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Before and After: A Dark, Dated Kitchen Gets an Unbelievably Beautiful Update

The kitchen in this Brooklyn brownstone — before its reinvigorating renovation and revival — was dismal. Dark, dated. Grimy and greasy. Peeling paint, cracked walls and a floor you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot on. The whole home needed a lot of work, but the kitchen perhaps most so. After all, for many families the kitchen is the heart of the home. The hub of action. The hangout space of party guests. Nicole and Dan’s pre-remodel kitchen just wasn’t the kind of place you’d want to spend any time in. (далее…)

Why You Need a Round Mirror In Your Life & Where To Get One

Think about your home. Are the shapes of your furnishings — tables, cabinets, doors, windows — mostly square or rectangular? You’re in good company. Most homes are filled with straight lines, which is perhaps why I’ve been seeing circles come around the design scene so much recently. Not only are circle shapes sprouting up in homes of all sizes, but there’s a specific way in which I’m seeing circles incorporated in interiors: gorgeous round mirrors. (далее…)

The Five Steps to a Beautifully Designed Living Room

I spotted the living room above in a recent Brooklyn house tour and instantly loved it. You can immediately see that it’s a balanced, well-appointed space. The arrangement is conducive for conversation, it feels sophisticated, and all the elements marry together beautifully. Not only do I think it’s a living room worth getting inspired by, it’s a living room that could be achieved on a budget and fit with many different styles. (далее…)

An Interior Designer’s Ambitious DIY Remodel Filled With Vintage Finds — House Tour

Name: Michelle and Alex Gage
Location: Havertown, Pennsylvania
Size: 2000 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

«Everything needed to go!» That’s how interior designer Michelle Gage describes the Havertown house her and her husband bought three years ago. Because it’s in the suburbs, they were able to get more for their money — 2000 square feet — but Michelle reports that though large, it was, well, hideous. (далее…)

5 Small Daily Practices That Add Up to a More Satisfying Home Life — From the Archives: Greatest Hits

It’s the little things. The small, seemingly insignificant things that we sometimes skip over, because really, how big of an impact could they make? But it’s not any one thing, one moment. It’s the series of tiny efforts you make after awhile that add up. And what they can add up to is a much more satisfying home life. So where do you spend that extra effort (even if it is small)? These are five favorite daily habits to practice in your home. (далее…)

Try a New DIY: Tips for Sourcing & Using Reclaimed Wood

If you admire the rustic and warm look and feel of reclaimed wood, but have never attempted a DIY project using it, let Kelly and Tim Fischer’s Portland home be an inspiration to you. Kelly and her mother used reclaimed wood in many projects throughout Kelly’s home. Let’s take a look at some of their projects and hear Kelly’s Five Commandments of Sourcing and Building with Reclaimed Wood. (далее…)

An Elegant Evolution for a Wood-Paneled Basement

The «after» of this basement isn’t necessarily better than the photo above; beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. But there’s no arguing that this wood-paneled basement no longer looks the way it once did. Gone are the rustic vibes and striped upholstery the previous owners of this house had in this room. What is left after this complete makeover is the cozy, casual atmosphere in a lighter, brighter space. (далее…)

Wellness Experts Weigh In: Simple Things That Help Make a Healthier Home

You don’t have to be a wellness expert to know that your home can have a huge impact on your health. Your environment has an effect, just as what you eat does. But, the experts can definitely help point the rest of us in the right direction toward a home that supports wellness goals. So, if you’re someone who wants to make your home feel — and be — a bit more healthy, check out these suggestions from three pros who reveal the things they always keep around their homes…and things they avoid. (далее…)

Seeking Simplicity: How to Start Living a More Minimal Lifestyle — From the Archives: Greatest Hits

A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. But in this hectic world, many of us feel that call — to have less, to spend less, to do less, to need less. Where does one start on the path to minimalism? We’ve got the beginner’s road map for getting on a path to living a more simple, minimal lifestyle at home (and in life). No one single post will magically make you into a minimalist instantly, but these ideas are a good place to start you on your journey. (далее…)

The Things Everyone Should Clean Every Day (No Matter What)

Whether you’ve got a trusted cleaning routine that keeps your home in tip-top shape or not, there are six things you should never let go uncleaned, not even for a day (barring vacation and illness, of course). Every day, take a few moments to tackle this handful of cleaning tasks — you’ll live in a cleaner home for it! (далее…)

Design Timeline: An Artist’s Style Evolution Over Six Homes

«Like a great dinner party you want a varied guest list…someone is larger than life, another is quiet but fascinating, another brings beauty, or brilliant conversation, or humor,» artist Judith Bigham says, describing her philosophy of decorating. «If a piece of furniture or art doesn’t work because it’s too big or too exaggerated for a room I often say ‘oh she’s the loudest girl in the room!’ I love a large piece in a small room or a rich vivid color or pattern…but, you must balance; add another ‘loud girl,’ metaphorically speaking.» (далее…)

Real Life Design Solutions: TV Camouflage Ideas that Actually Work

For some, the appearance of a television in a living room doesn’t offend. For others, it is a giant black maw that upsets a room’s perfectly designed look. Thankfully, the act of disguising a television is a happy medium that can allow it to quietly visually recede into the background when not in use. These eight rooms are proof that camouflaging a TV can work. (далее…)

Before & After: A Kitchen «Held Together with Tape» Gets an Overdue DIY Remodel

Every square inch of this kitchen was ripped out and lovingly put back together — this time in a much more functional and stylish way — by the homeowners themselves. As designer Michelle Gage writes on her blog: «The floors were dirty and sticky. The appliances appeared to be original to the house. The counter tops were held together with tape.» (далее…)

6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Moving Into My First Apartment

The sweet taste of freedom after leaving your parents’ house or the dorms for the first time for an apartment of your very own is intoxicating. You can go get sugary cereal in the middle of the night if you want! You’re grown-up! It isn’t all junk food binges and co-ed sleepovers, though. Once the novelty wears off, living in a first apartment can mean learning hard life lessons. Here are six things I wish I had known before I moved into my first apartment. (далее…)

4 Commandments of Smart Renovating (By Someone Who Kicked Their Remodel’s A**)

When you see where this minimal and modern guest suite and family remodel started, it’s hard to believe where it ended up. But through a ton of hard work, a lot of DIY and an intense attention to detail, Suzanne and Peter were able to renovate their 258-square-foot garage on a tight budget. Suzanne details much of the remodel in their tour, but she has more wisdom to share. Below, in her own words, are some of the most important things to remember when you’re taking on a renovation. (далее…)

The Biggest Reason You’re Still Drowning in Clutter (And What to Do About It)

Do you regularly put in real, genuine effort to declutter your home, but still find yourself being overwhelmed by all the stuff? Do you ever wonder where it all comes from? There could be one thing that you’re doing that’s keeping the clutter levels high; see if it’s something you can eliminate from your life to help eliminate your clutter. (далее…)

The Ultimate Fashion Lovers’ Fantasy: Rooms Dedicated Entirely to Clothes & Shoes

What would you do if you had an extra room in your apartment? Save it for a guest room? Transform it into a home office? Make yourself an at-home gym? For these fashion lovers, their extra room is used for storage — of the style variety! These homeowners and renters carved out a fashion-only room for specific reasons. (далее…)

Pattern Power GIFS: See How Wallpaper Completely Transforms These Rooms

Tired of staring at your beige or blank walls? Paint would be an improvement, but wallpaper could be just the thing your room needs to take it to the next level. Still on the fence about wallpaper though? I «erased» the wallpaper from these three rooms so you could see the dramatic difference that happens in a space when you add patterned wallpaper (even on just one accent wall!). (далее…)

The Inside Scoop: What’s Everyday Life Really Like When You Live in an Airstream?

Brandon and Gabi’s first foray into the world of trailer living and traveling was in a 16-foot 1971 Shasta travel trailer that broke down in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming their first year. After finishing out that year in a 1973 22-foot travel trailer they bought the next day, they upgraded to their current — and largest — home: A 27-foot long Airstream Overlander they’ve completely stripped down and rebuilt. In their tour, they gave us the run down of how they took a run-down Airstream and turned it into an energy efficient, cozy home on wheels. While that info was inspiring and informative, their whole lifestyle leaves me with questions. I sometimes dream of hitting the road in a compact home myself, but I admit I’m not clear on all the details. How exactly would someone go about getting mail? How do you do laundry? Where do you, you know, go to the bathroom? Thankfully, this pair of professional photographers (and climbing enthusiasts) have graciously answered all my burning questions. (далее…)

A Photographer’s Scottish Home That’s Like «Stepping into a Rainbow» — House Tour

Name: Mairi and Richard
Location: Edinburgh
Years Lived In: 1 year, owned

The colors and textures of the Scottish landscape are Mairi’s biggest inspiration. «Often I am found escaping to the outdoors and photographing the enlivening flora and fauna that surrounds us,» she says. Mairi transforms this natural inspiration into dynamic abstract patterns for Mairi Helena, a textile and wallpaper company she runs from this colorful Edinburgh house. Not surprisingly, her energetic patterns envelop many of the home’s surfaces, from walls, to cushions to lampshades and more. (далее…)

A Lovely Light 380 Square Foot «Dollhouse» Studio — House Tour

Name: Melissa Morgan
Location: Pleasanton, California
Size: 380 square feet
Years lived in: Renting 4 years

Melissa’s been renting this tiny 380 square foot rental for for years — a long time to try and squeeze your life and stuff in just one room. Does she ever get sick of small space living? «All the time!» she admits. «At least a few times a week I crave more space to have a sofa, a bigger bathroom to take a bath, and a bigger kitchen to cook anything I want.» And while Melissa knows that one day she’ll eventually get a bigger space, she’s in no hurry. «I do absolutely love my tiny ‘dollhouse’ studio.» (далее…)

We’re Blushing: This TV Show’s Apartment Was (Partially) Inspired by Apartment Therapy

«I’m sure that some of the things that have popped up in Dev’s apartment were ideas that I’ve seen on Apartment Therapy,» divulged Amy Williams, the Emmy-award winning set and production designer for Master of None. The Netflix series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang impressed me when its first season premiered last year — and the main character’s stylish apartment caught my eye — so I wanted to learn more about the process behind the designing of this show’s aesthetic. (далее…)

A Foolproof Formula to Make Any Blank Wall Sensational — GIF Magic

Blank walls are BORING. But don’t just stop after a coat of paint or a piece of art. Don’t just stop after one layer of decor. Keep piling on the layers until you get a composition that will add excitement to any room. I recently saw a perfect example of a beautifully layered feature wall, and it’s a design formula anyone can use to turn a blank wall into a sensational statement wall. (далее…)

You Do You: These «Rule Breakers» Prove You Can Use Rooms Any Darn Way You Want

Use a bedroom as a living room? An extra office space as a den? A closet as a bedroom?! Yes — though rooms come with «historical precedent» of how they were used in the past, it doesn’t mean you have to use a space in your home the way it was intended. Not only do you have permission to use your home any damn way you please — it just makes sense to do so. Why not craft a home that functions just the way you need? (далее…)

A High-Contrast Color Combo Trend for the Bedroom

There’s a color combination I’ve been seeing pop up in bedroom after bedroom recently. From transitional to eclectic to bohemian style, it seems to be the kind of combo that works with any decor look. And considering one half of the pair is very popular (like, the most popular), it’s not surprising that the trend is starting to swing in this direction. What is delightful is the fact that that they just might be the most agreeable color choices for a bedroom — they’re both bold and relaxing. Could this updated version of the classic combo be perfect for yours? (далее…)

A «Polished Bohemian» San Francisco Studio — House Tour

Name: Amanda Holstein and dog Auggie
Location: San Francisco, California
Size: 550 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year

Amanda is the voice behind the blog Advice from a 20 Something. And seeing what a smart job she did designing her San Francisco studio apartment, it would seem she’s got great advice to give! The small space she shares with her dog Auggie is full of interesting furnishings, yet feels bright and airy. (далее…)

In the Words of Wise Women: How to Ask for a Raise & Get Paid What You’re Worth — Wonder Women

Most people — particularly those who are just starting out in their careers — find the prospect of asking for a raise daunting. Talking about money is often uncomfortable, and having to talk about yourself and why you’re worth a certain amount of moola can push the awkwardness factor off the charts. But, as one of the badass creative women we spoke to for this story pointed out, «If you don’t ask for yourself, who will?» Read on for real life advice on how to ask for a raise and get paid what you’re worth. (далее…)

How To Master a Modern Twist on a Classic Design Detail — Rooms That Get It Right

Traditional types of architectural woodwork — I’m looking at you, wainscoting — are cropping up more and more in homes these days. Woodwork like this is gaining in popularity due to two main phenomena: folks currently purchasing homes that have original woodwork are interested in restoring the historical craftsmanship, and those who live in homes that weren’t built with charming, handcrafted wooden details are opting to install it to add architectural character. (далее…)

An Austin Vintage Treasure Hunter’s Second-Hand Style — House Tour

Name: September Scott
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 740 square feet
Years Lived In: 2 years, renting

Designer September Scott is all about the hunt — for treasures, one-of-a-kind finds and absolutely any found object she can reinvigorate. «Almost all the pieces in my space are reclaimed from an estate sale, flea market, Goodwill or on the side of the road. My passion is bringing new life into found objects,» she writes. (далее…)

How To Get This Bold, High-End Bathroom Look on a Budget

How much would you pay for a bathroom as bold and high-end looking as the one in Shauna Glenn’s Texas house? Her incredible design choices make this bathroom inspiration-worthy. But when you add up the price tag of just the items Shauna listed in her house tour resource list, you get around $2500 and counting. All beautiful products worth the money, but if you’re on a budget and want to get a similar look, there are ways to achieve it for less. (далее…)

Design Pro Tips: How To Get a High End Custom Look with IKEA Cabinets

There is lots to love about Ruthie Schulder’s Brooklyn home. It’s a bright, big, light-filled space that was renovated to add function and modernity while respecting the beautiful original architecture. A warm and eclectic collection of vintage furniture mixes with sleek custom pieces throughout. And on top of all of that, there’s a room that impresses the most: the kitchen. (далее…)

Reasons to Go Rugless (And Proof Your Room Could Be Better For It)

Rugs are the textured, sometimes-patterned anchor for many rooms. They add color underfoot, as well as softness to a space. While rugs are a «must-have» for many homes (including renters with leases that require them), don’t think you have to add a rug to a room. In fact, there are a few reasons why you might want to go rug-less entirely. Don’t believe me? These dazzling real-life rooms with bare floors might turn you on to the rug-free side. (далее…)

6 Badass Creatives On How to Get Past Being Told «No» — Wonder Women

«Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,» croons Lee Ann Womack in 2000’s pop-country tune «I Hope You Dance.» But sometimes you can’t wait for a door (or window) to open. Sometimes you just have to open your own damn door. All people in creative fields get their ideas rejected at one point. (Yes, even Don Draper.) But when you have real passion for a project, or a strong vision you want to see through to the end, it can be devastating to be told «no.» Or that you can’t move forward. That something won’t work. Or that your idea just isn’t any good. (далее…)

Two Savvy Solutions for Ugly Rental Kitchen Lights

Considering the amount of spectacularly hideous light fixtures in rental kitchens around the country, it’s almost as if installing the ugliest, most unflattering light fixture was at one time the law. That’s of course not true, but for anyone who’s ever walked into their rental kitchen, looked up at their light fixture and wondered «why that?», this post’s for you. (далее…)

A «Boho-Anthro-Euro-Moroccan-Traditional» Family Home — House Tour

Name: Danika and family
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 3400 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years, renting

When you’re outnumbered by kids, it can sometimes be hard to craft a home that both fits your style personality and theirs. Particularly if you’re renting. But as this young family proves, you can get creative — and colorful — even in a rental. (далее…)

No Paint Required: Temporary Patterns Transform Real Life Rental Kitchens

Your rental kitchen has to remain boring and pattern-free. I repeat: you DON’T have to embrace plain even if you don’t own the place you’re living in. These three renters didn’t let anything silly like a security deposit keep them from adding pattern and style to the kitchens of the apartment they rent. And the best part? There’s no paint required to steal these ideas. (далее…)

Are You Making These Common & Easily Avoidable Art-Hanging Mistakes? — GIF Magic

Though I’m a firm believe in the power of doing whatever you damn well want — and in fact applaud design rule breakers — sometimes design «mistakes» don’t make a room feel rebellious. They just make a space seem sad. Read on to see if either of these art hanging no-no’s is currently on display in your home. And then learn how you can remedy and re-hang the situation. (далее…)

A «Boho-Maximalist» East Village Home Decorated on a Dime — House Tour

Name: Kari Lopez and Vien Do
Location: East Village, Manhattan
Size: 600 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Kari and Vien moved up a few floors recently. First, the couple lived in a studio apartment on the third floor of this building for about a year and half. But now they occupy a light-filled one-bedroom unit on the 12th floor (with a balcony!). They admit they’re lucky to live in this amazing location: «We are in the Village View Coop residences that are a part of the Mitchell Lama program, so we got this via lottery housing.» (далее…)

This Sustainable «Earthship» Home Cost Less Than $10k to Build — House Tour

Name: Taylor and Steph
Location: Santa Cruz Mountains, California
Size: 560 square feet
Years lived in: 3 years, owned

Some people dream of living off the land, going off grid, building a home by hand — getting closer to nature and being more sustainable. Taylor and Steph (Find them on Instagram: @nomadic.roots) have done just that. Their dedication to used and found building materials (not to mention a lot of hard, dirty work) resulted in a cozy 560 square foot home…that cost less than $10,000 to build. (далее…)

The Real Low-Down on Murphy Beds from People Who Use Them Every Night

I know Murphy beds have a reputation for being a smart choice when space is limited. But are they comfy? Are they hard to fold up and down? Do you have to sacrifice comfort for convenience? I decided to ask the best experts on Murphy beds to answer those questions and more: Three people who actually sleep in a Murphy bed every night. (далее…)

A Unique Statement Wall Idea That’s Clever, Cheap & Chic

Everything about Aysu Sener‘s Dutch home is lovely. The color palette is warm and welcoming. A mix of textures adds an atmosphere of coziness. And of course, there’s Aysu’s beautiful macramé work. Upon closer reflection, though, the genius of Aysu’s interior design skills reveals itself. Her organic modern living room holds a secret: The statement wall behind the couch is show-stopping, unique and deceptively simple to recreate. (далее…)

Get the Look: Design Recipe for a Luxe «Modern Farmhouse» Kitchen

The «modern farmhouse» look is the most popular design trend of the moment. One of the draws is that its most common elements evoke a warm, simpler lifestyle, which is lovely. But, if you fear that too many rustic details will make for an overly casual, leaning toward cliche look, you might want to take notes from this kitchen’s design. It’s absolutely a little bit country, but its got a good dose of contemporary high-end style and absolutely rocks the role of Luxe Modern Farmhouse. (далее…)

Pale or Powerful: See How Color Changes a Super Small Space — GIF Magic

The coziness of a small space — or the closed-in, cramped feeling of one — isn’t always due to how few square feet it is. What you fill a small room with matters, for sure. But another vital element is the color you coat the room in. Conventional wisdom has always advised to use lighter colors to make walls recede (and a room feel larger) and to avoid darker hues (which might make the walls feel like they’re closing in), but that’s just not always the case. Sometimes a dark color can make a room feel even cozier. From deep, dramatic shades, to warm colors versus cool colors, see how a rainbow of hues changes the way this small bedroom looks and feels. (далее…)

Unusual Painting Ideas for Awe-Inspiring Accent Walls

I like to call unique, not-all-the-way-painted accent walls «partial paint jobs.» Sure, you can paint one wall of a room entirely and be done. But you can also put your own spin on a painted accent wall and end up with a one-of-a-kind room. The accent walls in these real homes push beyond the usual; you just may find inspiration for your home’s own individual style from these successful ideas. (далее…)

How To Stop Playing It Safe — Wonder Women

Fear is a very convincing liar. It masquerades as a friendly internal voice — as something just trying to protect you from professional or financial ruin — but it often overstates the actual consequences at stake. And the thing that fear almost always forgets to mention? How miserable you might be if you don’t even try to follow your dreams. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you think it might be easier to play by «the rules,» do what others want you to do, or follow tradition and play it safe, listen to the insight and wisdom of these seven women in creative careers below. They share what they’ve done to banish fear and keep being bold and badass…creatively and professionally! (далее…)

How To Take Your Home to the Next Level (With Stuff You Already Have) — Side by Side Style

Surrounded by the same sofa you’ve had for ten years and the coffee table you’ve lugged from apartment to apartment, it can be hard to see how your style has evolved through the years. But just because you have the same stuff, doesn’t mean your style can’t evolve; it doesn’t take all new stuff to elevate a home’s elegance. Need proof? This side-by-side comparison of two homes with nearly identical floor plans and stuff will show how — with some curation and careful arranging — you can take your home to the next style level with the furniture and accessories you already have. (далее…)

What It’s Like Living and Working in Beijing

It wasn’t just graphic designer Becky Lane’s tiny Beijing studio apartment that I found fascinating. I wanted to learn the story of how she ended up living (and starting a business) in Beijing. I had questions! Such as: Are all homes in Beijing super teeny like hers? Do neighbors hang out? How do people entertain? Becky graciously took the time to share her perspective on a number of topics. (далее…)

GIF Magic: RED Hot Color Edition

I admit I read this post with a slight eyeroll at first. I mean, red as the new «trending» color? THE red color that has been a part of human interiors for, like, ever? But then I looked around my interiors — and save for a few books spines and a couple of splashes in a rug — I have no red in my apartment. What’s the big deal, you ask? So what if you don’t have a specific color in your home? (далее…)

A Stylish $50 DIY Solution for Hiding Home Entertainment Devices

When you live in a small apartment like Mary (366 square feet), finding the right home for everything is a priority. Having already made over her kitchen and closet to suit her needs, Mary was no stranger to crafting custom, diy solutions for her small space. Her next project: creating a stylish setup for her home entertainment devices and hiding those cords! (далее…)

How to Dominate Dark Colors Like a Londoner

Londoners aren’t the only people in the world who often use dark, dramatic colors in their home, but they are world-class masters at it. Shadowy shades create a snug, intimate atmosphere in these London homes. But though dark and moody, these homes are anything but gloomy. These Londoners know the secrets to using dark colors successfully — tips that will help you master the mood in your home. (далее…)

Before & After: A Small Brooklyn Apartment Gets a Sweet Makeover

Designer Linda Cava’s Brooklyn home is one of those weird studio/not quite studio apartments that can throw even a seasoned decorator for a loop. The apartment has three main spaces — an open foyer, a large room that needed to be her living room, bedroom and office rolled into one and a tiny kitchen she wanted to modernize. Let’s see how she tackled each of these spaces to suit her needs and her style. (далее…)

Before and After: A London Studio Apartment’s Total Transformation

There are remodels…and then there are total transformations. Julia and Kurt bought a run-down studio apartment nine years ago. The layout was weird and it was on the teeny side. But instead of just improving the look of the current home’s foot print, they thought outside of the box! They decided to take over the home’s huge rooftop terrace to convert their studio apartment into a two-level, two-bedroom modern home. (далее…)

Before & After: A Teeny Kitchen is Transformed on a Tiny Budget

In the hunt for the perfect apartment—one that’s located where you want and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg—you sometimes have to make sacrifices. For Kimberly’s search in Philadelphia, she was willing to settle for a small «kitchen» since she doesn’t cook often. But she wasn’t going to settle on it being boring and beige. Her quick, contemporary makeover of the kitchenette in her new living room is totally cute and affordable—and we’ve got the resources you can buy to use these ideas in your own small kitchen! (далее…)

The Painted Picture Frame Wall: A Unique, Affordable DIY Way to Add Architectural Interest

There was a lot to take in with this Spanish home tour. Like an amazing kitchen, stunning stairs, dreamy furniture and more. If you didn’t notice each incredible design detail of the home’s 7000 square feet, I wouldn’t blame you. So much to soak up! But while inspiration can be gathered from every room, there was one particular design idea I spotted in the nursery and loved…and it’s something I’ve never seen before. (далее…)

Real-Life Renters With Vividly Colorful Homes…Despite a «No Painting» Rule

It’s a tale as old as time (well, as long as leasing agreements have been around): You find a rental apartment or house you LOVE…but you’re not allowed to paint the walls. Perhaps the walls are white or beige and you find them ho-hum. Or perhaps your rental walls do have color — but not color you like. What’s a rule-following tenant supposed to do? You could paint anyway (we won’t tell), but if you want to add the color you want without a paint brush (and get your security deposit back), take some notes from these three fabulous rentals. (далее…)

15 of the Best Home Decor Style Descriptions We’ve Ever Seen

How would you describe your home’s style? Would you use common design styles like «mid-century modern» or «bohemian» to explain your home’s look? Or would you use adjectives to define your decor taste? However you label your home’s style, chances are it’s not the way these homes have been uniquely described. Take a look — and read — 29 of the most unusual home descriptions recently seen to celebrate the extraordinary unusual ways different people have described their style. (далее…)

Before and After: An Outdated Living Room Gets an «Artfully Bold» Update

It was on a house hunting visit that Michelle and Alex Gage were first able to see this living room’s possibilities. Though the previous owners’ style was far from the couple’s modern, eclectic taste, the room had been thoughtfully arranged. As Michelle writes «there was a certain warmth and charm to the way the previous owner decorated. We saw that the space had potential.» (далее…)

Before & After: A Closet Catastrophe Is Avoided Thanks to a Smart Small Storage Space Redo

When you’re only working with 366 square feet of living space, chances are your closet’s on the not-big-enough side. Combine the lack of available storage square footage with sharing your studio apartment with your partner and needing to fit in a laundry room, and you’re looking at a potential closet catastrophe if you don’t seriously maximize your space. Thankfully, designer Mary Lee excels at both style and organization. (далее…)

Live Your Best Life: Wellness Experts Share Their Morning & Evening Routines for Healthy, Stress-free Days

I know where you probably start and end most days: at home. But how do you begin and end each day? Your morning routine can set you up for a peaceful, successful work day. And a calming evening routine can help you unwind, de-stress and sleep better. Ever wonder what health pros do first thing in the morning? Or before they go to bed? These three wellness experts share their morning and evening routines…and you might find their daily habits inspiring for yours! (далее…)

A Minimal, Modern Custom Kitchen That Looks More Expensive Than It Actually Was

There is lots to love about Aine and Eloise’s East London home. The way the floor-to-ceiling doors open up fully, connecting the home to the outdoors. The soothing neutral color palette punctuated with colorful accessories and word art. But of all the elements to drool over in their house, the kitchen deserves the biggest spotlight. It’s not only stunning in its simple beauty, it was completely designed by the couple — and the renovation’s final cost is shockingly affordable. (далее…)

Before and After: From a Gutted Airstream To a Perfect Tiny Home

Brandon and Gabi aren’t just living a dream life — traveling around and enjoying the beauty of our country — they’re doing it while living in this dreamy Airstream trailer. As we showed in their house tour, tons of thought went into the DIY details of their tiny mobile home, from storage to lighting and more. And while the end result is certainly beautiful, it took A LOT of work to get it there. (далее…)

GIF Magic: Think Pink-ish

Every year or so, a trend forecaster (or a paint company) will decide on a «new neutral.» Though the shade changes (you’ll remember gray had quite a long time in the spotlight), the element all these colors have in common is that they play well with others. (далее…)

6 Secrets for Getting Out of a Rut (That These Badass, Creative Women Know) — Wonder Women

Colorful art and patterned textiles aren’t the only things I find myself envying while looking through the house tours we share. When I read about women kicking ass in creative careers and living in stylish, authentic homes, I want to know what they know. About design…and about navigating artistic lives. Seeing that these women have both careers and homes bursting with creativity, I want to know their secrets to getting out of a creative rut. I want to hear about how they spark their imagination when they’re low on inspiration. Below, six ways they get «unstuck.» (далее…)

A Small Brooklyn Home Influenced By Southern Style — House Tour

Name: Linda Cava
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Size: 525 square feet
Years Lived In: Almost 2 years, owned

Designer Linda Cava’s life and career has taken a few turns over the years. Her love of interior design became a seven-year long career in architecture before coming back to a focus on interior decor. It was a love of historic houses and a desire for a slower pace of life that led her to living in Savannah, Georgia for a year and a half. Now back in NYC for two years, she combined all her loves — design, history, sleek style and Southern quirk — in this small Brooklyn home. (далее…)

6 Badass Creatives On How to Get Past Being Told «No» — Wonder Women

«Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,» croons Lee Ann Womack in 2000’s pop-country tune «I Hope You Dance.» But sometimes you can’t wait for a door (or window) to open. Sometimes you just have to open your own damn door. All people in creative fields get their ideas rejected at one point. (Yes, even Don Draper.) But when you have real passion for a project, or a strong vision you want to see through to the end, it can be devastating to be told «no.» Or that you can’t move forward. That something won’t work. Or that your idea just isn’t any good. (далее…)

Small Kitchen Survival Secrets from Stylish NYC Homes

New York is one of the capitals of living well in small homes, so it’s no surprise you can get lots of kitchen storage ideas from the tiny apartments of stylish New Yorkers. The three homes below are small, and their kitchens cramped and narrow, but these small space aficionados added smart ways to stay organized. (далее…)

Before & After: New Bedrooms for the Whole Family in a Brooklyn Brownstone

Considering the amazing renovation work done on the living room, dining room and kitchen of Nicole and Dan Lucey’s Brooklyn brownstone, it’s not exactly a surprise that they also showed the same care, intention and design savvy with the family’s upstairs bedrooms. What is surprising are the bold design choices in two of the rooms, and the serene space the master bedroom turned out to be. (далее…)