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Colorful DIY Mural Ideas That Are Affordable and DIY-able

I’m not saying wall art is done with, or one-color painted walls are outdated. But from a spate of stunning recent house tours, it’s clear murals are a wall trend that deserves attention. The homes in this post are utterly one-of-a-kind, due in no small part to the fantastic wall murals seen within. And the best part: Painting a wall mural is affordable and totally DIY-able. (далее…)

15 Lovely (and Affordable) Little Gifts to Have On Hand — 2018 Gift Guides

Is there anything more awkward than someone giving you a holiday gift and you having nothing to give in return? Or how about the added stress of being busy around the holiday season and remembering last minute that you need to bring a gift to an event? Avoid those potential stresses (and others) by always being prepared: These 15 cute, little, and affordable gifts are perfect for stocking up on now, so you’re never caught empty-handed later. (далее…)

The Most Effective Space-Maximizing Ideas Real Renters ACTUALLY Use

Advice from design writers is great and all, but what’s useful is learning about what people who are actually dealing with real rental issues are doing to overcome design dilemmas. Since the worlds of rental issues and small space problems can often overlap, why not look to folks with stylish spaces for ideas on how to make the most of the rental space you have? (далее…)

Actually Helpful Advice for Hosting in a Small Home

For many small space dwellers, the thought of entertaining over the holidays—inviting friends and family into a teeny amount of square feet—is plain daunting. Don’t let the challenge of hosting in a small home get in the way of your dinner party dreams this holiday season, though. Not only is entertaining in a small space possible, it can be downright pleasant! And these real small-space dwellers share their tips, advice, and lessons learned. (далее…)

Before and After: A Small Studio Is Turned into a Terrifically Modern One Bedroom

This Paris pied-à-terre had been sitting unused for years. It was owned by Laurence Moinet-Saussereau’s father, who bought it in the 1980s for work and kept it even after he moved away from Paris. A few years ago, he donated it to Laurence and her sister, who had been dreaming of remodeling it and renting it out. Though we often focus on full-time homes to tour at Apartment Therapy, every now and then a rental space comes along that’s so delightful it deserves a deep look. This small Paris space is one of them! (далее…)

Before and After: A Rental Apartment Transformed From Drab to Fab

«If you want to try something like painting your walls a zesty color—just go for it—it’s only paint,» advises blogger and DIY master Pati Robins. She’s been living in this rental home for 13 years, and as seen with these before photos, it’s had quite the transformation. «If you don’t like it you can always repaint it—and if you don’t try it, you will always wonder ‘what if?'» (далее…)

10 Unbelievably Bold and Unique Tile Ideas to Try

Available in a dizzying array of colors, materials, patterns, sizes, and shapes, tiles are the incredibly versatile and durable decor tool that’s been adorning interiors for thousands of years. Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration or overwhelmed by all the choices available, these 10 one-of-kind rooms narrow in on unbelievably bold and unique looks you can achieve with tile. (далее…)

The Very Best Ideas from Super Small, Stylish & Smart Kitchens

Since we all must consume food every day to fuel our bodies, it’s not surprising many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen — or that we spend so much time thinking about ways to improve the kitchen. Since limitation is often the the birthplace of clever solutions, there are small kitchens out there absolutely bursting with good ideas. No matter the size (or organizational state) of your current kitchen, check out these lessons from teeny tiny kitchens that make great use of only a few square feet. (далее…)