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13 Things You Probably Haven’t Considered Spray-Painting (But Should)

When you want to change the color of a wooden chair, you automatically reach for a can of spray paint. But when you have some monstera leaves, a KitchenAid mixer or a fridge in need of a makeover? Spray paint isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. After searching the web and our archives for unexpected subjects for spray-paint spruce-ups, we’ve determined that this humble supply can accomplish much more than we ever thought it capable of. (далее…)

3 Best Bedroom Makeovers from the One Room Challenge

We’ve talked about the One Room Challenge before, a biannual event hosted by Calling It Home that tasks home design bloggers with transforming one room over the course of six weeks. Last time, we featured some of our favorite bathroom makeovers, but this time around, it’s all about the bedrooms. Gorgeous floral wallpaper, modern updates and DIY nightstands earn these spaces the title One Room Champions. (далее…)

8 Houseplants that Can Survive Urban Apartments, Low Light and Under-Watering

Ever since a friend recommended that I start following The Sill, a Brooklyn-based plant company, on Instagram, I’ve been hooked. Besides knowing how to curate some seriously good-looking plant porn, they also seem to know a thing or two about caring for monstera, and oxalis, and pothos—and their weekly workshops prove it. So when I wanted to find out the ultimate apartment plants, I turned to The Sill to round up a list of favorites. (далее…)

The Best Things You Can Do to Your Bathroom for Under $100

Bathrooms usually need the most work, but simple sounding changes can quickly tally into a 4-figure bill. When your budget’s not ready for a remodel, set your sights on smaller DIYs you can tackle yourself. Grab a Benjamin and a basic tool kit—here are 7 projects to easily take on this weekend. (далее…)

The Plant Doctors Are In: Welcome to Tula House, Brooklyn’s Mobile Greenhouse

Feeling stuck in a full-time advertising gig, Christan Summers traded her day job for days spent selling succulents out of a «greenhouse on wheels» (that’s the Tulita truck, above) and making house calls to sick fiddle leaf fig trees. Launched in collaboration with Ivan Martinez, the Brooklyn-based plant company Tula House was born in April 2016, and one year later, business is, well, blooming. In between visits to bamboo plants and designing a local backyard, Christan chatted with me about growing a business and the one plant she’d take with her to a deserted island. (далее…)

DIY Ideas for Impeccably Organized Drawers

There’s a reason we call it a «junk drawer»—there’s something almost too easy about opening a drawer and throwing in all the tidbits we don’t have a designated home for. It’s no surprise then that drawers often turn into chaos collectors unless they’re continually sorted through. Who has time for that? To save you work down the line, we’ve assembled some of our favorite DIY drawer divider ideas that will wrangle ever last fork, rolling pin and rubber band you toss inside. (далее…)

10 DIY Projects You Can Pull Off With Sample Cans of Paint

A typical sample can of wall paint—the kind you buy to test out colors before committing—is 8 ounces, can cover up to 16 square feet, and costs just a few bucks. Small but mighty, these little sample jars hold big possibility. If you have cans left over from your last project, or if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on your next trip to Home Depot, you can tackle one of these small-space, big-impact projects. (далее…)

Stitch, Please! 9 Embroiderers Serving Up Instagram Eye Candy

Crafting trends ebb and flow just like decor trends come and go, and at the moment, embroidery is enjoying its time in the spotlight—and showing up on everything from jean jackets to tennis rackets. Whether you choose to pick up a needle and thread, or prefer to admire these beauties from afar, we’ve pulled together a sampler of Instagram accounts offering endless stitch-spiration. (далее…)

7 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Springtime

If you want to make your home smell better—okay, not just better, but like you’re walking through a field of chamomile flowers in northern Italy—chemical-filled sprays aren’t going to take you there. To get that natural spring breeze scent, you’re probably going to want to mix up the potion yourself. Whether you’re looking for something flowery, fruity or lemony-fresh, these DIY recipes hit all the right notes. (далее…)

One Gallon Challenge: Top 10 Things You Can Do with Just One Can of Paint

For something that costs, on average, about $30, a single gallon of paint holds an astonishing amount of potential. Just one can is enough to transform your kitchen cabinets, make over an armoire, or add style to an entire staircase. The concept is so simple, and the results so stunning (take a gander at the 10 ideas that follow), I’m tempted to go grab a gallon myself. (далее…)

Major Clutter Buster: A Clever Way to Conceal So Much Ugly Stuff

While our dream homes are clutter-free sanctuaries that would make Marie Kondo proud, our real homes are where we store our mismatched bedding sets, bulk paper towels from Costco, and Backstreet Boys CDs from circa 1999. To keep all of this mess out of sight and give the illusion of an organized home, try one of our favorite DIY clutter concealers. Curtains, roller shades, no-sew table skirts—these are the easiest ways to keep the chaos under wraps. (далее…)

So Long, Popcorn Ceilings: 8 Transformative Overhead Architectural Hacks

So, your rental apartment or newly-built home didn’t come with coffered ceilings or pressed tin tiles? Set your sights above that unsightly popcorn or drop ceilings you’ve been dealt. All eight of these ceiling hacks will lend architectural interest to a boring room—whether you channel intricate European plasterwork or rustic exposed wood beams is entirely up to you. (далее…)

How to Make Kokedama: Hanging Gardens Perfect for Small Spaces — APARTMENT THERAPY TUTORIALS

If you’ve never seen a kokedama—a Japanese moss ball—let me introduce you to the ultimate small-space garden. Floating in midair, these plants don’t take up surface space, or even wall space. Plus, you don’t have to shell out money for a pretty container, as each plant is contained in its own moss-covered pod and is suspended from the ceiling using inexpensive twine. If you’re as convinced as we are that this is the gardening solution our tiny homes have been waiting for, follow these steps to make your own. (далее…)

Target Hacks: How To Give Basic Pieces a DIY Design Upgrade

IKEA’s not the only inexpensive home store with easily hackable offerings—Target also carries lots of reasonably priced finds that you can make your own with some basic supplies and a little imagination. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Target DIYs in the past, but this time around, we’re concentrating on stylish living room ideas. These side tables, planters and rugs will give you the living room looks you thought you couldn’t afford. (далее…)

9 Ways Paint Can Modernize an Outdated Bathroom

At the mercy of tile trends and ever-changing hardware styles, bathrooms that aren’t updated often (who can afford a yearly renovation?) can look outdated very quickly. One of the most affordable ways to help this room race against the clock without outpacing your budget is to let inexpensive paint lead the way. Some color on a vintage tub or a swipe of paint on an old vanity will give an older bathroom its sparkle back. (далее…)

Smart Ways to Give Glass Candle Holders a Second Life

After spending $60 (or more…gasp!) on a single candle, it makes sense to enjoy that luxury purchase as long as you can. Even after the candle has been burned, the pretty glass container it came in can still be used to beautify—and maybe even organize—your home. Careful, these brilliant ways to reuse a candle jar may reignite your diptyque obsession. (далее…)

3 Things You Think Can’t Be Fixed in Your Rental Kitchen (But They Can!)

Every time I check out a rental apartment, I take a deep breath before stepping into the kitchen. You never know what you’re going to find, but old cabinets, outdated appliances and dingy backsplashes are likely awaiting. Even if this isn’t your «forever home,» you don’t have to live with these eyesores. Here are some smart (read: completely temporary) ways to deal with the top three rental kitchen problem spots. (далее…)

Venus Flytrap Bait: The World’s Cutest Butterfly Dog Costume

Now, this is what we call a couple’s costume. You get a cute-yet-creepy Venus Flytrap Fascinator, your pooch gets a sweet set of monarch wings to go along with it. Crafted from lightweight felt that’s looped right onto your pet’s harness, this is a costume your dog won’t mind prancing around in. (далее…)

The One Thing I Never Thought to DIY (And Now Can’t Wait to Try)

Lately, I’ve been seeing a handmade shoemaking trend start to emerge, with classes popping up around town and images of handcrafted sandals suddenly showing up on Instagram. Whether you’re interested in crafting your own sandals, or just want to buy a handmade pair, this micro-trend will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about that collection piling up in your closet. (далее…)

Houseplant Help: How to Save a Plant Whose Leaves are Turning Yellow

If you’ve ever been a concerned plant owner, then you probably know that yellowing leaves are one of the first signs that your plant is distressed. But with possible root causes ranging from underwatering, to overwatering, to a pest problem, it can be hard to get to the bottom of your plant’s ailment. The next time you need to diagnose a sick houseplant, consider this your step-by-step guide. (далее…)

Easy Rustic DIYs Joanna Gaines Would Totally Approve Of

If you’ve spent the past couple years binge watching episode after episode of Fixer Upper—ohh-ing over the house transformations and ahh-ing over the impossible adorableness of Joanna and Chip—then these DIYs are for you. Cue the reclaimed wood and call in the shiplap, because each of these projects shows farmhouse style at its most fabulous. (далее…)

No Drilling Required: Renter-Friendly Window Treatments That Don’t Damage Walls

Most of the time, I’m okay with skirting around a landlord’s rules and will happily drill holes to hang art and curtains. However, every now and then, you meet a landlord who’s such a stickler, you wouldn’t even dare bring a drill into the apartment. If you find yourself in such a situation, these damage-free ideas for hanging curtains will help you keep your privacy—and your security deposit. (далее…)

The Coffee Cart is the New Bar Cart: DIY Coffee Carts and Stations

We always say that your home should reflect your interests and hobbies—so if you happen to be a caffeine-loving espresso guzzler, it only makes sense to devote some space to your favorite pastime. Each one of these DIY refueling stations is guaranteed to perk up your home’s style and save you from that afternoon slump. (далее…)

Super Stylish, Space-Saving DIYs Every Studio Apartment Needs

Living in a studio apartment presents some unique challenges—your bed is always right there, your kitchen is practically non-existent, and let’s not even get started on entertaining—but it also opens up opportunities for creative solutions. Rather than buy ready-made furniture or shelves that were designed for a much larger home, DIY perfectly proportioned decor and you might find that your place feels less crowded. Find inspiration in the stylish DIYs that follow, but don’t be afraid to tailor them to fit your space. (далее…)

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Arm Knitting

Oversized knit blankets crafted from chunky yarn and PVC-pipe needles have been floating around Pinterest for a few years now. And while the finished projects looked amazing, I couldn’t bring myself to buy supplies that would take up any more space in my apartment. But now that needle-free arm knitting has hit the DIY scene, I’m 100% on board with giant knit everything. To guide our foray into needle-free knitting, we’ve rounded up answers to the most-asked questions and sources for stocking up on, then using, enormous yarn. (далее…)

Join the Movement: How «Slow Design» Can Give You the Home You Really Want

In a world where buying a new sofa can be accomplished by a couple clicks, some in the design world are resisting this fast-paced, instant gratification direction in favor of a slower way. An offshoot of the Slow Movement — which began in Italy in 1986 as the Slow Food Movement (a natural reaction against a McDonald’s opening up) and has gained serious traction as of late — Slow Design focuses on process, origin and materials, while valuing the environment and the individual. If the Slow Design movement is of interest to you, read on to discover five principles to help guide your way. (далее…)

Make It Your Style: Kitchen Island Alternatives Using Repurposed Pieces

The kitchen island is often the central hub of a home, so why not make one that reflects your home’s core style? Start with an unexpected base—vintage dressers, drafting cabinets and bookshelves are all fair game—then top it with a counter and elevate it on a set of casters. The heart of your home is about to become your favorite conversation piece. (далее…)

Wall (& Deposit!) Friendly Rental Bedroom Storage Solutions

Finding storage solutions is difficult in most homes, but in a rental apartment that has insufficient (or completely non-existent) closet space and where you’re not allowed to drill into the walls, finding spots to stash all your stuff is even more challenging. By crafting your own storage boards and bins that lean against the wall or roll under the bed, you can store more in your rental space—and also take it all with you when you move out. (далее…)

5 Small-Space Solutions from a Fabulous Swedish Prefab

When I first took a virtual tour of the charming prefab homes from the Swedish company LEVA Husfabrik, almost every room had an element that made me think, «Hey, I could make that!» Not only did the ideas seem doable, but also beautiful, minimal and supremely functional for small spaces. When you’re debating your next DIY project, scroll through these homes for inspiration, or choose one of the five projects on my wish list. (далее…)

Our Favorite Bathroom Makeovers from the One Room Challenge

If you’re not already familiar with the One Room Challenge, prepare to spend the next few hours scrolling before-and-afters. Here’s how the challenge works: The blog Calling It Home invites 20 design bloggers (with dozens of others joining in just for fun) to participate in a challenge to transform one room over the course of six weeks. Updates are provided every Wednesday so that the design-lovers of the internet can watch the progress in action. (далее…)

Who Says Every Living Room Needs a Coffee Table? Clever Substitutes in Small Living Rooms

In truly tiny apartments, it’s not uncommon for renters to forego the traditional coffee table simply to squeeze in a little more seating. An extra chair or two means more room for friends, but once everyone’s there, where do you set down your drinks or serve the popcorn in a coffee-table-less room? To solve your insufficient surface area woes, DIY one of these ledges, c-tables or shelves that tuck into areas you didn’t even know your living room had. (далее…)

IKEA Hacks to Rescue Cluttered Entryways

No matter if you have a non-existent entryway or a spacious foyer, this is one of those spots where clutter seems to pile up without anyone even noticing. Lucky for us, we can always count on IKEA as an endless source of inspiration for team clutter control. Add one of these hacks or upgrades to your entryway and you’ll gain some extra storage space that also makes a great first impression. (далее…)

Good Scents: 50+ Things You Can Make Using Essential Oils

While essential oils have been used for aromatherapy for hundreds of years, these all-natural scents are seeing a spike in popularity as more people are learning about their de-stressing and energizing abilities. Derived from plants or flowers, most often through steam distillation, essential oils can be used to make scented candles, oil diffusers, even pest repellants. To show you all the possibilities a little bottle of essential oil holds, we rounded up some of our favorite things to make with essential oils—along with our guides to picking the right scent. (далее…)

Today is International Tatting Day (And It’s Not What You Think)

Maybe it’s just because I’m a Brooklynite who didn’t grow up during the Victorian era, but when I heard that April 1st is International Tatting Day (don’t laugh), I assumed it was a day to finally get that tattoo you’ve been talking about. As it turns out, the holiday has nothing to do with getting inked, but is actually a day to celebrate lace tatting. That’s right, the art of creating the elegant lace found on dress collars and old-school doilies. How do you celebrate International Tatting Day, you ask? Why, by tatting lace and eat chocolate, of course. This sounds like a holiday I could easily get behind, so let’s take a look at this mesmerizing craft. (далее…)

Brilliant IKEA Hacks for Big Blank Walls

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Finding affordable art that you actually like is one of the hardest parts of furnishing a home. And once you finally find the pieces, you realize that frames cost even more than the art itself (yikes!). As per usual, IKEA (combined with brilliant bloggers around the web) saves the day with wall decor DIYs and art-hanging hacks that are totally within budget. You can kiss those blank walls buh-bye. (далее…)

High-Impact DIY Upgrades to Transform a Rental Living Room

If the living room is the room where you do the max amount of living (whether to you that means a party of 10 or binge watching Netflix for 10 hours), it’s important to make this room feel like a reflection of you. Even if you live in a rental, there are plenty of ways to personalize this space, without spending more than a month’s worth of rent, and without sacrificing your security deposit. (далее…)

How To Label Absolutely Everything in Your Home

If your happy place is walking around with a P-Touch label maker, assigning a tag to every notebook, binder and bin around the house, here’s how to bring your organization game up to speed. From printed fabric tags to Cricut vinyl canister labels, these modern DIY labels put a name to every last place in your home. (далее…)

Small Space Solution: Double Duty DIY Daybeds

The daybed has fallen in and out of favor over the years. It may remind you of lavish palaces and paintings of nobility lounging about, waiting to be hand-feed grapes. However, the piece has made a resurgence in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of small space living. This versatile piece can seat several people, hugs close to the wall to maximize square footage, and can even be used as a bed at night. DIY one of these multi-functional thrones, and we bet you’re going to feel a lot more royal. (далее…)

Reinvent Your Rental: DIY Ideas to Revive Rental Bathrooms

If you want to add personality to your rental bathroom—without drilling into the walls or painting over tile—the easiest solution is to craft projects that reflect your individual style. When these eye-catching DIYs also happen to double as storage or help organize an ever-growing collection of beauty products, you’ll want to bring them along with you every time you move. (далее…)

10 Beautiful, Durable Leather DIY Projects To Match Your Skill Level (Even for Total Newbies)

Leather, whether real or faux, is the ideal material for projects you plan to live with and use every day. Durable and beautiful, leather drawer pulls can be tugged at thousands of times without breaking, while a leather sunglasses case can be toted on trips for years without falling apart. If this is your first foray into leather-working, don’t be intimidated—consult our straight-forward intro to the art, then dive into one of the projects that follow, ranked by difficulty. (далее…)

Leather-Working 101: The Best Tools and Sources for Real and Faux Leather

If you’ve never made anything out of leather before, it can be difficult to know how to get started and where to shop for supplies. Looking at the prices, it’s no wonder sticker shock can turn many would-be leather workers away from the craft. But if you know where to shop and what is necessary to buy versus what belongs on your wish list, leather DIYs don’t have to be outrageously expensive and the sturdy projects will last for years—making them well-worth the initial investment. (далее…)

Beautiful Blooms that will Never Wilt: DIY Giant Paper Flowers

Having fresh flowers around the house is the ultimate luxury, but when a supermarket bouquet inevitably starts to wilt within 24 hours, it makes me reconsider the beauty of artificial blooms. When I spotted these whimsically oversized nashi blossoms (above) in paper flower artist Livia Cetti’s new book The Exquisite Book of Paper Flower Transformations, I knew I’d found the perfect stand-in for my usual bodega bundle. Colorful and larger-than-life—these everlasting blooms deserve a permanent spot in your home. (далее…)

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know a Dremel Drill Could Do

Power tools can be intimidating, we get it. If you’re interested in getting into the world of power tools but aren’t sure where to start, let us introduce you to the perfect gateway tool: the Dremel drill. This popular multifunctional rotary tool may look like a miniature electric drill, but by switching out the attachments, it can do everything from carving wood to etching glass. Start with one of these beginner projects, and you’ll probably discover you’re a power-tool pro. (далее…)

IKEA for Grownups: 5 Next-Level Scandinavian Shops

Although we would never want to put an age limit on shopping at everyone’s favorite Swedish superstore, a new study by the lending company Earnest found that IKEA’s popularity tends to drop off at around age 34. While definitely not the case for everyone, you may find yourself feeling like the affordable, functional pieces you picked up 10 years ago were great for the twenty-something you, but now you’re wondering, «What’s next?». If you’re ready to expand your shopping horizons, but are still hooked on Scandinavian style, you’re going to love these five online shops. (далее…)