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30 Really Great Gift Ideas From Etsy For Every Budget

Looking for special gifts that will leave the giftee all warm and fuzzy? Skip the usual big box retailers and flashy tech items and consider the flipside of holiday shopping: the handmade, artisanal little guy. Etsy has more fantastic store fronts than we can even begin to count, so there’s basically something for everyone. If you want to save time by scrolling through countless regretsy-type products and go straight to the good stuff, read on for 30 of our favorite finds. (далее…)

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas That Will Take 10 Minutes or Less

When you’re elbow deep in mashed sweet potatoes and poultry cavities, the last thing you have time to do is elaborately decorate for Thanksgiving. After all, literally the very next day, everyone is on to Christmas, so putting a ton of effort into styling your home for turkey day always seems like a bit of a loss. That said, should you still want to spruce things up a bit and set a mean seasonal table—and have about 10 minutes to do so—here are 10 ideas to try. (далее…)

15 Machine-Washable (Yes Washable!) Area Rugs

Earlier this week, I wrote about real rugs in the bathroom and how much I love the look. While many readers were totally onboard, others were seriously concerned with cleanliness, moisture and beyond. Look, I totally get it. I don’t agree with putting priceless Persian rugs at the foot of your tub; I’m not about aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics. But there’s another way. Let me introduce you to the machine-washable area rug. (далее…)

3 Online Furniture Stores You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

When shopping online for furniture, do you ever find yourself going round and round, stumbling upon the same pieces store to store and just feeling stuck? Like you’ve explored every last coffee table/nightstand/headboard the internet has to offer? It doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve recently discovered three new-to-me furniture purveyors that are worth adding to your bookmarks for the next time you’re on the hunt. (далее…)

How IKEA Does Boho: Our Top 21 Decor Picks — Cheap Thrills

The very essence of a bohemian lifestyle tends to go pretty firmly against big-brand commercialism, but if you’re more about the style and less about the ideals—and also looking for some cheap(ish) ways to round out your aesthetic—IKEA is, quite surprisingly, a great place to hunt. The brand’s minimal Swedish vibes might make you think eclectic decor is not to be found in the blue-and-yellow corridors of the retailer, but that’s where you’d be wrong. We picked out our top 21 home items to get the boho look at home, for less. (далее…)

The Decorative Trick That Transformed How I Feel About My Bathroom

For the longest time, I thought there was only one solution for rugs in the bathroom: the traditional bath mat. I always struggled to find something I liked enough. Everything was either too fuzzy and nubby, or too bland in terms of design, as I like to add a punch of color via rugs in my all-beige bathroom to liven things up. That is, until I refreshed my space this past summer and went in a completely different direction. (далее…)

We Figured Out What Your Kitchen’s Missing: A Dog Den

When tackling the remodel of this Toronto home, architects Andrew Hill and Jennifer Kudlats of StudioAC had a few important missions: create an open plan that revolved around a singular grounding aesthetic element (in this case a large plywood wall that brings together the entry, kitchen, living and dining rooms) and, find a spot for the family pet, Rusty, to call home. Rusty’s ingenious built-in den is why we’re here today. Let’s take a look. (далее…)

I Found the Perfect Plant For My Dark Cave of a Bathroom

I’m pretty obsessed with the look of plant-filled homes, unfortunately, every variety of greenery I’m ever interested in seems to require full sunlight (I’m looking at you fiddle leaf fig). My apartment—especially the bedroom and bathroom—doesn’t get great light thanks in part to only having windows in the front and one side of the condo. Combine that with the windows I do have being mostly shaded by giant banyan trees and my plant parent future wasn’t looking too bright. However, I took a chance on a snake plant in my recent bathroom makeover, and guess what? It’s still kicking months later with little to no attention or sunshine. (далее…)

Get Anthropologie’s Signature Scent for Less With These Budget Alternatives

Last week, I shared my adoration for Capri Blue’s Volcano, Anthropologie’s signature scent. The $28 candle is one of my personal little luxuries at home. I don’t spend a ton of money on takeout, nor do I regularly have expensive fresh cut flowers (I prefer $4 eucalyptus bunches from Trader Joe’s), but I do tend to splurge on candles and I’m not sorry about it. I do, however, completely understand how spending nearly $30 on some scented wax is a bit extra — as did some of our readers who offered up some Volcano dupes. (далее…)

Not Just for Kids: The Trundle May Be the Answer to Your Small Space Woes

Growing up, I slept on a twin-sized iron daybed with a roll-out, pop-up trundle. While I often begrudged it because my bedding options were much more limited (the amount of awful granny looking bed-in-a-bags my mom and I had to shuffle through to land on anything that felt age appropriate still haunts me), it was sleepover headquarters at my house. Having a trundle meant I had a built-in guest bed and none of my friends ever had to bring over a sleeping bag (or cram into my tiny twin with me uncomfortably). Now, as an adult, I can also see their value not just for a kid/teen’s bedroom, but as a fantastic small space solution for studios. No matter your needs, read on to see our top 10 picks for trundle beds. (далее…)