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Four Roommates Create Stylish & Affordable Makeshift Closets from IKEA Parts

Did you catch this tour in which Shelbie and her roommates not only make a four-bedroom apartment look refreshing and cohesive, but also add a bunch of clever (and affordable!) storage solutions to their no-closet bedrooms? They all agree that lack of storage is one of the biggest challenges in their San Francisco apartment, but they make it look effortless and orderly using easily accessible products. Their entire home is worth a look for the inspiration, but the makeshift closets featured in each space show that with some planning and creativity, tackling storage dilemmas is totally achievable. (далее…)

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A Modern Mix of Greenery in a Small San Francisco Apartment — House Tour

Name: Jessica Henry
Location: Duboce Triangle — San Francisco, California
Size: 500 square feet
Years lived in: 4 years, renting

Jessica likes to collect things that remind her of a specific time and place, like the leather butterfly chair she got in Argentina, or the bedroom mirror she found at a San Diego thrift store. All of those mementos combined with eclectic accents — and lots and lots of greenery — are what makes her place special. «The mix of my travel finds with some modern furniture and a ton of plants makes the flat feel cozy while brimming with personality,» Jessica says. «It gives you a much richer connection to the things you have, and makes for a good story as you show guests around your home.» (далее…)

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A Vintage Lover’s Designed-on-a-Dime Oakland Apartment — House Tour

Name: Natasha Harden
Location: Bella Vista — Oakland, California
Size: 725 square feet
Years lived in: Rented 4 Years

Natasha — a Virgo — credits her Zodiac sign for her heightened sense of detail. «I can spend hours thrifting, and trust me, I always find something cute,» she proudly says. «I usually just walk around in a thrift store and I let patterns and textures speak to me.» Up until last year, Natasha ran a small vintage clothing boutique store in Oakland, which she curated all on her own, scouring thrift stores up and down California. But unlike her shop — which consisted of finds from all over — her home is made up almost entirely of things she’s found on her block and in the streets of her neighborhood, either while walking her dog or going for long evening strolls. That mirrored coffee table in the living room? A street find. The framed unicorn print in her bedroom? Also a street find. And the handful of plants she’s miraculously brought back to life? More than likely, she picked them up from the curb. (далее…)

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A Woodsy MCM California «Tear Down» Gets a Second Chance — House Tour

Name: Susan and David
Location: East Bay, California
Size: 2,250 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years, owned

Susan and David’s East Bay home comes with intact natural features, Douglas fir beams and cabinets, and a functional floor plan. Why anybody would list this mid-century home as a «tear down» on the market is a mystery. Luckily, Susan and David stumbled upon the listing when a sale fell through. The 1958 house was in untouched, original condition — a true delight for the couple who were relocating from Chicago. «We were the only buyers willing to uncover the natural beauty of this diamond in the rough and were ready to get to work upon closing,» Susan says. Upon move in, they immediately fell in love with the home’s charm and functionality, but they say the true joy has been learning new things about its history. (далее…)

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Before and After: A «Luxe Bohemian» Bedroom Gets a Refresh

Bridget’s «luxe bohemian» Oakland apartment is full of unique furniture, eccentric art, and beautiful textiles. But even all of those wonderful elements combined can make a space feel cluttered and disorderly, as Bridget says was the case in her bedroom. «It was starting to feel clunky and granny-ish. There were big, heavy furniture pieces and too many color schemes.» To fix that, Bridget got the idea to rearrange large furniture pieces and mix it up with new art. The end result is an open, refreshing space that feels bright, rebellious and harmonious at the same time. (далее…)

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Mid Century Meets Scandi Rustic Chic in Chicago’s Bronzeville — House Tour

Name: Kenyatta Forbes
Location: Bronzeville — Chicago, Illinois
Size: 1,450 square feet
Years lived in: 5 years, owned

Kenyatta is inspired by patterns in nature, textures, and bold and bright colors, all of which can be found in her Chicago apartment. «I think the thing I love most about my home is the elements of history, memories, and design,» Kenyatta says. «I love how they all come together and couldn’t exist without each other.» As a self-taught artist and owner of Urban Macrame Fibers, she creates beautiful wall hangings and wall art that add texture to any space. (далее…)

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A «Rainbow Bohemian» Tiny Cottage in the Berkeley Hills — House Tour

Name: Rachelle Padgett
Location: Berkeley, California
Size: 525 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years, renting

In Rachelle’s living room, a rich and colorful rug is layered on top of another, creating a kaleidoscope of colors on the floor. Bright turquoise sheets in her bedroom complement the framed photo of a bright French Quarter house she took on a recent trip to a jazz festival. Clearly, Rachelle isn’t afraid of color — just take a peek at any room in her Berkeley home, which she describes as «rainbow bohemian.» The home was constructed in the 1930s as a pottery studio for the original owner, Rachelle says. «There’s still a little smokestack on the roof, where the old kiln used to be,» she adds. «I’m an interior designer, and love the idea that I’m continuing the creative energy for which the home was built.» (далее…)

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A Kitschy, Pink-alicious Apartment that Says No! to Minimalism — House Tour

Name: Alex and Sean
Location: Grand Lake — Oakland, California
Size: 500 square feet
Years lived in: 5 years, renting

Alex and Sean refuse to leave any walls bare in their Oakland apartment. Though tiny, the couple says there is always room for more kitsch, color, and mid-century treasures. It’s also very likely there is not one white wall in their apartment, either. Both their childhood homes were filled with kitsch, so when they met and realized they shared a love for mid-century furniture, classic TV, and cheesy movies, it was a perfect fit. «It was great to finally find a gay guy who loved Morticia and Gomez Addams as much as I did,» Alex says. «We decorated this place together with stuff we always wanted to have, and every room has a bit of both of us in it.» (далее…)

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