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50+ Ways to Learn, Grow and Find Happiness at Work — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

«Work» can look like many different things, and a typical 9-to-5 commuter job is only one of them. You might be a freelancer, or a graveyard-shift-er, or a part-time-er, or somebody who spends their days taking care of their family. All that matters is that you’re happy with where you’re at. (далее…)

This Dusty Area is Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind Anymore — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

Congratulations to everyone! We’re officially halfway through our 2017 spring cleaning mission. Ten days down, ten more to go… and to celebrate, today’s task should be a simple one. In fact, the hardest part is just going to be toting a stepstool around your apartment for a little while. (далее…)

How a Simple System Squashed My Marriage’s Biggest Cleaning Spat

We’ve got a good thing going, my husband and I. Our homekeeping is a pretty solid division of labor. I cook, he does the dishes. I’ll spend time during the week vacuuming and tidying up all over, and once a week he handles all the laundry. What I’m saying is, our cleaning routine works for us. Mostly. There is one thing we never could seem to see eye to eye on… (далее…)

Take 20 Minutes Today and Focus on Erasing Home Blemishes — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

There is a reason great artists spend so much time preparing their canvases: a clean, smooth slate allows all their creativity to shine. It’s true, also, for you and your home. You care for your space and take pride in decorating it, so why let tiny blemishes scar the surface? (далее…)

Test Yourself: Try to Guess Popular Cleaners Without the Logos — Apartment Therapy Quiz

There are many reasons to let your neat freak flag fly. For one, your home is probably the most spotless of your friends. And you can likely clean house in record time, too. But your knowledge and enthusiasm for cleaning might also pay off for you in bragging rights, today. (And, even if you aren’t in the sweeping and scrubbing fan club, read on, because we have a really fun quiz for you…) (далее…)

Indisputable Evidence You Don’t Have to Live in a Palace to Enjoy this Glamorous Piece of Furniture

The word «palace» in title doesn’t refer to size, but to stature. Because let’s face it: Lots of the homes in these photos are actually quite massive. But they’re also pretty normal-looking. These rooms aren’t stately or overly opulent–they’re simple and relatable, just really, really well-designed. Let it inspire you to bring a bit of glamor home with a dome. (далее…)

One Thing You Can Clean Today to Save Your Future Self Major Money — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

This will not be the sexiest thing you do this month, but it just might be the most important. Hidden somewhere on your refrigerator is a winding, zig-zaggy section of tubing called a condenser coil — it’s there to take air from the room and make it cool enough to keep the food and supplies you store inside the fridge fresh. Over time, the coil collects dust and dirt (and pet hair—so much pet hair) from around the room, and the build up can make it hard for the coil to release heat and do its main job of keeping things cool. (далее…)

What is Considered a «Small» Apartment?

Some words have different meanings depending on the geography of the soil where you’re standing when you say them. A «biscuit» in England is a «cookie» in America. «Pop» in the South is something balloons do, while in the Midwest, it’s the favored name for a fizzy soft drink. And worst of all, the standards for what constitutes a «small apartment» vary wildly based on location. In New York City, a «small» apartment may be 300 square feet. In Atlanta (where I live and home of the country’s largest apartments) 300 square feet is practically unlivable. (далее…)

45 Minutes Well Spent If You Can’t Decide to Rent or Buy

If you lustfully dream about getting out of the rental game—to have creative control over your space or just to stop «throwing away money» every month—you’ve no doubt given some thought to whether it’s cheaper to rent or to buy where you live. It’s easy enough to search out a couple of listings on Zillow to give yourself a quick answer, but the truth is there are lots of unexpected financial effects to weigh—on both sides. (далее…)

Sign Up! Get Your Spring Cleaning Done in 20 Minutes for 20 Days — Apartment Therapy Spring Cleaning 2017

If you’ve ever wondered why spring cleaning came to be such a staple of the homekeeping zeitgeist, you should know that climate and cleaning have a long and storied relationship. It isn’t arbitrary that we take on a massive deep clean of our homes in the springtime, it’s almost destiny. The mild weather of spring simply makes cleaning easier. You can leave the windows open and scrub and dust to your heart’s content, without worrying about bugs flying in or climate-controlled air escaping. (далее…)

7 Entertaining Party Games You Can Play With Stuff Around the House

Illustrations by Nina Cosford (@ninacosford)

You don’t need a lot to have a really good time. If you’ve got friends and a few common household items, gather everybody up for one of these rousing party games. Whether your goal is to get everyone talking or just to have a good time, one of these games is sure to get the party going. (далее…)

Get Your Wellness on Track: More Than 100 Of Our Best Ideas — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

Wellness isn’t just a part of your life. It is your life. And yet, so many of us let our health fall to the wayside while we worry about money and distract ourselves with pleasurable pursuits (like finding the perfect sofa). But at some point, you’ll have to come back down to Earth and realize that your wellness can and should be a top priority. (далее…)

Why People Who Love Cold Showers Could be Healthier

My long-held belief has been that a shower is not a shower until it’s practically scalding my skin. But people change, you know. I didn’t understand the whole «cold shower» contingent until I spent a week in a Florida vacation rental last summer with a broken air conditioner. The icy cold downpour coming from the showerhead the next morning was refreshing and downright magical. (далее…)

Get S.O.S.D. : The 20-Minute Secret to a Clean Kitchen

Forgive my hyperbole, but I firmly believe the very best thing you can do for your home is to clear the kitchen each night. It’s the heart of your home—and the place you’ll make your coffee in the morning—so you want to keep that heart healthy and happy. Sometime after dinners have been made (and a few bites of ice cream have been taken straight from the freezer), but before you turn in for the night, take a quick 20 or so minutes to clear your kitchen of its daily mess. (далее…)

A Simple (But Often Forgotten) Spring Cleaning Task to Check Off Your List Today — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

For today’s spring cleaning assignment, you’ll need to grab a few common supplies and head to the bathroom. The task itself shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but you’ll need to pick a time when the shower in your home doesn’t have to be serviceable. If you’re lucky enough to have more than one, you can stagger your efforts throughout the day. Even Ellen and her eight bathrooms could get them all done with 20 minutes of actual effort. (далее…)

A Quick Kitchen-Cleaning Mission for Your Monday — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

At the risk of sounding like a cloyingly optimistic Peppy Patty (which I can assure you, I am not), I never really understood all the pervasive hate for Mondays. I get that easing yourself from the freedom of the weekend into the structure of the workweek is a bit of a shock to the system, but I’ve always had a trick that makes me look forward to Mondays, and I’ll give it to you here for free (a bonus for being so great and following along on this spring cleaning journey we’re on): plan something for Monday night you can look forward to. A favorite dinner, a weekend show you put off watching, or maybe a standing coffee date with a friend you don’t see too often. (далее…)

Step Up Your Style: 150 Ways to Refine and Reinvent Your Home and Wardrobe — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

We know that not everyone’s idea of whole-life balance makes room for the way you feel about your style. But we’re taking a gamble that since you’re here with us at Apartment Therapy, dear reader, that you take style seriously. The way you dress your body and dress your home are reflections of you, and when either one of them don’t quite feel right, it’s like the wind has been taken from your sails. (далее…)

This Dusty Area is Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind Anymore — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

Congratulations to everyone! We’re officially halfway through our 2017 spring cleaning mission. Ten days down, ten more to go… and to celebrate, today’s task should be a simple one. In fact, the hardest part is just going to be toting a stepstool around your apartment for a little while. (далее…)

Improve Your Financial Picture: 100+ Ideas — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

I don’t have to tell you this, but money matters. Even if you consider yourself a card-carrying minimalist who thinks «materialism» is a dirty word, you need money to exchange for goods and services, like rent and food and the shirt on your back. Your financial goals shouldn’t be to keep up with the Joneses, but you should have a good idea of what it costs to maintain your lifestyle—whether that’s backpacking through the countryside or investing in high-dollar real estate—and a plan for the future. (далее…)

Polite Ways to Ask Your Engaged Friends (Potentially) Rude Questions

It’s totally normal to get really, really excited when a friend announces their engagement. You want to know everything! Where’s the wedding? What are your colors? But before you go all 20-Questions: Wedding Edition™, take a step back. Even though your heart is in the right place and you truly mean the best, some of the things you want to know can sound kind of nosy and maybe even rude. (далее…)

An Elegant (and Industrial!) Wedding in a Former Factory — Real Weddings

Bride & Groom: Lauren & Jack
Wedding Date: August 13, 2016
Venue: Charbar in Calgary, Alberta
Number of guests: 125

As if wedding planning wasn’t difficult enough, imagine having to organize a wedding while you, your fiance and the wedding venue are each many, many miles (and borders) apart. That’s the story of Lauren and Jack. (далее…)

200 Ways to Begin the Journey to a Calm & Happy Home — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

There’s more to a beautiful home than just the decor and furnishings you put into it. Your home also needs to function well, and be a calm and happy respite from the rest of your hectic life. If you can’t say those things about your space, then it’s likely you might feel a little off-balance in your life, overall. A happy home is the finishing touch on a happy life. (далее…)

The Life Balance Wheel: A Printable Tool to Find Harmony at Home — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

Try not to think about it too hard, but you’re currently flying through the universe at a million miles an hour. Your balance—a skill finely tuned since you were a toddler—is keeping you upright, allowing you to maintain control when everything around you is moving faster than you could imagine. Balance is no less important outside of the body. When you’re able to maintain a harmony, perfectly distributing your efforts into every area of your life—from your work to your relationships to your health—you’re able to maintain control through any unexpected anything the universe wants to throw at you. (далее…)

100 Ways to Change Your Outlook on Life — Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel

Even if you’ve got it all (mostly) figured out—from your money to your home to your relationships— it can all feel flat if you can’t see your world through rose-colored glasses. Attitude is everything to the balance of your life; without a positive outlook on things, all the work you put in juggling your responsibilities can start to feel like it’ll never be enough. (далее…)

A Simple Cleaning Chore to Set Yourself Up for Perpetual Productivity — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

Considering how much attention as your home computer likely gets, I bet most of the time your gaze is focused on a browser screen instead of the area around your machine. Although it’s not always an item on everyone’s spring cleaning checklist, I want you to take 20 minutes today and focus on your home office area—whether your setup is a compact corner or a room unto itself. (далее…)

When Was the Last Time You Cleaned This Part of Your Kitchen? — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

I grew up in a house without a dishwasher. And for a really long time after—even when my college and post-college apartments had these cathartic symbols of luxury installed under the countertops—I sort of just… kept doing dishes by hand. It was easier, to me. While dishwashers are indisputably the pantheon of modern efficiency, it pays to mind the words of Uncle Ben Parker: With great power comes great responsibility. (далее…)

Before You Settle in for Shows Tonight, Here’s a 20-Minute Plan to Tackle the TV Area — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

Hopefully you spent some of your weekend catching up on your shows, because today’s spring cleaning task is all about your home’s main entertainment area. If it’s possible, I’m asking that you don’t turn the TV on tonight until you spend some time cleaning up around the TV—on top of and throughout your media center area. (далее…)

Take it From the Top: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Ceiling Fans and Fixtures — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

I have to fess up: our end goal, with this spring cleaning plan, isn’t a totally spotless home, top to bottom. We’re all here to tackle our seasonal cleaning slowly—20 minutes at a time—over the course of 20 days. So, you know, life is going to happen in between. That’s why I try to remind you not to fuss over the papers on your desk or the dirty towels in the bathroom—we’re setting our focus on those one-in-a-while sorts of deep cleaning tasks to get our homes in exceptionally serviceable shape for the season ahead. Don’t sweat the little stuff; you’ll get to that in time with your regular routine. (далее…)

Do You Tsundoku? Beware If You’re a Book Lover

Hoarding is more like a spectrum than a binary classification, and most of us fall somewhere between KonMari and get this person a TLC special. In fact, collecting needless things is such a common human experience that the Japanese have developed a very specific word for my particular favorite flavor: hoarding books. (далее…)

Try an Old School Remedy for a Universal Cleaning Problem — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

It’s better not to reinvent the wheel, sometimes. As much as modern conveniences are revitalizing our home lives, there are moments when, frankly, grandma just got it right. Today’s task in our spring cleaning plan is one of those moments. I’m thinking your rugs could use a little retro refreshing. (далее…)

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Plan for Tackling an Annual Chore — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

Hopefully you’re not too bitter with me about making you clean again this weekend. But we’re starting the home stretch of spring cleaning! One week from today is the official last day of the program—so I think it’s just best if we buckle down and get going… (далее…)

Details Matter: How to Get Your Bathroom Looking Perfect — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

In literature, in outfits and in life, it’s the details that truly matter. A bathroom that’s been decluttered, scrubbed and sanitized can still look a little bit off if you’re not minding your lines. For a sparkling clean bathroom—top to bottom and wall to wall—you’ll want to make sure your grout is really clean, too. (далее…)

Take 20 Minutes Today to Clean the Dirtiest Spot in Your Home — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

Your floors, counters and tabletops get their fair share of attention — they’re likely the first places you clean any time you work to make your home a tidier place. And no wonder: They’re big areas that collect visible clutter and dirt. But if the cleanliness of your home were one of those maps where states or countries are distorted and re-sized based on a staggering statistic, you might see things a bit differently. For one, your switchplates would take up a whole lot more room. (далее…)

The «Flip and Fluff» Routine is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Furniture — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

Our spring cleaning journey has been about turning over some lesser-cleaned leaves and refreshing your space to feel brand new for the season ahead. So in many ways, today’s assignment is symbolic of the whole shebang. We’re going to be flipping and turning, revealing a fresh new face for some of the most-used and much-loved parts of your home. (далее…)

A Small Task that Makes a Huge Impact — Spring Cleaning in 20 Minutes a Day

It’s been really inspiring to me how much we’ve all embraced spring cleaning this year. Even when I’ve given you permission to take a day off — like when you’ve recently cleaned your kitchen cabinets or because you don’t have a dishwasher — I’ve seen you chiming in, finding something else to tackle that day in the name of a cleaner, refreshed home for the sunny season. (далее…)

Is This The Reason You Keep Killing Your Succulents?

This one’s for my black-thumbed brethren. The folks, like me, who ran out to buy a dozen succulents once word got around at how easy they are to take care of. And the folks who, again like me, almost instantly found a way to let their easy-going succulents down. RIP, aloe vera, you will be missed. (далее…)

The Real Price of a Guest Room: What an Extra Bedroom Costs in SF, Chicago & 32 Other Cities

There’s truly nothing better, to me at least, than sharing your home with family and friends. That’s a big reason why my husband and I sought out a two-bedroom space when we went home shopping last year: We knew we wanted to use the extra space as a guest room to be able to host out-of-town family and friends when they visit. We’re not the only homeowners who made an «extra bedroom» a priority, either. There are more bedrooms than people in the United States—to the tune of around 33 million. And even though they can’t all be guest rooms, I’d bet my mortgage that there are still a whole lot of empty mattresses out there. (далее…)