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A Berlin Apartment Inspired by Queer History — House Tour

Name: Dean Sameshima
Location: Berlin, Germany
Size: 1,044 square feet
Years lived in: 10 years, renting

When Dean Sameshima came to Berlin in 2007 to put on an art show with Peres Project, he didn’t expect to stay put for so long. What started out as a one-month stay quickly became three months, and luckily, he found this gem of an apartment at the end of his trip. «I fell in love with the space immediately and feel grateful for it every single day,» Dean says of his apartment, which is located in a hip part of Kreuzberg full of good restaurants, large flea markets, and beautiful parks. But best of all, his apartment gets of a ton of light and provides him with plenty of space for his queer art collection, silk screening supplies, and his sizable menagerie of plants (though he could always use more). (далее…)

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A «Folk Modern» Apartment With Urban Cabin Vibes — House Tour

Name: Steven Miller
Location: Los Angeles, California
Size: 750 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years, rented

Everything in Steven’s apartment has a story behind it: He can recall the thrift store each piece of art came from and can tell you the lengths he went to find a unique piece of furniture. «It makes me so happy that I have a space for all of the things that I’ve thrifted or collected,» he says. For Steven, thrifting isn’t just a hobby. «I’ve always fantasized about a road trip where I can thrift my way up the West Coast to the Pacific Northwest and meander through all of those small towns that you never knew were there — with a trailer for all of my finds, of course!» All of that digging has turned his apartment into a welcoming space full of eccentric art and unique knick-knacks, and he’s more than happy to tell you all about ’em. (далее…)

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For the Record: 9 Turntables That Sound & Look Great

Not surprisingly, more and more people have been buying vinyl the past few years, and with that comes the important decision of investing in a quality turntable. There are quite a few things to consider: price, quality and user friendliness. But just as important is the overall look and design of the record player. We’ve rounded up turntable options at every price point to ease your search, but don’t fret—these look and sound great, making them perfect for audiophiles with an eye for design. (далее…)

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A Los Angeles Musician’s Colorful, Playful & Nerdy Apartment — House Tour

Name: Juan Velasquez
Location: Highland Park — Los Angeles, California
Size: 460 square feet
Years lived in: 5 years, rented

About five years ago, the house Juan shared with two friends in Los Angeles’ Eagle Rock neighborhood was sold, forcing him to move out. That’s when he stumbled upon this current apartment in Highland Park. It was at the top of his budget, and as a punk musician and record store employee at the time, he says it was out of reach because he had terrible credit. But with some extra help from his mom as a co-signer, he was on his way to acquiring his first «grown-up» apartment. (далее…)

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Before and After: A Living Room Stuck in the ’90s Gets a Gorgeously Dark & Modern Makeover

We showed off Timothy’s remodel of his inherited childhood home in a tour recently — it’s beautiful, modern and it perfectly illustrates what can be done with a limited budget. Timothy was kind enough to contribute family photos from the early ’90s showing the front room — or parlor — in its original state, complete with drab carpet and lackluster furniture. (далее…)

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An «Every Day is Halloween» Home in Oakland — House Tour

Name: Mollie Gilbert
Location: Oakland, California
Size: 1,325 square feet
Years lived in: 11 years, owned

It isn’t difficult to find Mollie’s house on her quiet street: Just look for the home with the jack-o-lantern on the porch year-round. If the pumpkin or the «Haunted Mansion» sign at the doorway aren’t an indication of what’s inside, then you’re in for a spooky treat. (далее…)

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