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The Things Living Alone Will Teach You About Yourself

I’m a firm believer in the idea of everyone living alone at least once in their life. In fact, I’m in the solo-living-forever-if-I-can camp. Not only can it be a fun and enjoyable experience for most folks, I think you can also learn a lot about yourself. Here are six of the most important things living alone can teach you about you. (далее…)

Our Favorite Makers On the Goods They’re Most Excited About This Year

The people whose homes we tour on Apartment Therapy don’t just collect a lot of beautiful things…they are often the makers and designers of beautiful things. As we gear up for the holiday season of memorable meals shared with loved ones, we wanted to check in with some of these creatives and get their recommendations for splurge-worthy tableware items from their own lines that are popular with their customers. (далее…)

Genius Ways to Reinvent Your Hideously Ugly Countertops

Can’t stand your countertops but don’t have the funds to tear them out and replace them with the materials of your dreams? You’re in luck, because there are a handful of DIY projects out there that free you up from being stuck with a countertop material you hate while you are saving up for that gut reno. Do any of these fit your style? (далее…)

Real People, Real Advice: Hosting Gatherings in a Small Home

For many small space dwellers, the thought of entertaining over the holidays — inviting friends and family into a teeny amount of square feet — is plain daunting. Don’t let the challenge of hosting in a small home get in the way of your dinner party dreams this holiday season, though. Not only is entertaining in a small space possible, it can be downright pleasant! And these real small-space dwellers share their tips, advice, and lessons learned. (далее…)

Master the 5-Minute Refresh: 5 Free Things to Do to Make Any Room Look Nicer

Even on the longest, most brutal days, every one of us can take five minutes to make a room look a bit better. Whether you’ve got guests coming over and forgot to clean, or you just want a nicer looking home because you deserve one (or want a nicer looking home but mostly want to do nothing this weekend), you can make a surprisingly big impact with just five minutes. Here are five things you can do very quickly that won’t cost a dime to do. (далее…)

How a Chef and Baker Share the World’s Smallest Kitchen

It’s impressive when a couple shares a tiny home together. But even more extraordinary is what Devon Loftus and her chef husband Brian Loftus have managed to pull off in their super small, 320-square-foot tiny house: cook, bake and entertain, despite having a kitchen that’s only 18 square feet! How do they do it? The couple generously shared their small but successful kitchen dwelling secrets. (далее…)

These Are Some of the Best, Boldest Uses of Black

It’s not hyperbole to say that Julie and Matt’s house in Culver City is a monochrome and minimalist masterpiece. Almost exclusively featuring a black and white color palette (with maybe a few wood tones), it’s a gorgeous example of how to do a lot with a little. It’s also FULL of bold ways to use the color black. (далее…)

How to Quickly Give Your Guest Room a Glow Up

If you like someone enough to let them stay inside your home, chances are you like them enough to want them to have a nice time during their visit. Help that happen by making sure your guest room is a cozy and functional place to stay before the holidays get here! (далее…)

A «Crazy Plant Lady’s» Bright & Welcoming Raleigh Home — House Tour

Name: Stephanie Whedbee
Location: Raleigh, NC
Size: 750 square feet
Years Lived In: Less than 1 year, renting

«I’ve lived in Raleigh for four years and this is the first place that truly feels 100% me,» confesses graphic designer Stephanie Whedbee. «Since moving in last fall, I have obsessed over styling and decorating my duplex. By day I am a graphic designer at a tech company, but in my spare time I devote my personal creativity to my house — it fulfills that other part of my design spirit to turn away from the screen and get my hands on DIY projects, searching Craigslist for unique pieces, and combing through Pinterest — all while consulting with my mom. After years of bouncing from place to place, there’s nothing better than coming home to an actual home after a long day to a space that feels so welcoming and comfortable.» (далее…)

Amazing Dining Room Redos that Prove Anything’s Possible

The holidays are just beyond the horizon, and chances are you’ll have at least a guest or two in your dining room. If your current dining area is old, outdated, or just unattractive, you may feel like there’s nothing (affordable) that can be done…or that you’re running out of time. That’s just not true! And these daring and delightful dining room makeovers prove it. (далее…)