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Presto! How To Create a Bedroom Closet Out of Thin Air

Though it would seem like life without a closet in your bedroom is an impossible way to live, it’s more than just possible — it can even look stylish. All these beautiful homes below have something in common: The master bedroom either doesn’t have a built-in closet or doesn’t have nearly sufficient closet space. But, these home dwellers were able to come up with an elegant storage solution anyway. Whether you’re in the same no-closet/not-enough-closet boat as they are — or you’re just looking to add more storage to your home — use these storage solutions as inspiration for your own «closet» project. (далее…)

Simple Steps to a Beautiful, Minimal Dining Nook

Have you ever noticed how some of the finest restaurants have very simple, white plates? No need for elaborate patterns or colors when food is delicious and beautiful. The same philosophy can apply to the rooms, corners and nooks that we eat meals in. A minimal, non-distracting space can be the perfect backdrop for your own prepared meal, whether enjoyed solo or among friends or family. And this modern dining room is an example of how to layer a minimal and beautiful space. (далее…)

The Inside Scoop: What It’s Really Like Living With Open Kitchen Shelving

The debate between open shelving and closed cabinets in the kitchen divides many people. Some find the look charming, but hate the practicality of it. Others think it looks messy, but wonder if they’d use their stuff more if they could see. And many other opinions in between abound. So I asked some folks who live with open shelving in their kitchen every day to share the real truth. (далее…)

Extremely Satisfying GIFs of Hidden Home Elements

Reading the two posts that Nancy Mitchell has written about a particular story from the Berenstain Bears, I know I’m not alone in the intensely pleasurable emotions I feel when opening a door or drawer and finding a perfectly lined-up, organized set of containers. It’s a joy matched only by the excitement of seeing an unattractive (but useful) home element smoothly reveal itself from its hiding spot…and then slide right back out of view. Sure, this post has some organizing and camouflaging ideas, but it’s also unabashedly full of some moments of sweet and simple zen. (далее…)

An Under-$20 DIY Project to Add Curb Appeal

Stephen and Amy bought their first home together in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood in 2013. Their home is adorable inside and out, with many of the elements crafted by the couple. There is one small element that I think has a big impact on their home’s curb appeal — and it’s an easy and affordable DIY! (далее…)

How to Add Color When You Can’t Paint Your Rental Walls

Color lovers who area also renters (and can’t paint your walls), rejoice! You CAN have a colorful home even if wall paint is against the rules. Interior designer Rachelle Padgett didn’t let the no-wall-color constraints of her small rental apartment get her down. Instead, she got creative. And the tricks she used to add more hues to her home could easily be translated to any home. (далее…)

The Affordable Curtain Idea Hiding at the Hardware Store

Jessica’s small San Francisco apartment is an explosion of leafy green plants, unique travel finds, and a bold blue living room wall color. Full of bright light, it’s an airy, bohemian home perfect for relaxing or entertaining friends in. There’s also a clever and very affordable curtain idea hiding in plain sight, and it might just be the right solution for your home. (далее…)

The Secret to Decorating Uncluttered Yet Cozy Rooms

I love the idea of living a more minimally minded lifestyle. And it would seem that many others have been gravitating toward that decor philosophy, as well. But one of my biggest concerns — and a fear I’ve heard echoed by others — is that moving one’s home toward a more minimal look might also leave it cold, characterless and uninviting. (далее…)