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Revive Your Bedroom Style: 11 Cotton Sheet Sets in Fresh, Modern Prints — Annual Guide 2017

Summertime is the perfect shift in the year (and weather) to give your bedroom a little refresh, and one of the fastest ways to do that is by injecting a little fun via your bedding. Ditch the solid sheets in place of crisp, modern prints to perk up a tired, overly relaxed bed. Here are 11 of our current favorites… (далее…)

If You Haven’t Been to West Elm Lately, Here’s What You’re Missing

Two years ago, I moved into a new apartment, and, upon reporting my change of address to USPS for mail forwarding services, the onslaught of store catalogs littering my mailbox began. I’ve since tried to cancel most of them to no avail (having the worst luck with a store I won’t name, but let’s just say it rhymes with Lottery Yarn, of which I now get two copies, rather than zero). There are two, however, that I receive with glee, one being West Elm (the other, Anthropologie). (далее…)

We Saw, We Sat, We Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Article — The Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad

There’s something interesting happening in the furniture world: a plentiful crop of online-only, direct-to-consumer retailers are popping up everywhere, offering incredibly good looking (and often much more competitively priced) merchandise with the caveat that you need to purchase sight unseen. With something as large of a commitment as a sofa, it might be easy to hesitate on taking the plunge, regardless of the upsides (quick shipping, generous return policies, modern styling, budget pricing). One of these companies (that you asked for enthusiastically in the comments of our introductory Sofa Squad post earlier this year) is Article. (далее…)

Here’s What to Buy a Mom Who Says She Doesn’t Want Anything — Mother’s Day

Moms are amazing specimens. They give and give and give…and when Mother’s Day comes around and you ask them what they want, you’re often met with a well-meaning «Your love is all I really need.» Or, if you’re my mom, «Answer my calls more often and I’m set for the year.» Well, this woman who brought you into the world should still be celebrated, whether she admits to desiring a specific gift or not, so we rounded up a handful of ideas that she’s bound to love, even if she claims she wants nothing more than a hug. (далее…)

My Trick to Getting the Best Deal When Online Shopping

It happens to the best of us: you hunt for weeks and weeks (or months and months) for a coffee table that’s just right. You finally find one you love at one of your trusted online retailers, usually one which you know to have fair (read: low) pricing. Congratulations! You are now the owner of a well-researched furnishing, purchased at a great price…or so you think. Sure, you might have gotten what you feel like is a good deal, but what if you learned that you could have purchased that same table for $25…$50…even $100 less? Well, I’m here to tell you just how to do that, because it’s possible, and in fact, quite easy. (далее…)

8 Things to Test On a Sofa Before Taking the Purchase Plunge — The Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad

Second to buying a piece of property, sofa shopping is probably one of the most «adult» things you can do (or at least, it certainly feels that way considering how much money you’re about to spend just to be able to comfortably sit down in your home). You go from store to store (or website to website), picking out your favorite look from the pack, but…then what? How do you know if that sofa is the right fit? And by «right fit» I don’t mean, whether it will fit into your living room (though, that’s certainly first and foremost!); rather I mean, will it be truly comfortable to you and your specific needs? To help you along in your sofa-buying journey, I put together this checklist of what to test to get as close as you can to the best couch for you. (далее…)

How to Pull Off the Modern Boho Look, According to Mindy Kaling’s Gorgeous New York Apartment — Professional Project

When you’re a powerhouse actress/producer/screenwriter/author/all around wonder woman like Mindy Kaling, you don’t really have all the time in the world to hem and haw about which color white you’re picking for the walls of your home or which sofa will fit best into your living room. So, she turned to the pros when outfitting her new Manhattan apartment, working with designer Sally Gotfredson of The Studio at One Kings Lane to create this lust-worthy «modern boho» home. (далее…)

Jonathan Adler & Clinique Just Made a Beautiful Baby (& We Want It All)

«Good design has the power to transform your mood,» says Jonathan Adler in reference to his new collaboration with Clinique. The ceramicist, designer, author (and now, beauty collaborator!) has lent his happy chic design eye to the iconic beauty company to create a limited-edition line of makeup that will look as good on your vanity as they will on you. (далее…)

Make It Beautiful: Our Formula For Styling The Nightstand Of Your Dreams — Surface Style

Those who are constantly tinkering with their home decor will know that the poor, poor bedroom is often left for last. Hidden behind doors, it’s easy to put off giving this space the attention it needs, but I promise, it doesn’t take much to get it in tip-top, show-off-to-guests shape. Some simple bedding paired with a beautifully styled (and functional) nightstand will set you off in the right direction, and before you know it, your bedroom will be your favorite retreat in your home. Follow our simple formula below to get the nightstand of your stylish dreams. (далее…)

Sleep Better Tonight: Compact Machines for Your Best Night’s Rest — Annual Guide 2017

I am not a troubled sleeper, and for that, I realize I am incredibly lucky. As long as my environment is relatively dark and quiet, I’m out like a light once my head hits the pillow. But throw in some unexpected sounds, and I’ll surely be wide awake for hours, starring at the time tick away while my frustration levels rise sky high. I recently found a solution to ensure a stable-sounding sleep den is always within reach: the sound machine. (далее…)

Design Delivered: 9 Stylish Decor Sources Available on Amazon

Earlier this month, we reported that next year, you’ll likely be able to purchase all your IKEA needs without leaving the comforts of your Amazon home page. But until then, don’t forget that there are plenty of other great home decor and organizing brands to shop on the online mega marketplace. Sure, fine furnishings aren’t always the easiest to dig out of search results full of bear-shaped toilet paper roll holders and shell motif soap dispensers, but we hunted down nine solid storefronts to save you the time of scrolling through the bad and the ugly to get to the good. (далее…)

For an Instant Room Upgrade: Under $50 Pendant Lighting — Cheap Thrills

There are a few design elements for your home that can totally overhaul the style of a room: a great antique rug, a bold paint color (like a lacquer!), a printed wallpaper, and, of course, lighting. An item that’s needed in every room, decorative lighting not only provides functionality (i.e. we all need to see when the sun goes down), but also flair as it can really define the style of a space. (далее…)

Tested & Reviewed: Baking-Soda Free Natural Deodorants that Actually Work

Last summer, due in part to a story I did on non-aluminum deodorants, I began my «natural» deodorant journey. After having tested a handful myself for that piece, I came to realize that I, in fact, liked these non-aluminum varieties as much (if not more) than the antiperspirants I’d been wearing since I hit puberty. One of my favorites in particular was Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream in original scent. It was surprisingly effective, keeping the pit stink to a total minimum even on the muggiest of South Florida summer days. (далее…)

The Best Home Finds at Costco (Membership Not Required!)

For as long as I’ve been a patron of Costco, my shopping list has consisted of essentials like sponges, batteries and socks, as well as food items like bulk-sized brie cheese and almond butter. And while I was certainly aware of the «home decor» in that middle section of my local store that would swap out seasonally from Christmas decorations to patio furniture, I never really gave too much thought to what other home products the warehouse club might be offering (especially online). So I did a little digging in my own store as well as via Costco’s website, and culled together this round up of really great home decor, furniture, and kitchen and bath goods you’ll hopefully also love for your own abode. (далее…)

Holy Grail Status: The Best Dry Shampoo I’ve Ever Used

My hair is pretty middle of the road: mostly straight, mostly healthy yet pretty greasy (the latter problem has led me to be a perpetual daily washer). My hair is so oil-prone that if I wash it in the morning, it’s weighed down and slightly slick by the time my S.O. and I are trying to figure out dinner. I’ve tried a whole slew of shampoos, conditioners and treatments aimed at solving my greasy hair issues. (далее…)

10 Affordable «Undercover» Favorites at IKEA Right Now — Cheap Thrills

It’s no secret IKEA is an amazing resource for thrifty furnishings and home decor. The robust super store has everything you could need to set up your home, though many items are incredibly recognizable. Sometimes, you just want something that looks nice, but doesn’t scream «I got this at IKEA!!!» Hold on to your hacked-FRAKTA hats, and discover our favorite 10 undercover home decor items to pick up right now at the Swedish retailer. (далее…)

Color Cheat Sheet: The 15 Most Perfect Gray Paint Colors — The Modern Palette

Picking paint for is no easy feat. First, you have to decide what color family with which you want to grace your walls. «A dark blue? Maybe a bright green? Oh wait, no….blush! Actually, let’s go with gray.» You can go up, down and side to side on a color wheel, inevitably going cross-eyed with all the options. Secondly, you have to pick how light or moody you want to go, and whether you want something that’s warmer or cooler. The specific shade can make all the difference in ending up with a crisp, modern space or something that just feels… off. (далее…)

Spruce Up Your Patio to Spend Your Entire Summer Outdoors (For Under $300) — Cheap Thrills

I don’t know about you, but my balcony is pretty pathetic. As a renter of a second-floor condo with a little screened-in outdoor area, it’s been hard to get motivated enough to think about that space and what I can do with it. It currently houses a small travel grill (that doesn’t travel), two «in the meantime» wood folding chairs, and my poor rusting bike that’s been quite neglected because it’s too annoying to roll it through my living room, down the stairs and onto the asphalt. But I’ve had enough. I’m coming up on my third summer spent in this home, and the time has come to set myself up for comfortably sipping sangria (in style) with my beau during the upcoming long, warm summer nights. (далее…)

The Classic Farmhouse Table: Our Best Bets for Every Budget — Annual Guide 2017

We recently reported that the Modern Farmhouse style (think lots of rich, weathered woods, neutral textiles and industrial lighting and decor), was the favorite amongst over 30% of a group that was surveyed. One of the key pieces to that look is, of course, the farmhouse table, which seams to invite life to happen around it in a buzzing family kitchen. Take a look through 10 of our favorites for every budget. (далее…)

Tom Dixon’s First «Hack» for IKEA’s Open-Source DELAKTIG Sofa is Here…& It’s Seriously OTT

Earlier this April during Milan Design Week, Bemz, the Swedish textile company that creates retrofit furniture covers for IKEA pieces, announced their plans to work with British designer Tom Dixon on a future line for the DELAKTIG sofa, which he helped dream up with the team at IKEA. Though the endlessly «hackable» sofa isn’t due out until early 2018, Dixon and Bemz are already hard at work conceiving designs that will be launched in conjunction with the introduction of DELAKTIG. Their first idea? The pet-like furry friend you see here. (далее…)

Your Bed Called: It’s Missing a Bench (So Here Are 9 Favorites Under $250) — Annual Guide 2017

As I was doing a little research on the end-of-bed bench for this roundup, I stumbled upon the most perfect explanation from designer and blogger Emily Henderson of why, if you have the room, everyone should have one. «Having the right bench is like having a nice belt – it’s not something you want to spend money on, but you need it. Every day when you get dressed, you grab for it, feel it missing, and wish you had one.» It’s the perfect spot for the «plop and drop» of your daily dressing regiment, a perch to help you get on your shoes, pants, tights (or tight pants). (далее…)

16 OTHER Online Design Stores You Definitely Want to Know About

Oftentimes, I lie awake at night, wondering about all the online home decor stores I might be missing out on for lack of knowing (kidding, I sleep like the dead, but during my waking hours, all bets are off). Like most of you reading this, I have my shopping standbys (Target, World Market and IKEA, I’m looking at you), but my goodness does there exist a wide world of amazing furniture and decor websites that just don’t see enough play. If you’re looking for some new retailers to freshen up your home, here are 16 of my current favorites (and please, help me sleep better by offering up some of your own suggestions in the comments below). (далее…)

Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Interior Define — The Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad

With a slogan like «Beautiful design. Customized by you. Accessibly priced.» the values of Interior Define are music to our design-loving ears. Based out of Chicago, the mostly online retailer truly does offer a wide range of sofas with a plethora of customizing options, high-quality construction and very reasonable prices. And, even though our very own Maxwell Ryan has collaborated with the brand on numerous occasions for his own sofa designs, we’re definitely not biased in saying Interior Define sofas should definitely be on your short list of sofa companies to consider. Check out our thoughts on these 14 models we tested with our Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad. (далее…)

Top-to-Bottom Design: You Can Make Over Your Foyer This Weekend for Under $300 — Cheap Thrills

Your foyer is the one room in your home you are guaranteed to see every day (well, every day you pry yourself off the couch to leave the house, that is). It’s also the first space guests see upon visiting, or your UPS man when dropping off your latest Amazon Prime order. All that said, it’s a great place to start if you’re thinking of doing a little refresh to your decor. Here, we put together three totally different looks for the amazing price tag of roughly $300. Check them out and let us know which you’d love to see in your own home! (далее…)

The Trending French Beauty Secret That Totally Surprised Me

French women have had a mythological standard of perfection attributed to them, often being characterized as having it all figured out. One scan across the shelves of your local bookstore will tell you that, if book titles are any indication, they know how to dress better, eat better, and just generally do everything better than women who are not French. There’s certainly an allure to French beauty products and practices, as well, so when I received Google’s Beauty Trends report for 2017 (which explored growing and declining search trends in the US, France and Japan), I was tres intrigued to see what those enigmatic French women were on the hunt for. What exactly will be contributing to their perpetual state of je ne sais quoi in 2017? Well, the data was interesting, to say the least. (далее…)

Make It Beautiful: How To Style the Perfect Coffee Table — Surface Style

Styling in home decor is — honestly — very subjective. What works for one person’s design aesthetic and lifestyle may not come even remotely close to what someone else might prefer. However, study a slew of shelter magazines, Instagram accounts and top-pinned images (some you’ve likely saved yourself), and you’ll start to see some similarities, which begin to unlock the secrets to fool-proof styling, no matter what the individual aesthetic. So, what makes up this magical key to creating a beautiful vignette? In this new series, we’re sharing our own «secret sauce» for putting together impeccable surfaces—night stands, console tables, bars—and today, we’re starting with the coffee table. (далее…)

Pop, Fizz, Clink: You’re 5 Simple Steps Away From a Perfectly Styled Bar — Surface Style

Whether you’re working with a proper cart or just a makeshift surface, styling a bar area can be tricky. There’s a fine line between being totally casual, just throwing together your liquors, tools and glasses, and being overly fussy/overthinking the styling. Here, we give you the keys to putting together a cocktail corner that feels tightly edited, functional yet still incredibly beautiful. (далее…)

A Stunning Studio Loft in Hollywood That Does Everything Right — Why It Works

Welcome to the maiden voyage of a new column we’re launching called Why It Works. Here at Apartment Therapy, we publish hundreds upon hundreds of amazing, lived in, real-life homes every year. And though they all are special in their own right, every now and then there comes along a super smart room within one of those homes. In Why It Works, we’re celebrating that notion, and breaking down all the elements that have come together to create a truly spectacular space. First up, Kristy Degina‘s bright and happy Hollywood loft. (далее…)

Beyond Cookie Butter: Here’s Why You Should Be Shopping Trader Joe’s for Your Beauty Stash

Trader Joe’s: The land of insanely addictive cookie butter, everything-bagel seasonings, and other super cheap snacking treasures; though it’s hard to steer my attention away from their Speculoos cookies and bake-and-serve Mandarin Orange Chicken, I’ve recently taken notice of TJ’s other charms…their beauty and skincare products. (далее…)

3 Reasons Why This Trend-Resistant Kitchen Works — Why It Works

If I had to categorize where I fall on the design style spectrum, I’d say somewhere between eclectic collector and modern glam (though I love a little modern farmhouse thrown into the mix for good measure). So to declare that this kitchen—located in Valencia, Spain, and owned by interior designer/furniture store owner Adela—makes me incredibly happy comes as a bit of a personal surprise. (далее…)

Colored Mirrors & Glass Decor Are the (Potential) Trend I Can’t Get Enough Of — Currently Obsessed

Anyone who lives, breathes, dreams design will understand the following: sometimes, you become fixated on something design-y, and then —like learning a new word that you start to hear everywhere — you start to see that design-y thing everywhere (much to your delight, but also much to your chagrin because you WANT.IT.) Well, that is me currently with colored glass and mirrors. (далее…)

Ladies & Gentleman, Anthropologie is Having a Huge Sale

Oh the majesty that is Anthropologie. The second you walk through the doors of that magical retail land, it is like the intoxicating scent of the 27 candles they have burning at any given moment puts you under a spell. It makes you think «sure, I should totally spend $98.50 on this artisanal mug, because it was made by a real person…with their hands. I’m supporting the arts!» Oh…that’s just me? Well, either way, guess what? Stop the presses, because they are having a sale, and we’re talking up to 50% off, people! Here’s what we can barely contain ourselves from adding into our carts at this very moment. (далее…)