simplifying life. Below, her four simple steps for ruthlessly clearing the clutter in the New Year. (далее…)

A Professional Organizer Reveals Her Favorite Products of All Time

There’s is a quote by professional organizer Kristen Ziegler, of the company Minima, that really resonates with me: «I think a lot of people view organizing as arranging things and purchasing containers.» As she exemplifies in her home tour and describes in a post about staying tidy all year long — true and long-lasting organization isn’t just about containers. (далее…)