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A Neutral & Natural 400-Square-Foot LA Studio — House Tour

Name: Logan Sommers
Location: Los Feliz — Los Angeles, CA
Size: 400 square feet

With an eye for detail, visual display artist and former New Yorker Logan Sommers has outfitted his cozy studio apartment with panache. He currently resides in Los Feliz, one of the few quaint and walkable communities situated in the heart of the sprawling expanse that is Los Angeles. His keen design sense and experience making do in modestly-sized spaces (a generous description of the closets-turned-apartments in NYC) have made his 1920s studio apartment a cozy home that is as comfortable as it is stylish. (далее…)

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8 Ways Your Stylish Grandma Would Tell You to Decorate Your Home

We look to our granny for advice on life, love, and how to bake that one weird dessert only she can conjure up, so why not take a page from her style manual as well? Granted, not all grannies are created equal, and with many different grannies come many different granny styles. Today, we tip our (red) hats to the well-traveled, color-friendly, pattern-loving grannies of the world with a round up of chic rooms we love that are sure to be granny-approved. (далее…)

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A Professional Organizer’s Fun & Functional Silver Lake Apartment — Video House Tour

Name: Fay Wolf
Location: Silver Lake — Los Angeles, California
Size: 660 square feet
Years lived in: 4 years; Rented

Apartment Therapy’s resident organizational expert Fay Wolf is living proof that being highly organized doesn’t have to mean being sterile and rigid. Her modest one-bedroom apartment is filled with colorful mementos and multiple instruments for her busy life as a musician, organizational consultant, and, most recently, author—yet it doesn’t feel overly cluttered (or empty). By keeping her valuables organized, easily accessible, and attractively displayed, Fay has achieved the perfect balance of an organized, functional home that also feels personal and inspiring. (далее…)

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