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The Clever Small Space Kitchen Hack Hiding in IKEA’s Children’s Section

Touring Mona Hamilton’s 650-square-foot Montreal apartment is very inspiring. Not only is it a soothing, lovely space with enviable elements (the removable wallpaper in the kitchen being one of them), but it also features a hack that could be a great space saver for small kitchens or kitchens that need more counterspace. And the source of this hack’s furniture elements is rather surprising. (далее…)

Before and After: A Tiny Outdated Camper’s Remarkable Remodel

The interior of a 16-year-old camper is as outdated as you might imagine. Even in the best of conditions, green carpet, over-sized (not trendy) floral patterns and some questionable wood veneer can leave a small space feeling even smaller. That’s what makes this stylish — and affordable! — RV remodel so great. It now looks good and feels much larger than just 188 square feet. (далее…)

This Tiny House Has a Genius Solve for Hacking More Kitchen Space

Tiny houses and other super compact homes don’t just provide style inspiration; they should be mined for their smart small space living solutions, too. For example, I found ideas in the tidy Airstream home known as the Tin Can Homestead. Plenty of organizing lessons can be discovered in this incredibly livable 160-square-foot tiny house. And most recently, I came across a genius solve from a tiny house in Hawaii. (далее…)

This $20 Item Is the New Classic IKEA Piece

IKEA’s handy, mobile, and delightfully affordable $30 RÅSKOG cart pretty much became a classic the moment it landed in the company’s catalog. You can find a need for it in just about every room of the house… and for a lot of different uses. Its popularity even spawned similar options from other companies. It’s certainly reigned as the ubiquitous product in homes small and large. But move over RÅSKOG, a more recent IKEA creation just might be replacing the cart as the new classic IKEA piece… and it’s even more affordable. (далее…)

A Tiny But Well-Designed 365-Square-Foot Miami Studio — House Tour

Name: Francis Dominguez
Location: Miami, Florida
Size: 365 square feet
Years Lived In: 2 years, renting

Francis had been working at a job in Miami for eight months, but the commute from Fort Lauderdale was frustrating. One day, he stumbled on an ad for a small studio for rent near his office and the places in Miami he liked to hang out. The studio was «literally a seven minute drive» from work, so he decided to check it out one day during his lunch break. «I did, and the second I walked in I saw so much potential…» (далее…)

A Professional Organizer Reveals Two Tasks to Do Each Day to Stay More Organized

I bet I’m not alone in struggling with keeping my home and life organized. While I participate in Cures, have asked myself if objects spark joy, and am trying to stick to a «one in, one out» rule, I still find myself wondering where I’m going wrong in my home organizing journey. (далее…)