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A Wellness Blogger’s Clean & Minimal Los Angeles Studio — House Tour

Name: Lee Tilghman
Location: Koreatown, Los Angeles
Years lived in: 8 Months, renting

When Lee Tilghman moved from New York City to Los Angeles a little over two years ago, she initially rented another apartment. But the building this Koreatown apartment is located in had great bones, Art Deco details, «amazing light and was central to everything I wanted to get to in LA,» says Lee. So she made the move to where she lives now! A recipe developer and wellness blogger, Lee believes that what you put in your body affects how you feel. And she knows your home is important for wellness, too. (далее…)

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Before and After: A Vintage Kitchen in the Desert Gets a Bright Face-Lift

It was nearly love at first sight when artist Lindsay Hollinger found this house while on the search for a slower pace to live in Joshua Tree. Well, except for maybe the very vintage feeling kitchen. Thankfully, Lindsay knows that even the smallest changes can make the greatest impact. Rather than replace her original custom wooden cabinets (which were in good shape and sturdy), a sometimes expensive and unnecessary update, she opted to paint her way to a fresh kitchen. (далее…)

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Desert Magic in a Renovated Joshua Tree House — House Tour

Name: Lindsay Hollinger, kitty Hewson
Location: Joshua Tree, California
Size: 1236 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years, Owned

Walking into Lindsay’s home is like walking into a desert landscape of whites and cactuses and hues that just make you feel good. Lindsay felt these same good vibes when she first visited the desert, deciding to make it her home. The dreamy desert look came naturally once she moved in and began to decorate. So inspired is she by her natural surroundings, that she doesn’t just live in her home — she spreads creativity through workshops and retreats. (далее…)

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Before & After: A Blank Box Living Room Gets a Warm Multi-Functional Makeover

Gone are the days of the traditional living room. A modern creative woman, Lindsay designed her «living room» into a multi-functional space for all of her personal and professional needs. After 10 years in Los Angeles, Lindsay came to Joshua Tree seeking open space, a slower pace, a more affordable cost of living and time to explore her creativity. Definitive ties to desert vibes inspired her to build the functional space she needed for herself and her guests to call home. (далее…)

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Before & After: A Guest Bedroom’s Marvelous Makeover

We can imagine the difficulty of being surrounded by so much beauty in the desert if your living space in the house you purchased just does not compare. Drawing inspiration from natural elements and the beauty of the desert, Lindsay infused her dark and uninspiring spare bedroom with, as she says, «as much white, natural wood, and stone as possible.» (далее…)

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