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Give Your New Home Good Energy: Real Life Rituals — Magic for Modern Life

Moving into a new place symbolizes a fresh start—an exciting opportunity to find a blank page and start penning a brand new chapter in your life. But, let’s face it, moving can also be an emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting experience. It’s enough to stress out even the most laid-back among us. (далее…)

MX house by Guilherme Torres

It has been a few years since we shared some work by São Paulo, Brasil-based interior designer Guilherme Torres. The MX House he designed in 2015 is typical of his style — funky, modern, colourful, and a ton of fun. That tufted massive leather sofa is killing me right now. *SWOON*


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Farmhouse Fabulous: All About Apron Sinks

The apron-front, or farmhouse, sink has been a popular fixture in all kinds of kitchens for some time now, and with the rise in popularity of kitchens that mix traditional and modern elements, it feels more appropriate than ever. If you’re considering adding one of these big beauties to your space, here’s everything you need to know. (далее…)

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Supergraphics: Is this OTT ’70s Design Trend Making a Comeback?

One of the perks of having a mother who was very into both garage sales and interior design was growing up in a house filled with wacky old design books from the 1960s and ’70s. In their pages, I was exposed to many strange and wonderful things, not least among them supergraphics, the crazy stripes and arcs and rainbows that covered every surface of a room, irrespective of walls or floors or furniture. As part of a series about strange old design trends (perhaps unjustly) relegated to the dustbin of history, we’re going to take a closer look at supergraphics—and some of the ways in which they might be coming back. (далее…)

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Best Bets for Dining Sets on Apartment Therapy Marketplace

After my roommate moved out and took almost everything (save many candle stubs and decorative dish rags), I was left table-less. And since there’s nothing more depressing than eating a microwaved dinner in bed, hunting down an appropriate kitchen table became my number one priority. The point of this sad tale is that for something as important as eating and entertaining, you need to find the right dining setup. ASAP. (далее…)

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An Enviably Organized Amsterdam Apartment — House Tour

Name: Farida
Location: IJburg — Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Size: 968 square feet
Years lived in: 11 years; owned

A twenty-minute ride by streetcar will take you from the bustling Amsterdam center to IJburg, a cluster of six artificial islands in the IJ lake. Surrounded by water, it feels like being on an island holiday. Even though it’s still a part of the Amsterdam-Oost (Amsterdam East) borough! City life and a relaxing beach are close to this uncluttered modern apartment Farida calls home. (далее…)

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