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12 Unexpected Perks You Can Negotiate When You Sign an Apartment Lease

Maybe you found the perfect apartment after weeks of fruitless searching, but the rent is just a wee bit out of your budget. Or maybe you just received the renewal notice for your current apartment from your landlord, and your rent is getting bumped up a lot more than you’d like for next year. Your first step, in either case, is to negotiate a lower rate. But what do you do when the landlord won’t budge? (далее…)

Smart and Simple Strategies for Dealing With Sentimental Clutter — September Sweep

Deluttering can be a very emotional endeavor and especially so when the «stuff» isn’t just «stuff.» For this decluttering task, I’m not going to point you to an area as much as I’m going to direct you to follow a feeling. Our target today is less about the location of your clutter and more about the stuff itself. The sentimental stuff. (далее…)

Here’s a Fool-Proof Plan for Cutting Down an Overwhelming Collection — September Sweep

New technology is forever changing the way we live with media at home, but I bet you’re still hanging onto some relics of the past. Instead of ignoring them—hidden away behind the doors of a TV console or the depths of a storage closet—today, we’ll try and cut down on those collections. (далее…)

Declutter This Area to Make Your Home (and Mind) Feel Lighter — September Sweep

I sit writing this from my dining room table, looking over at a pile of… stuff… sitting in the middle of my floor. There’s an Ace Hardware bucket (empty save for a few almost-used-up rolls of painter’s tape), a grocery bag filled with the hardware we removed from our upstairs bath, and a cardboard box filled with three sample pints of mint-tinted paint because—in direct contrast to my firm feelings on mint chip ice cream—I couldn’t decide how green I like my mint to be. (далее…)

This Humane Spider Catcher is Perfect for Arachnophobic Pacifists

I don’t need a Buzzfeed quiz to tell me that the Mean Girls character I most identify with is the «she doesn’t even go here»-girl. I just have a lot of feelings, OK? I talk to my plants like they’re people. They’re named after people, for goodness sake. And I can’t let go of a chair or a car on Craiglist without feeling like I’m abandoning a member of my family. «Is he going to take care of Heidi the Honda? What if she has a miserable life with that guy?,» I ask myself, as if the seats in my car would notice as I did (or even care) how filthy that guy’s pants were. (далее…)

I Bet You Can Tackle Your Cluttered Living Room in Just 20 Minutes, and Here’s How — September Sweep

People are surprised to know that the hardest-working weapon in my cleaning arsenal is my phone’s built-in timer. It’s a workhorse for two reasons: First, because I find it easier to muster up the energy to get chores done when I give myself a mental limit. «You only have to clean for 20 minutes, Taryn. You’ll be done just in time for Jeopardy.» (далее…)

Make Your Tiny Fridge Feel Twice as Big: 11 Brilliant Hacks

Here’s how you make a tiny fridge bigger: You don’t need magic or borderline-psychic Craigslist sense, you just need some clever hack-y solutions. Here are eleven tricks collected from Pinterest and across the web—each one hand-picked to make the most of your limited refrigerator and freezer space. (далее…)

A Feel-Good Checklist to Set You Up for a Clean and In-Control Weekend — September Sweep

I could write an essay (I kind of already have) about how good it feels to have a clean refrigerator. Your stocks of foodstuffs are something you touch every day, and when the fridge, freezer and pantry are neat and organized, it carries on like a snowball effect through your whole space: If you have a tidy fridge, you must be a tidy person. Suddenly you’re empowered to muscle through a small mess on the dining table before you sit down for dinner. (далее…)