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Science Has Figured Out Just How Long Our Vacations Should Be

A lot goes into planning a vacation. Where should you go? When can you take time off? What gets you the most bang for your buck? Should you do a lot of long weekends or a few big trips? At times all of the run around and crazy planning can seem like it just isn’t worth it, how can you enjoy your vacation when you’re not doing it right. Luckily, science is here to remove some of the guess work. (далее…)

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This IKEA Dictionary Tells You What Each Product Name Means

In the world of IKEA tropes, «IKEA is a death trap to couples» reigns supreme. But coming in at a close second is «I (a non-Swedish speaking individual) am somewhat flummoxed by the name of this bowl.» IKEA product names have long since been a source of delight, confusion and humor for many IKEA fans. Lucky for us, a brave man has put together the ultimate IKEA dictionary. (далее…)

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A Lord of The Rings Meets The Flintstones Home is on the Market

A truly unique property is on the market just outside of Eugene, Oregon. A little bit Shire, a little bit Bedrock, the home is an otherworldly, one of a kind spot. The property, built in 1988, sits on just under an acre of land and consists of eight rooms with concrete art, skylights, and up-cycled wood. It needs a lot of work, but for the right buyer, could be a lot of fun— especially since it’s priced under $200,000. (далее…)

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