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Why You’ll Love that Black Christmas Tree Trend (Trust Me, I’m 9 Years In)

This year, daring decorators are flipping the holiday decorating script and dreaming of a goth Christmas. Home decor site Wayfair is reporting a 70 percent increase in searches for black Christmas trees this year, and according to the artificial tree retailer Treetopia, black is the second most popular color (after classic green) in six locations: Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Delaware, and Washington D.C. (далее…)

The 1 Expensive Thing First-Time Home Buyers Forget to Budget For

The countdown to buying your first home is innately defined by one thing: the balance in your savings account. Unlike car loans and the too-expensive shoes you put on your charge card, you can’t exactly buy a home with zero money down, so most people who have their sights set on homeownership begin by saving for a (sizeable) down payment. (далее…)

The Mistake All Fake Christmas Tree Owners are Making

As a big fan of friendly banter, I am always ready to throw down on a real vs. artificial Christmas tree argument. Team Real Tree love to wax poetic about the tradition of heading to the farm each year and the festive character that only comes from dressing a natural tree. While the artificial tree folks (of which I am one) like to tout the charm of colorful trees and the low cost and easy cleanup of bringing out the same tinsel shrub year after year. (далее…)

The Best Gifts for Board Game Lovers — 2018 Gift Guides

The best gift-givers treat their shopping list like a game. They start with an objective—find the perfect gift—then play their cards based on what they know: hobbies, interests, things you collect. If you happen to have a board game lover on your list, we’ve got you covered right here. (далее…)

The Best Mattress Toppers to Make Your Bed More Comfortable — The Best List 2018

A wisely chosen topper can make a bad mattress good, or a good mattress even better. The benefits are many: Mattress toppers can make a bed more comfortable and supportive, help regulate your body temperature throughout the seasons, and extend the useful life of your (likely more expensive) mattress. (далее…)