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The Surprising Feature Being Ditched in Bathroom Remodels

One of the first remodeling projects many people tackle is the bathroom. Dated tile, ugly carpeting, ancient lighting — out with the old and in with the new. But there’s one element we thought had an unquestioned spot of permanence in the bathroom that more and more remodelers are ditching. Any guesses? (далее…)

Martha Stewart Stores Her A/Cs In Outdoor Pits in the Winter. Here’s What The Rest of Us Should Do

Martha Stewart is known for her attention to detail and is a prime example of the old saying, «Anything worth doing is worth doing right.» This extends to the air conditioners on her main property in Bedford, New York and how she preps them for winter. Here’s how she rolls, and how the rest of us can try to keep up. (далее…)

The $25 Amazon Buy That Cuts Your Painting Time in Half

Painting is one of the least expensive ways to give your space a facelift. But it’s not exactly fun. It’s messy and time consuming especially if you have to do multiple coats — say goodbye to your weekend. Enter this $25 buy, which helps you tackle painting like the pros and shave significant time off the job. (далее…)

We’re Transfixed by this Kitchen Sink Drain that Makes Cleaning Easier

It’s a sign of my age that I get crazy excited about the little things at home. Sure, the frivolous things of my youth still hold some sway, but all I really want is a good vacuum that will suck up rogue animal fur, and a sink that cleans itself. I can probably manage the vacuum, but a self-cleaning sink is most likely not in the cards. That’s ok though, because this one from Elkay is the next best thing. (далее…)

Lowes Welcomes A Major Brand and Only Those Missing Sears Care

Growing up, I remember hitting up small-town hardware stores for quick needs like electrical tape or a pack of screws. If we wanted something fancier, we would head to the local mall and peruse Sears’ bigger selection of pretty tools and yard machines. Despite my mother’s grumbling comments about the cost of lawn mower parts, the tools still all felt so glamorous under those retail lights. (далее…)

IKEA Came Up With Yet Another Clever Use For Their Magnetic Knife Holders

It’s easy for «project stuff» to pile up as you’re going about repairs or home improvements. Some people might just leave a tool or two out, while others leave behind a chaotic wake of supplies and mess. When you’re in «go mode» it can be hard to keep up with real life at the same time. If paint projects are on your agenda, then you’ll want to check out this clever IKEA hack to help keep your sink and counters clear and clean. (далее…)

Who Has The Guts To Renovate After Martha Stewart? This Guy.

When you move out of your old apartment or home, it’s always a curious thing to see the changes the new owner or tenant made once you left. That said, if you were lucky enough to move into a property that was previously owned by Martha Stewart, would you have the courage to change things up? This guy did, and when Martha went back to visit, she wasn’t very happy. (далее…)