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100+ Readers On What Really Makes a Difference in Keeping a Clean Home — Apartment Therapy Reader Month

In one’s attempt to get their life together, so to speak, one will inevitably feel pressured to buy into gimmicks. That’s how The Container Store makes you feel like you’re just one $300 receipt from the Mariah Carey closet of your dreams, and why The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold five million copies worldwide. But the truth of keeping a clean home is so much simpler than that. (далее…)

Save Your Sanity: The Top 3 Toughest-to-Assemble IKEA Pieces

In case you missed it: Everyone’s favorite Swedish flat pack palace IKEA has recently purchased TaskRabbit, a major player in the «gig economy» that connects people willing to exchange money for small tasks. You know, things like cleaning around the house, filling test tube shots with vodka (that’s a real task) or, you know… assembling IKEA furniture. (далее…)

Does Your Shirt Hem Flip Up? There’s a Simple Way to Fix It

It’s a problem everyone who does laundry knows all too well: The shirt hem that flips up and stays up, seemingly forever. You spend 90 percent of your day tugging away at the bottom of your shirt in an attempt at staying kempt, whatever that means. Maybe you make an attempt to iron it with your dress clothes—a lot of work for a basic tee. But then, the shirt hem is like a stubborn curl: one go through the wash and it’s back to its old ways. (далее…)